Thursday, January 28, 2010


Now, it is a severed heads of wild boars being thrown at two mosques in Kuala Lumpur in the early morning of Wednesday 27, January. Previously, it was a severed cow head being paraded around in Shah Alam, and the case is still pending. I just do not know if the perpetrators will ever be charged in court. Or is it going to be another NFA case.

And at last, we now hear a more strident words from Home Affairs Minister, Hishamuddin when he is reported to have said, “we are dead serious about this (referring to the severed boar head incident), and we will bring them (who are they?) to justice”. But I think, such words comes a bit too late. Hishamuddin should have been 'dead serious' when the first church burning incident occurred early in the month. Not after a dozen or more cases of arson attempts on churches, suraus and even a Sikh Temple. So, by saying that he is now dead serious, gives one the impression that he wasn't that serious earlier, after all. And that must be the reason why he could afford to be out of the country, at a time when the country is saddled with a serious problem.

Now, the severed wild boar head incident is beginning to turn ugly; and this incident can ignite serious sectarian violence, which all peace loving Malaysians would want to avoid. Peace loving Malaysians do not want to see another May 13 occurring; certainly not me anymore. I do not know where Hishamuddin was at the time, and I know for sure that no soldiers would want to be involved on public order duties. Soldiers are trained to fight and kill an invading enemy; not killing civilians. That was how I was trained, but sadly politicians think quite the contrary.

I believe this incident would not have happened if the Home Affairs Ministry was 'dead serious' in handling this racially and religiously sensitive issue. The way I see it, the action taken by the authorities is not to my expectation, and sorry for saying this.

And had I been the Prime Minister, honestly, I would have given the Home Affairs Minister and the IGP a sack.



major said...
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puaka said...

Salam Dato',

Amalan adat resam dan budaya selalunya berkait rapat dengan agama dan kepercayaan. Namun begitu dalam mana-mana kaum, adat dan budaya jika dipersendakan mungkin tidak akan mencetuskan huru hara pada skala yang begitu besar.

Namun jika agama dan kepercayaan dipersendakan, maka ini adalah amat serius!

Melayu dan Islam amat sensitif pada babi walaupun ramai yang minum arak. India amat sensitif pada lembu walaupun ada diantara mereka yang makan daging lembu. Jangan main-main dengan dua spesis haiwan ini. Apatah lagi nak letak dalam masjid atau nak arak keliling kampung!

Semua orang tahu. Kenapa Menteri Dalam Negeri dan polis buat-buat tak tahu? Kenapa sekarang baru nak serius? Dulu kata tak ada apa. Sekarang kata "dead serious".

Asalnya dari penggunaan nama Allah, sekarang dah merebak ke agama lain. Adakah ada pihak yang cuba menangguk di air keruh?

Akibat situasi ini, hidup kami dalam askar pun semakin tak tenteram. Arahan demi arahan dikeluarkan. Pergerakan kami diperhatikan sentiasa. Kami dah kena "ikut bontot" oleh bos-bos kami. Kononnya ada usaha yang nak cuba memesongkan kami.

Makin buruk bila ada General yang kuat menggelabah. Bagi arahan yang tak masuk akal sebab takut tak tentu pasal. Tak tahulah kalau perang nanti. Entah macam manalah agaknya.

January 28, 2010 4:59 PM

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,”Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”
,,,the question today, how would as rational malaysians in search of a new way in changing our political culture, can we somehow come up with a new basis to our national narative that can deliver us a new malaysia that is inclusive, accommodating, prural and indeed diverse without falling back on the staid and stale stereotypes of racialised differences ?
,,,cos until we have done so, can we together claim to have transcended the ever confining/constricting stupid logic of past colonial governmentality that in fact once served as the premise of a racially-divided malaya that was unequal/unstable and bloody at odds with itself ?.
,,,That was their basis of 'divide and rule' being carried forward by the likes of the existing dirty and dangerous racist politicians too !. Let it just so be history and let it be, please don’t repeat it. Why must we still suffer for it !.
,,,lets all be smarter to over come it ?….since indeed now we all have an common enemy !….in the likes of manipulative individuals and corrupted politicians. Wrong is wrong and lets correct it together in line with fair justice and rules of Law and not to take the law into one’s hand.
,,,Time to put a full STOP to this ‘babi and membabi’ for the good of humanity and fair justice for all malaysians.
,,,poor low quality, immature Political Leadership is the MAIN issue that needs to be urgently addressed, if you ask me so. Unless so, there will be no end or new beginings !. What a bloody shame indeed.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Cow heads are easily obtained, because they deal in the slaughter of cattle and the selling of beef. Easy to get a cow's or a bull's head. You buy a cow's head, no eyebrow is raised. No problem there, move along.

