Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Port Klang Authority (PKA) is reported to have agreed to adopt a Whistle-Blower Policy (WBP) that is intended to curb corruption and abuse in the future, and hopefully never again on the scale that was blatantly seen in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) unprecedented financial scandal that costs billions in tax-payers money. Such a policy is long overdue, and there has been talks about it in the past, but never was there a political will to realise a national policy with clearly defined legal framework to support it.

What is actually hindering the formulation of such a wanting policy is beyond everyone's comprehension. Time and again, we so often hear our political masters preach about the urgent need to fight corruption and abuse. Despite this, it remains public knowledge that corruption and abuse is still snarling ferociously in almost every department of the government that has direct business dealings with the public. They say that corruption has become so deep rooted that public trust and confidence in every government agency is beyond redemption; hence international opinion that Malaysia need to do more to fight corruption cannot be totally wrong.

The Ministry of Defence (Mindef) is no exception, and I have been writing persistently to expose some of the abuses and corruption, particularly in the Armed Forces, that was reported to me by both serving and retired military officers who are disgusted to witness the rot that has infected the noble profession. I admit that corruption is not a recent phenomena in the Armed Forces, but the level of abuse now has become so endemic. Even junior officers are known to be corrupt, and this is well illustrated in the recent revelation concerning the stolen RMAF jet engines that had shamed the nation in the eyes of the international community. I believe the scourge of corruption in the Mindef (Armed Forces including that of its civilian component) will never cease for as long as there is the fear and unwillingness of those who are privy to the acts to come forward, unless there is a legal framework to protect the whistle-blowers.

R. Nadeswaran of the Sun in an article dated January 4, 2009 have alluded to the Government Transformation Programme that proposes to eliminate, or a best, to reduce the scourge of corruption and abuse in the public sector. To eradicate it completely will not be possible, but with punitive measures meted speedily upon offenders (regardless of one's status) will draw a positive impact upon public perception, that the government is now going serious in dealing with abuses and corruption.

Nadeswaran's article listed a number of measures to curb corruption and influence public perception, that if it is to be implemented to the letter, is surely to revive public trust and confidence in the government.

I hope the authorities in Mindef gets to read the above mentioned article, and at the same time to emulate the decision taken by PKA by formulating a WBP for the ministry. A policy will only be good if there is the attendant will to fulfill the aim and objectives of the policy.



Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

I salute the rank and file of the RMAF, in regards to the stolen F5E engines. They are of a great calibre. Well done!! Oustanding!! Good show!! Why the f@## do we need Generals and Officers, when we have rank and file of extraordinary capabilities?

2Lt Peh Hoo Guan said...


Actually, those "pegawai berpangkat rendah" who involved in the theft of F5E engines as pointed by the media are actually NCOs or Junior Officers??

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,they are traitors of the nation !! cos. a person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor.
,,,am i would like to see justice be carried out.

PM said...

After reading through your few postings, Looks like the arms agent were the ones influencing the ministers to buy certain equipment. Am I right..

""How RM2 million a year became RM21 million a year for 15 years"" in MalaysiaToday said it all.

Very sad for the army

sanmankl said...

The problem in this country is that the authorities go after the whistle-blowers, not the culprits regardless of whatever policy you have.

Will the whistle blowers be protected from OSA?


FMZam said...

With or without WBP or whatever protection measures to reportees of crime, by right, we should not wait for that if the crime authorities are what they are made for - to protect the innocent, not the guilty! I can comfortably state here that "blowing the whistle" is an ardous and daunting task for a willing and hardcore brave citizen who have nothing to fight with, other than TRUTH, for only with TRUTH will make him believe it is worthwhile to fight to the end.

I believe you all may wonder how many of those blowers have died a natural death in reporting corruption when the authority they had trusted in were the one who betrayed them. Simply said when we have an authority whose concern is to play out the reportees without any need to threathen or intimidate the reportees at all.

I thank to god for making me one hard bugger to not to believe in the authority I reported to and proceeded on my own effort to pursue my case and push it to the limit. I never rest my case though many would have given up the long journey of blowing the whistle, I chose to walk many extra miles that had taken me to many destinations up to the morning of 22 December 2009 with the "God of Mindef" himself.

I have done it, blowing the whistle without any protection other than the TRUTH. And TRUTH had taken me to many persons of authority who did nothing, but that did not deter me from going until the "real one person of authority" listened to my case and I wish to record here that person of authority took action immediately on the day the case is reported to him.

Throughout my experience in dealing with authority, it never happened that a person of authority responded so spontaneously like this one person and this person is of the right authority at the right place.

What lesson learned here is NEVER GIVE UP with the fight against corruption. Whoever is willing to blow the whistle must keep blowing without regard to his protection. If there is protection to the whistle blower, consider it is a bonus not a priority. BLOW FIRST ASK LATER!

Still I will not rest my case until I see it resolved or die!

xpara87 said...

Anda report anda yang kena siasat.
betul tu..
Akhirnya yang dilaporkan terus menjalankan aktiviti rsauah dan salah guna wang rakyat di teruskan dengan bahagianya.

