Thursday, March 24, 2011


GUTTER POLITICS………..what else can I say to this latest sensational sexual escapade that purportedly figured Anwar Ibrahim as its prime actor. Haven’t we had enough of his ongoing sodomy trial, and the first sodomy trial that had incarcerated him for 6 years in Sg. Buloh prison? Haven’t we witnessed the brutality and abuse of the then IGP Tan Sri Rahim Noor who presented Anwar with a dishonorable black eye. What followed was a brief prison sentence of the country’s No 1 policeman that was enough to honour him with the title of an ex-convict. And finally, haven’t we seen enough destruction caused by the riotous supporters of Anwar Ibrahim following his arrest by balaclava clad police officers that had caused uncertainties and fear among the general population at the time?

If at all somebody seriously wants Anwar off the political scene and be placed in limbo, why not do it the Altantuya way i.e. just shoot him dead and blast him with another C4. Hired killers are not too difficult to get these days for a small fee. And whoever had devised this damn idea to expose this cheap stuff ‘CSL alike sexual scene’, and at a time when the Sarawak state election is just around the corner ought to have their heads examined for insanity.

And how the hell did the authorities allow this mysterious Datuk ‘T’ to assemble the media and to screen a pornographic video with such impunity? Isn’t the act by Datuk ‘T’ an offence in itself? And if I were to do the same at my house, wouldn’t I be arrested for it? By referring himself a Datuk, this insane person has made a fool of the honorific title. I would like to suggest that the honorific title be withdrawn from him immediately as this low down scum does not deserve the title.

This latest and unthinkable act by Datuk ‘T’ (I wonder what the alphabet ‘T’ means. Could it be ‘tonggong’), must be the work of not just a single person, but a well crafted mindless idea by a number of Anwar’s political enemies that wants him simply out of the political scene, or better still dead. If Datuk ‘Tonggong’ thinks that he can demolish Anwar’s political career by this evil scheming plot, he may be totally wrong. Look at what happened to Anwar after the first sodomy trial and upon his release from prison? Was he weakened and destroyed? No, he didn’t. In fact he becomes much stronger and popular, and the 2008 general election was a coveted price for the opposition led by Anwar Ibrahim himself.

I am no fan of Anwar Ibrahim, but as a human being and more so as a Muslim, I sympathize with all that he had gone through. One do not need to go through the experiences of Anwar to understand the sufferings that he had endured and more so, that of his wife, children and grandchildren. And what saddens me most is that this unscrupulous and evil plot is undoubtedly the work of Malays of the Muslim faith. I do not believe it is being done by non-Malay or a non-Muslim. Is this how a Malaysian Muslim treats a fellow Malaysian Muslim? Show me where in the Koran is such an act approved by Allah? Only a person with the heart and mind of a Devil or a Satan would do such a thing.

I have been talking to a number of people over this sad episode, and I can safely say for certain that the government has lost a lot of points in its popularity poll. The mainstream media sure had a gala day reporting and making it known to the entire world how mean and dirty is Malaysian politics. This to me is the most stupid and unthinkable act that will only strengthen Anwar’s popularity even more and conversely, the hatred for the good name of the government. I think, all that PM Najib is trying hard to do to uplift the popularity of his administration as well as himself, has all gone to waste. PM Najib and the entire UMNO leadership can deny their involvement, but the perceptions of most likeminded Malaysians that some BN/UMNO linked supporters are seriously involved; remain entrench in their minds.

As a Muslim, my advice to all those that are involved in this dastardly act is to repent and seek forgiveness; not from Anwar, but from Allah the almighty. ‘Fitnah’ and to shame someone (regardless of one’s faith) is a grievous sin. Well Datuk ‘Tonggong’, the ball is now at your feet.


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