Pig's head, very difficult to obtain, you just cannot go and purchase a pig's head. Who rears swine? The Chinese. Would it not be suspicious if a member of the majority were to purchase the head of a pig? Can he be seen with the head of a pig in his hand? Will he steal into a pig pen, kill the pig and behead it, to throw it into a mosque? Pigs squeal and make lots of noise. The pig farmer would surely know what is happening and that would be the end of that. Okay, how about purchasing a pig's head in the market? In Malaysia, the place where they sell pork is clearly marked as "halal" ( kosher) or non "halal". Can a member of the majority walk into this area and purchase a pig's head? No way, Jose! These people are agent provocateurs of people with vested interests, losing their political power in Selangor, who are trying to rile up Malaysians into a bloody confrontation, I am talking about "Wild-boar heads found at two PJ mosques".

First they tried and provoked the Indians with the cow head. They failed miserably, my hats off to all Indians, you guys were cool. You whacked them using the the internet. That is okay in my book. Of course these morons were indulged by our political masters. That is why they had the 'cojones' to come up with that hurtful action. Violence is never a solution. They were disappointed, as there were no riots. Some people up there miscalculated about the "Allah" issue too, a number of Churches got burnt, some suraus (2 small fires) and mosques got vandalised, oops forgot, a Sikh temple too. Still no riots and violent reaction. They must have been sorely disappointed. Why not hurl pig's heads into mosques, compounds to be exact. That was supposed to be the solution to create riots. Surely they can rein the Chinese in, to a good old blood letting. Nope, sorry, they could not acquire pig's heads. The Malays too did not fall for that. My hats off again!

So they went and acquired wild boar heads, making do with wild boar heads is equivalent to pigs' heads in their convoluted logic. Wild boar head are easy to acquire, by hunters. The majority in the rural areas have shot guns. No problem, you can bag wild boars where there is tapioca, in a rubber estate or the good old jungle, after which you can acquire the head. No one see them, packing wild boar heads in plastic. Okay, being squeamish about touching the boar's head due to religious issues, solve the problem in plastic, brilliant ain't they? I am a bit puzzled about the throwing in of the money though. Anyone out there has an opinion. You do the maths. My third time hats off, to all Malaysians, I salute you for being rational and a great people. Stay with me on this, calm and rational.In full...

Malaysian said...

It's sad that we've people interested to destroyed our beloved homeland. Who is behind this wild boar head?


Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam brader Muslims

Ini peringatan Allah. Apakah kalian telah lupa dengan Masjid di Cordova Sepanyol yang bertukar menjadi gereja? Islam yang bertapak di Sepanyol tinggal kenangan.

Berapa ramai umat Islam Sepanyol yang murtad dalam Spanish Inquisation?

ISABELLA dan Maharaja Ferdinand menghalau Muslim Sepanyol ke bumi Afrika Utara.

"Oh Isabella lambang cinta" Amy Search.....aduhai........

Hubaya! Hubaya! Hubaya!
Actung! Actng! Actung!
Ingat! Ingat! Ingat!

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam Dato'

All of us might have wathced ENEMY AT THE GATE, BEHINHD ENEMY LINE etc. I kie the titles. There are latent meanings behind those movie titles.

Who is our enemy Dato?

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...


I like those movie titles.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

dear bloggers

care to drop by at

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...


Just thinking aloud. Allah tidak memerlukan pembelaan kita.

Sebagai Muslim kena renungkan bagaimana untuk mendapatkan keredhaan-NYA dengan mensohorkan syariat-Nya.

Islam tidak mengajar kita menaniayai orang lain hatta yang bukan Islam.

Doa orang yang dizalimi akan dikabulkan Allah walaupun ia datangnya daripada Non-Muslim.

komando said...

Whatever happens it is not going to happen! They can't make us go against each other. They have tried and they have failed badly. What a farce and what a shame and sham!
They can go hang themselves as far as this country is concern! They have lost it all for good.

suratkhabarlama said...

