Sunday, March 6, 2011


Over the last few days two cases of corruption were reported in the media. The first involving a politician and the other, a senior a government official. What horrifies me is that both are Malays, and I say without any inhibition that they are a disgrace to the Malay race.

First, Mustafa Salim, the Lenggeng assemblyman has been found guilty of accepting RM2000 from a contractor as inducement to issue a supporting letter to mine sand. The offence was committed two years ago. Sentence will be fixed on 1st April, i.e. on April fool day. Should he be sentenced to prison, we can shall see another by-election; the 16th I think.

Second, Datuk Bakaruddin Othman, the FT and Urban Wellbeing Ministry Deputy Secretary General and former President Selayang Municipal Council claimed trial to using the council’s funds to renovate his private home amounting to RM26,000. The offence was committed in 2001, and he having to rise to his current position is mind boggling. I thought that if a serving civil servant is being charged for an offence and is awaiting trial, he/she would have been suspended until the case is resolve. In this particular case, I think being moved from President Municipal Council and to be assigned to his current position is a promotion. Is this an oversight by the PSC, or is it the stand by PSC that regardless of the offence, a person is innocent until proven otherwise? And why does a simple case like this takes almost a decade to be heard?

The general view is that cases like this that involves politicians and government officials are merely the tip of the iceberg. These two personalities are unfortunate to be caught (or are they plain stupid) and I am sure there are many others like them, but they have been able to evade arrest. It is merely a matter of time when the others too will be caught because once a person indulges in corruption, it is an unstoppable crave. Corruption is akin to cancer that keeps recurring and is difficult to care.

For a paltry sum, these two personalities will be subjected to public humiliation, and what is worse, a likely prison term. I just wonder if the thought of a public humiliation and a prison term were conscious in their minds before they committed the offence. I personally don’t think so because the urge and temptation for illicit money and wealth is too much for them to reject. And I also tend to believe that this is not the first time they committed such an offence, but it must have been a number of times before. Normally, people would just ignore the ‘first timers’, and people will only begin to act against those that are persistently corrupt. It has also been observed that those that are corrupt tend to be boastful and would unconsciously show-off their newly acquired ill gotten wealth. This is when they finally get caught.

I do not have the slightest pity for these two offenders because being public figures they know too well the consequences. And if they are found to be guilty (hope they will), they will get two punishments i.e. first, the punishment they get on earth and secondly, the punishment that awaits them in the hereafter. Of course, the latter punishment is the most severe.

My question now, will this serve a lesson for others?



Pendakyah said...

These two personalities are unfortunate to be caught (or are they plain stupid).

Once in a while, a couple of years or so, there will be some 'jerung' that are brought to justice because of some rasuah cases.
This is important to show us civilian that the system (judiciary, police, justice yadda yadda)is still functioning. If we looked back for the past 10 years, we can clearly see this trend.

I think, in this case, its not unfortunate or plain stupid, its just, they're big enough to create an awareness among the public, yet small enough to be sacrificed - A replaceable pawn that can be dispose, without hurting the King(s)

Anonymous said...

Our courts judges happen to be dominated by cow dung in their heads when sentencing all these corruptors.That is why their sentences does not instill any fear to offenders.

mangchikla said...

'..there will be some 'jerung' that are brought to justice ..' and got away scot free. One of them died.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear All,

There is no will to stamp corruption in this country. Yes...jerung gets scot free will the ikan bilis gets the sentence. Just look at CM Sarawak. Nothing happens will he continues to plunder.

Kamal Sanusi said...


As long as they are supporting the KERAjaan namely high level of leaders of that particular malay political party, don't be too worry in taking corruption.

Charging them in court of law is just another cerekarama directed to divert attention and no other than rhetoric. With certain "wahyu" given to the judge, the court will find them not guilty unless the accused is not worth to be kept.

"You help me, I help you" would mean lot of things.

I clear you from court, you need to be my cow, take it or leave it.

Just look at those ADUN from Perak. When they betray the trust given by the voters, SPRM become slower than siput babi.