Tuan FMZam bagaimana nak hubungi tuan?

FMZam said...

Saudara xpara87,

I have done everything you all have said in this blog about reporting corruption even before you said it. Who was that that I have not met? As a good citizen, starting to "report by the proper procedures" from meeting Mael Polin the Devil himself then the KSU Mindef, then to the top guns of Finance Ministry, meeting the top four big guns Datuks of the BPR, then Ketua Setiausaha Negara and finally the god of Mindef. Who else I have not met? But does that constitute a requirement for a citizen to carry out the government's request for a simple citizen to report corruption? And yet it had happened that way, so long and winding road to report?

And I am not here to be praised I simply tell my experience to inspire crusaders against corruption, I don't care if people jeer me or cheer me, because I have done it, all the jeers and cheers cannot reverse what have been done. There is nothing you all have talked that I have not done! And that's the reason why I am being vocal in my attack against the perpetrators I have named them in this blog because i can prove it and I have reported it and documented in details all the proceedings of my experience in dealing with reporting corruption in a proper procedures, the "course and the recourse of fighting a battle against corruption".

I don't tell it here to ask people to help me because I don't need any help anymore for I have done all with "the hand of god" that I believe had made me so brave in pursuing my case since 2006. Now this case is only one step away from a finale and that finale can mean anything between hell and heaven. I have done everything to now say "Saya berserah pada Allah untuk menentukan takdirnya!" I did it first then only submit to god.

Saudara xpara87, maaf lah kalau saya kata saya tidak bersedia untuk dihubungi atas apa yang saya tulis dalam blog ini kerana tidak ada apa lagi yang perlu dilakukan, segalanya telah saya lakukan, saya hanya mahu memberitahu pengalaman yang saya lalui untuk semua pensyahid2 rasuah (crusaders against corruption). Terima atau tidak terserahlah pada diri masing2 untuk menilainya.

Untuk melawan rasuah kita mesti ada bukti, maka itulah yang saya lakukan iaitu menyediakan bukti padahal itu bukan tugas seorang rakyat yang melapor rasuah, itu tugas BPR, SPRM, tapi itulah yang saya lakukan, menyediakan bukti hingga boleh menyakinkan orang yang kita laporkan bahawa "there is a case to answer".

There is a slight difference between a reportee and a whistle blower. A reportee can present a case based on circumstances, unprocessed proofs and suspicions and then let the authority work to prove the case, but a whistle blower exposes solid proof from where the authority makes a case. A whistle blower is an inside man.

A reportee can work hand in hand with a whistle blower to make a case, but I guess the degree of danger is more on the whistle blower for giving out solid proofs of his own organization. But as far as threat is concerned, both reportee and whistle blower are dangerous to the criminals who will do anything to "erase" them.

komando said...

Field Marshall...so long no news at last you are back!

ArshadRaji said...

Dear FMZam,

I honestly respect you for what you did. As you had rightly said in the past, one that is right should have no fear, and it is only Allah that he fears. But one who has done wrong has to have fear; not only to people but to Allah as well.

Keep it up, and hopefully your action and determination will instill fear in the people that have wronged you.

askarsusu said...

tak sabar nak tengok apa jadi... hehehe... nevours lak bro dengar.. hehehe.. harap-harap Brader yang dah jadi jeneral tak buat malu AFATS lah jgn terlibat korupsi sama ya bro.. AKS PA, KS P MK MEDAN TD, PANGLIMA 7 BGD, PANGLIMA 8 BGD n PANGLIMA 12 BGD well done.. jgn buat malu brader ye...

xpara87 said...

Jangan buat malu bro...
Panglima ATM 99peratus melayu.
Menteri Malaysia 90peratus melayu
Orang orang besar perkhidmatan kera jaan 90peratus melayu.

Melayu berarti Islam tetapi rasuah salah gunakuasa dan seangkatan dengan nya berterusan, dulu kini dan selamanya.

Nak lawan rasuah ....lambat lagi leee.

Malaysian said...

In Malaysia, we always have great policies for curbing corruption but we know that nobody is going to uphold the law. For instance, I need to pay under the table if I want to pass my driving test though I'm a good driver. What about prostitution activity in almost all hotels? We all know that a lot of illegal activities happening in the city yet no action are taken. Based on my own experience, I believe that the "Whistle-Blower policy" is full of crap. We can even reduce low level corruption; thus, how can we trust that high level corruptions are properly investigate? For instance, did we prosecute anybody for PKRZ project?

Malaysian said...

FMZAM - I'm glad you're back. Thank you for fighting corruption for us. You're truly a patriot. I hope the people will be prosecuted. May god bless you.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

We should swap all current RMAF Officers with those rank & file personnel for being so good that they can even sell 2 jet engines not in 1Malaysia but overseas. Hey, we are talking about jet engines not diesel from 3-ton Handalan.


Can't image if the rank & file can have multi-million dollars deal, what can those generals, punk-5 can do?

Kah kah kah...