Those ugly incidents with no retaliation among other races and religions really show that the true Malaysian are matured enough. They know the truth and what is actually happening in the country. They seem to know who is behind all those things.

The only never grew up is the government. They give excuses for all their failures and wrong doings that you can't even find in the Bollywood movies.

Shame on you KERAjaan Malaysia!

Malaysian said...

I'm not trying to stir any religious or racial hatred. I just want to share something I learn about it from the internet. Following is the excerpt:

"Islamic academics and administrators blamed Christians for provoking Muslim anger by challenging the ban on their use of the word “Allah” at a forum yesterday organised by the Islamic Development Department (Jakim)"

Didn't PM suggested that we must not stir anymore hatred or misunderstanding? I thought the politician going to handle this issue properly? Just another concern Malaysian.


komando said...

When all the good muslims and good malays abandon the Kera-jaan that is it, we will all see the demise of these bunch of nitwits,people have more gray matters than they thought so.

The bunch of clowns that we have, has nothing else more to throw at us....maybe they will throw their heads next! We would not even bother to look at it...for it stinks!

We shall wait and see what is their next idiotic move, so that we can have another good laugh plus a good coffee shop talk & cyberspace chat!

I guess they are running out of ideas.

The only left I guess is to anger real the Chinaman! Maybe they will burn a few "toh pek kong" or buddhists temples, if they dare to do it!

Can't wait to see the next movie and the next comment from the ever so clever Minister of Home Affairs aka badut!

komando said...

Sdr Puaka,

Askar memang tidak suka perang, lagi lagi perang bunuh rakyat sendiri, kawan sendiri, jiran sendiri, rakan sendiri semua nya dan yang paling sedih bangsa sendiri lagi lagi!

Kalau Jeneral panik, mereka mungkin adalah yang dah termakan umpan...dan yang kotor!

Maka mereka semua takut mereka yang akan diguling dulu !
Mereka takut orang bawahan tidak ikut perintah!
Soal nya ikut perintah untuk kebaikan atau sebaliknya?
Atau ikut perintah membuta sahaja, maka jadi lah "ROBOT-ASKAR".

Sahabat dalam servis semuanya bukan robot dan saya yakin mereka ada otak yang bijak dan pandai untuk menilai dan berfikir secara rasional!

Maka tindakan seterusnya olih pihak POLIS atau ATM saya yakin tidak akan menghancurkan NEGARA KITA INI!

Orang politik berapa kerat sahaja, yang lain orang awam, maka siapa nak jadikan negara ini hancur lebur kalau majoriti cintakan keamanan dan kestabilan.

Malaysian said...

Anger the "Tua Peh Kong"? That'll be very difficult. We're too busy with work and I know a lot of Malaysians of all races are busy too. Maybe that's the reason we didn't see any riot. Some poor Malaysian can't even afford "Milk" for their children.

I just want fellow Malaysian to understand that we can all argue about "religion" or "rights" but we still have Malaysian that need our financial assistance. Even I can't afford to buy a house around Klang Valley! Anybody can loan me RM400K?

So, I hope our friends from BN, Pakatan and independent, Army, etc please focus helping the poor.

puaka said...

Tuan komando,

Arwah ayah saya pernah bercerita pasal 13 mei. Masa tu dia berpangkat prebet. Dia kata masa tu tak ada undang-undang. Askar tembak sana sini sesuka hati.

Ramai yang mati. Melayu, China dan ada juga India yang mati. Macam-macam lagi dia cerita. Semuanya mengerikan.

Hari ini saya pula yang jadi askar. Saya tak mahu apa yang ayah saya pernah cerita dulu berlaku sekali lagi. Saya masuk askar bukan nak bunuh rakyat sendiri.

Saya rasa pelik dengan jeneral-jeneral yang takut pada bayang-bayang sendiri. Tak yakin dengan pegawai dan anggota bawahan. Ada yang macam nak ambil alih tugas Sjn dan Kpl. Saya lihat mereka ni macam tak ada kualiti sebagai pemimpin.

Saya dengar ada yang naik pangkat sebab kaki bodek. Ada 'cable' besar batang kelapa. Ada 'godfather'. Ada juga yang kononnya bijak sebab banyak sijil dan best student dalam kursus sana sini. Jadi best student pun pasal ada 'wahyu' diturunkan dari 'godfather'.

Betul ke mereka ni semua bagus?

Saya bersetuju dengan pilihan dato arshad. Saya berdoa semoga ianya menjadi kenyataan. Amin.

ismeth said...

salam semua..

org melayu ni cukup sensitif dengan babi. walaupun ramai yg kaki minum dan pernah minum arak, tapi makan babi jauh sekali. jadi isunya disini adalah membalas dendam dengan insiden awal yang telah berlaku di gereja dan surau supaya perasaan sakit hati dapat dilunaskan.

mungkin ada pihak yang cuba menangguk di air keroh untuk cuba mengambil kesempatan di atas apa yang berlaku tetapi membuat tuduhan awal kepada satu pihak lain kononnya bagi mendapat keuntungan politik adalah satu tindakan yang amat dangkal dan dibayangi oleh hati yang dipenuhi dendam dan tidak rasional. biarkan polis menyiasat terlebih dahulu dan kita tunggulah hasilnya..kalau masing-masing dengan persepsi masing-masing dengan tuduhan liar tanpa bukti maka tidak perlu siasatan polis, mari kita main tuduh-tuduh dan selepas itu kita gaduh...

hasilnya....tuan-tuan sendiri pun tahu...

..........TAAT SETIA........

EXRMC said...

Assalamualaikum Puaka

Tak elok saudara tulis kenyataan " Saya rasa pelik dengan jeneral-jeneral yang takut pada bayang2 sendiri". Mungkin ada kebenaran persepsi saudara tu, tapi jangan hanya disebabkan segelintir Jeneral yang begitu , semua Jeneral dianggap sama. Berdosa menuduh yang bukan-bukan.

Jeneral yang ada sekarang ini semuanya berpengetahuan, berpengalaman dan berkualiti tinggi.Of course mereka juga mempunyai kelemahan2 sebab they are also just A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. Nobody is perfect.

Jangan persoalkan kenaikan pangkat mereka. Kan MAT yang putuskan bab kenaikan pangkat ni. Dan juga ALLAH S.W.T telah menentukan rezeki mereka. Jangan banyak komplain dan membebel - buat kerja sendiri dengan jujur dan ikhlas. Fokuskan penulisan saudara dalam membincang isu Menentang Rasuah. Insyallah the God will always be with you.

feitosa said...

Penulisan yang baik dari EXRMC, tiada sifat keanak-anakan, tiada unsur provokasi, tidak juga meminta empunya Blog membatas penulisan yang tidak sealiran dengan kemampuan mereka yang menulis secara profesional walaupun EXRMC agak sedikit SKIMA...
Salam untuk semua peminat setia Dato Pak Chad.

FMZam said...

Saudara Ramli,

Benarlah kata saudara Allah tidak memerlukan pembelaan kita, kerana Allah itu maha kuasa dan tidak perlukan pembelaan dari makhluk yang diciptaNya. Maka renung2 lah kita terhadap manusia2 yang kononnya membela Allah tapi pada waktu yang sama mengamalkan RASUAH. Adanya manusia2 yang menunjuk2 taat pada Allah namun di belakang mata manusia lain mereka hidup bergelumang RASUAH, di belakang mata manusia lain mereka melakukannya tanpa takut pada Allah, padahal mereka tahu Allah maha mengetahui segala perbuatan mereka.

Saya suka bila saudara Ramli kata "Doa orang yang dizalimi akan dikabulkan Allah walaupun ia datangnya daripada Non-Muslim".

Jadi jangan berhenti dari melawan orang2 RASUAH yang selama ini hidup menzalimi manusia lain walau orang RASUAH ini sekuat mana sekalipun, mereka2 itu tidak akan jadi lebih kuat dari Allah, tidak kira samada Allah orang2 Islam atau Allah orang2 Kristian.

FMZam said...

Sdr Puaka,

Dalam mempertikaikan jeneral2 kita apa lagi jeneral2 RASUAH, kita akan lihat jeneral2 walau seRAUAH mana pun mereka mampu naik ke puncak. Tidak ada salahnya mereka naik kerana mereka berusaha untuk naik walau dengan cara RASUAH atau tidak. Jadi kalau mereka dikata tidak salah untuk naik dengan cara kotor, maka jangan bimbang bila saudara berani memperkatakan tentang jeneral2 yang sebegitu rupa. Jangan takut memperkatakannya kalau saudara jadi berani untuk memperkatakannya kerana Allah telah takdirkan saudara jadi berani.

Persetankan apa orang lain kata tentang kelantangan saudara, kerana Pak Chad tidak takut untuk memperkatakan tentang RASUAH dalam blog ini.

Percaya pada Allah, dan Allah telah buktikan orang yang menggunakan ancaman, fitnah, pembohongan dalam mempertahankan jeneral2 RASUAH tidak akan berhenti menentang pejuang2 rasuah walau permbohongannya terbukti, kerana itu tujuan mereka menegakkan orang2 RASUAH.

Si RASUAH akan naik, so what? Orang RASUAH yang sekuat mana pun pasti akan takut pada si manusia kerdil yang berani mendedahkan kebenaran tentang mereka.

Orang kecil yang melawan RASUAH orang besar harus berani menentang arus.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Saudara FMZam,

Akidah saya sebagai Muslim ALLAH itu ROBBUL 'ALAMIN. Allah yang mentadbir alam. Allah yang menjadi kita semua muslim or non-muslim, haiwan bulan dan bintang.

ALLAH jadikan semua manusia lelaki perempuan berpuak-puak untuk berkenal-kenalan dan semulia-mulia makhluk di sisi ALLAH adalah yang paling bertaqwa.

Kenapa rasuah berlaku? Sebab tidak merasa ALLAH MELIHAT apa yang kita lakukan.

Kalauboleh visualize 2 malaikat sentiasa ada di kiri kanan kita, dunia akan aman.

Rasuah is just a tip of an iceberg. Tapi ia boleh menjadikan negara papa kedana.

Pemerintah dan rakyat yang tidak takutkan ALLAH akan resah gelisah.

EXRMC said...

Hai FMZam,

Saya setuju dengan pendapat saudara bahawa KITA JANGAN BIMBANG MEMPERKATAKAN JENERAL2 YANG RASUAH. Tapi terdapat ramai bloggers yang hanya berani dalam blog Pak Chad ni. Ya.. hanya saudara seorang sahaja yang berani or got the guts, based on what you said many times. YOU HAVE DONE YOUR LEVEL BEST IN REPORTING CORRUPTION IN THE ARMY - GENERAL INVOLVED( WITH BOLD PROOF)BUT STILL NO ACTIONS TAKEN. What should we do next. I can't find the answer for that simple question/statement.

Days and nights I am still thinking of the DS solutions for that problem ( corruption)

Anyway I shall return with my suggestions or slutions.

Thanks everybody....

ismeth said...

salam semua..

apabila kita jumpa orang ug makan rasuah, tak kira siapa, kita kumpulkan bukti yang paling A grading. selepas itu buat laporan pada SPRM, dengan harapan laporan kita itu akan disiasat. kerana SPRM sahaja yang mampu membuat siasatan yang berlandaskan undang-undang. Yang lain tu, kita serahkan kepada tuhan, kerana balasan tuhan sudah pasti akan menyusul cuma tak tau tempat dan ketika sahaja..

Pangkat dan penghormatan dunia adalah anugerah tuhan kepada hambanya dan boleh jadi ujian. tuhan nak lihat sejauh mana manusia itu akan leka dengan kebesaran yang diperolehi samaada bersyukur atau tidak. sekiranya ianya diperolehi dari hasil usaha yang tidak elok dan jalan yang bengkang bengkok, nantikan balasannya kemudian hari.

Tetapi untuk menuduh seseorang makan rasuah dan mengistiharkan secara terang-terangan dengan diselimuti oleh kabus keraguan, adakah ianya satu perkara yang betul?. Adakah kita mahu makan daging saudara kita sendiri?.

FMZam..dah lapor kpd SPRM ke?

...........TAAT SETIA............

puaka said...



Memang saya tidak bermaksud semua jeneral. Saya lupa nak tulis perkataan 'sesetengah jeneral'. Bukan semua. Tapi memang ada yang macam tu.

Saya percaya saudara pun ada terfikir begitu. Ramai tahu fakta ini. Takkanlah saudara tak tahu. Betul MAT luluskan. Tapi mereka kata MAT tu macam pejabat pos. Kerjanya 'endorse' sahaja.

Saya pernah terdengar ada yang sempat tambah nama sendiri pada paper yang telah ditandatangan untuk masuk MAT. Print semula beberapa kali sampai tepat ke ruangan kosong yang ada. Tapi bukanlah untuk pangkat jeneral tapi pangkat Lt Kol. Saya dengar cerita dari kerani peringkat bawahan.


puaka said...


Saya banyak baca tulisan saudara dalam blog ni. Interesting. Very interesting. Ada yang sokong. Ada yang menentang. Ada juga yang 'flip flop'.

Saya sokong saudara kerana bercakap dan menulis berdasarkan fakta yang saudara kumpul sendiri. Saudara sudah pun buat laporan. Saya dan ramai lagi dalam blog ni tertunggu-tunggu apa yang bakal berlaku.

Saya nampak saudara banyak hentam PTD sekarang. Dia dah nak bersara. Dengar cerita bulan Mei mula bercuti. Bulan Jun mula kursus peralihan. Bulan September pencen. Harap-harap semua dapat berlaku sebelum September.

Jeneral, Kolonel, Lt Kol yang naik kerana kroni PTD macam cacing kepanasan sekarang. Saya nampak jelas benda ni sebab ada yang dekat dengan saya.

Teruskan saudara. Cheers!

EXRMC said...

Hello Semua,

Setelah meneliti penulisan/hujah2 dalam blog Pak Chad ni berikut adalah analysis saya:

@ Melemparkan satu tuduhan yang tidak berasas sebab tidak ada fakta yang disertakan.

@ Orang lain semuanya tidak betul, tidak bagus , tidak jujur, perasuah etc..etc..

@ Dapat maklumat/cerita melalui radio karat daripada kawan and then expound it for the write up in this blog.

@ Attacked our leaders/bloggers personality from all approaches - sampai maruah mereka tergadai.

Nota: Kalau budaya sebegini diteruskan " Crusade Against Corruption" will be a failure.
Points to ponder......

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...


Zaman Hitler di bawah Menteri Propaganda Joseph Goebbel menggunakan media untuk mensohorkan The Third Reich.

Name calling dan character assassination adalah perkara biasa dan apa yang dipraktikkan oleh politikus abad ke-20 dan ke-21 adalah sama wajahnya.

Kegemaran manusia menunjuk sana menunjuk sini dan terlupa empat jari yang menuding kepada diri sendiri. Itu biasaq.

Deep soul searching sebagai muhasabah. Kita kena kenal diri kita ini siapa. Hamba Allah. Kita akan kembali kepada Allah. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rojiun. Dan setiap yang kita tulis Allah akan hisab di yaumil Mahsyar.

EXRMC said...

Assalamualaikum Semua,

Setuju dengan coretan saudara Ramli. " Kegemaran Manusia menunujuk sana menunjuk sini - Itu biasaq". Yang biasa itu lah kita patut HAPUSKAN SUPAYA IANYA JADI LUAR BIASA.

" Kita kena kenal diri kita siapa" To know who we are actually...Tunaikan Rukun Islam ke5 - Fardhu Haji. Hanya di sana nanti tempatnya kita akan mengenalkan diri kita yang sebenarnya. Masing2 ada bahagian yang telah ditetapkan oleh ALLAH S.W.T

Balik dari Mekah, Tepuk dada tanya selera...nak berubah ke atau tidak

FMZam said...


Semestinya Crusade Against Corruption yang hanya berupa blog tidak akan berjaya melancar sebarang Crusade atau Jihad menentang rasuah. Ianya hanya blog dan tidak ada blog walau sehebat mana pun yang boleh menjana satu perjuangan yang boleh mencetus satu revolusi, hatta sekalipun revolusi mental. Tidak. Dan tidak juga satu evolusi pun akan tercetus dari apa2 pendedahan oleh mana2 pemberi komen dalam blog.

Apa yang berlaku dalam blog ialah, semakin banyak orang tulis, semakin banyak orang baca, tapi semakin banyak orang lupa.

Jadi apa faedahnya menulis dalam blog kalau keberkesanannya hanya tidah lebih dari marginal dan impaknya hanya superficial? Tapi yang hairannya, kenapa blog tetap tumbuh macam cendawan? Apa yang menjadikan blog begitu communal seolah2 blog adalah sistem pengangkutan awam yang digunakan dan diperlukan oleh rakyat jelata?

Jangan risau apa akan jadi pada blog ini, tulislah apa diminda saudara dan biarlah kami baca kerana blog sudah jadi "pengangkutan awam minda" rakyat jelata. Tentang analisis saudara itu adalah subjektif kerana berapa ramai dalam blog Pak Chad ini yang benar2 BERANI menabur fitnah kalau mereka tidak takut pada tindakan DEFAMATION? Saudara fikir fitnah apakah yang tidak takut pada DEFAMATION? Sedangkan semua orang dalam blog ini sudah mengingatkan berkali2 tentang DEFAMATION? Tapi masih juga ada yang terus konsisten dengan FITNAH?

Saudara fikirlah sendiri, blog ini tidak mendatangkan apa2 kesan kepada orang2 yang RASUAH, tapi memungkinkan orang yang memfitnah itu dihukum undang2. Jadi kalau dah blog ini tak berkesan, mengapa pula orang2 yang kata dia difitnah harus takut dan tidak berani ambil tindakan terhadap orang yang dia kata memfitnah dia?

Saudara dan siapapun boleh kata orang itu memfitnah, cuma itu sahaja yang terbaik dapat saudara lakukan? Maka kelihatan pada orang2 yang tahu bahawa saudara hanya mahu menegakkan orang2 yang rasuah. Jadi kalau pada saudara blog Crusade Against Corruption ini akan gagal, ianya akan gagal di mata saudara, namun di mata orang lain, blog ini tidak pernah gagal apa pun kerana Jihad menentang rasuah itu adalah amalan sepanjang hidup umat manusia yang bencikan rasuah.

Berjaya atau tidak blog ini, itu bukan soalnya, yang penting, KITA MENCUBA!

Dato' Pak Chad ni macam Pak Harfan dalam "Laskar Pelangi".

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam Dato'

Ada seroang teman komen dengan saya kenapa Dato' guna perkataan Crusade (Perang Salib) sebagai tag blog Mind No Evil. Katanya Crusade itu perkataan yang diguna orang Kritisan. Saya bilang "perang" mesti ada 2 atau 3 kumpulan yang bertentangan dan dalam kes Perang Salib antara Richard The Lion Heart dan Salahuddin Al-Ayubi adalah mereka yang mewakili Muslim dan Kristian. Ia fakta sejarah. Tidak boleh dinafikan. Kenapa mesti ada "taboo" untuk menggunakan perkataaan yang ditanggapi sebagai bukan kepuanyaan kita? Mana ada orang berperang sorang mesti ada lawan.

Itu hujah saya dan tidak ada yang salah bagi pandangan saya justeru istilah atau perkataan yang Dato' gunakan itu adalah bersifat idiomatic. Kena rujuk pakar bahasa.

Wallahu 'a'lam

Capt's Longhouse said...

dato...what's next from our oddities of racial and culture nonsensical malaysian crowd ?

,,,we are all of the same specie-human and to suggest that racial differences exist on the basis that there are real genetic, biological and differences btw different communities is akin to different species of animals is clearly false and nonsensical indeed. its only an premise !
,,racial difference in fact is an idea and a value proposition created by the politics of early colonialism plus part of the pseudo-scientific theories of paltry such as social Darwinism.
,,,in fact the theory of native ‘auto-genocide’ and other ideological devices/instruments that served the ends of racialised colonial-capitalism and bloody logic of Empire in the past, which the darmed Dewarajs are/is piggy bagging on nowadays.
,,,we malaysians today are witness to a host of oddities that pass for the survival conduct of UMNO/BN politics. but strangly we have grown used to the rather peculiar political landscape of the country and indeed been ruled/bullied by the same ruling coalition of right-of-centre, ethno-nationalist conservative parties that unfortunately are bloody similar ideologically to each other but remain differentiated by virtue of rthnic/religious backgrounds of their respective constitients plus supporters. Very odd political practices to others but not to malayians indeed !. our frontiers of political difference are not delineated by ideological differences but the strangly odd racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious particularities instead !!.
,,,what we are trying to do my dear frends, is indeed very interesting plus most challenging i.e. to CHANGE plus REFORM the malaysian mindset in politics of life and living.

,,,its not an impossible tasking cos nowadays, technology is on our side.,,,,communicate with the right political language and we will get it across, in-order to stop these nonsense.

askarsusu said...

Bro... why worries? internal issue let the police handle... AF n Army handle external threat... understand our primary task, implied tasks n essential tasks that's good enough.. don't be too excited talking about emergency.. 13 May is becoz there is communist threat that's why army deployed. It's just a matter of insurgency will involved... should the war occure, it's doesn't happen overnight... and the sequence happening now is not the indicator for civil war or religion war going to happen.. jgn cepat panik... if perang gak memang ahli politik yg memerintah LOL lah.. hehehe.. TAAT SETAI & BERLAJAR UNTUK BERKHIDMAT

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Dear askarsusu,

Yes. There's always building up period prior to war. It doesn't happen there an then.

Enough is enough. There are many lessons learnt form the 1st and the 2nd World Wars.

The next 3rd WW if ever to happen will be the DOOMSDAY.

Malaysian said...

This does not relate to "Allah" issue but an article I read that's wrote by Mohsin Abdullah. It was about the Education Department running out of money. I'm not going re-write what Mr. Abdullah wrote but the link to his article -


komando said...

Dear Dato' Pak Chad, sorry to go off tangent again! This statement is from the Home Minister!
A file has been opened by the PRDM to investigate the Nasir fella!

"Hishammuddin berkata tindakan yang diambil ke atas Nasir membuktikan bahawa Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak selaku Perdana Menteri amat telus dan serius dalam mentadbir negara.

“Nasir telah mengenali Perdana Menteri lebih daripada 30 tahun. Jadi ia bukan sesuatu yang peribadi. Ia adalah agenda yang mengatasi soal hubungan peribadi, termasuk pertalian darah kerana kita melihatnya daripada konteks negara.

“Ini juga bukan perkauman. Beliau (Nasir) mungkin telah terlanjur kata, tetapi kesannya sangat buruk jika dimainkan oleh pihak tertentu dan dilihat daripada perspektif lain, selain daripada objektif Perdana Menteri,” katanya. — Bernama

What have we here dear Sir?
Another plain idiot or stupid Government Servant, being paid every month and useless to the core! His salary should be refunded and asked to retire without a single cent!

How can we have such Government servants ?
They earn money by doing UMNO Bisnes or spokesperson for UMNO!


komando said...

Folks another breaking story...phew Malaysia memang boleh!

A Spy suspected to be working in Mindef leaking classified Information to a foreign Embassy in KL!

Guess who is the SPY?

MONEY MONEY and more Money!

komando said...


My answer is:

a. Spies are in MINDEF !
b. POLICE becomes illegal sand agents in Hulu Langat !
c. Indians are Beggars and Chinese are Prostitutes !

Dato' please wait for a few more hours for another breaking news !

komando said...

Dear Folks...

Why we need to fight corruption?

Firstly, as human beings we need justice otherwise we are worst than Animals! The big eats the small and the powerful kills the weak.

1. For instance, there is a accident, just a simple traffic accident, and somebody dies, the guy with the money can bribe a cop and he can get away even with murder! The poor man suffers a broken head, broken car and broken pockets.

2. A thief steals money from the bank, that guy gets caught but has lots of money to bribe the cop, again he gets away with more money.

3. The judge hears the case, the drugs that were taken as evidence goes missing, so no more evidence, no crime. Why? Because drugs held in Police Station as evidence can go missing also, if you have enough money to bribe the cops & the judge again!

4. If a guys rapes a girl, he has power and money, he only needs to make one phone call, everything is settled, police says “not enough evidence”, why because that guy has got very good connections!

5. If a guy kills another guy, he has the right connections and the police will say it was in self defence, no case to answer, another good alibi is plead insanity !

6. If a guy wants a contract and he has all the connections, all leads are given to him, he has all the specs, he knows what they want, he prepares them ahead of everybody else, he gets the job! The approving parties gets a good New Year hamper and bonus! Which could include girls, money & wine, the best vices any man would love to have !

7. So folks with power, money and the right connections, we can walk away from any crime, it is call CORRUPTION!



So that is why corruption must be fought like HELL!

komando said...

Lastly who become poorer?

The whole damn country, because all the money has been wrongfully abused and misused by the corrupted blokes!

They buy & sell RM10.00 goods at RM1,000.00!

komando said...

Another breaking news, from Min Of Home Affairs.




Please lah tuhan ku selamat kan kita rakyat semua !