I would say that dasar apartheid telah dilaksanakan secara halus di sini tanpa disedari ramai. Bila ramai dah sedar mengenai dasar itu, bersedialah kita menghadapi gelombang mcm di sana-sana tu.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Leaders are not always to be trusted, and this is highlighted in the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell as the message of the text. In Animal Farm, leadership is represented through the actions and personalities of the various characters as a powerful, but easily corruptible force. The Leaders of Animal Farm start off with good intentions but as the story goes on it becomes obvious the leaders have grown power-hungry and have become the ‘superior’ animals, showing that equality does not exist. Propaganda and manipulation play a big part in the novel, stopping the animals from protesting or noticing that their leader was extremely greedy and corrupted. There are excellent leaders as well as awful ones, making it hard to know who to trust in, who to believe and what to do, after all leaders are hard to go against, but a corrupted leader is never a good thing. George Orwell represents leadership as an easily corrupted and abused power through the characters throughout the novel, Animal Farm. This source of power has been used by leaders at the expense of their followers for their own ends

abdulhalimshah said...

However much we would like to see those involved or charged for corruption, the cardinal principle in law must be upheld, ie. a person is innocent until proven guilty. Our judicial system had been stymied since the Mayday for justice began. If ever it could regain its former stature when we had fearless Judges sitting on the bench, it would be light years before we can see justice shall be done to those who commit the heinous crime.
The fight against corruption can never be won on the bench nor through tons of laws. It could only see the light of day if moral uprightness is not the sacred value being espoused by our leaders and all the people in this beloved country of ours.

nazaucis said...

Sdr Kamal Sanusi,
If you are still in svc you better resign.....disloyal.
If you are an ex svc with pension.....langsong tak tau bersyukur dan berterima kasih
If none of the above......pack yourself and migrate to any countries of your own choice,shame on you living on subsidies provided by the govt that you kutuk.Nobody here condone corruption and everybody should play their part as good citizens to curtail corruption.It is not easy to prove corruption in court without hard evidences and it is unbecoming for anyone to accuse somebody else corrupted,nevertheless I for one will not blame you as Dato said everyone is entitled to his opinion but in penning your comment please be considerate and with facts.Salam.

benadam said...


It is pointed out by most likeminded worriers of anti-corruption that people whose mind set is governed by the dictum "who ever have the stick, then the cow belongs to him" is the base for all the corruptions. Another common traits that befuddled the corrupted minds is the belief that they will not be caught and that even if caught, punishment will be light.
By and by the antidote is seen universally that the situation has to be changed by proper laws, strong governance and proper education and information of these laws to all the people.

Maybe something can be gain from our neighbour’s experience. The article
“Combating Corruption in Singapore: What Can Be Learned?” can be download from

Kamal Sanusi said...

Dear Dato'

I do not wish to use this platform to argue with anybody BUT I agree with Dato that everyone is entitle to his opinion. I would agree with Mej. A.R. Ramachandran on the said story too.

I guess the way to be thankful (bersyukur) atas pencen yg dapat is make sure we are continuously in denial syndrome leaving aside the ability to think.

Justice must been done and SEEN to be done.

Pemimpin kalau tak buleh ditegur, jgn dok berangan nak jadi pemimpin. If you nazaucis is a Muslim, take note that Nabi Mumahhad S.A.W pun pernah ditegur.

I rest my case here Dato'. I will look stupid if I continue arguing with him.

Kamal Sanusi said...


To answer you....


In China, all corrupts will end-up standing in front of firing squad and yet, the corruptions are still there.

benadam said...

Short addendum Dato’
TV3 1.30 news reported that another government buliding, in this case the KDN office in Indera Mahkota, Kuantan had a collapse celling due to heavy rain. This is not the first case that government buildings were reportedly collapsed.
In the recent past buildings like Hospital, Mosque, Stadium in many part of the country experienced such calamity. What causes it were explained in so many versions and after a while just forgotten. Can we attribute that the root cause could be due to corruptions!!!!

komando said...

HARAM--- it was stated that WAY..otherwise it would not be so!
Hey guys lets all take a walk...let them do whatever they like

Satu hari pecah perut semua...!

nazaucis said...

Mr.Kamal Sanusi,
For your info I am a Muslim and at all time bolih ditegur.The point here is not about ditegur but you are condemning the present govt and who support the govt are corrupt.Mind you our govt is not KERA and pse prove to us dasar apartheid telah dilaksanakan di Malaysia.I never want to argue with you but I just cannot take people who like giving passing statements without giving facts.May be some people will agree but arguments will arise from those who disagree like me.Salam

ahmad said...

Read....Read.....Read .... look for justification(Facts - Dalil Aqal and Dalil AlQuran and Sunnah) before you write. What you think isn't important but what you speak, write and actions ...... berjawablah diakhirat kelak. Ikhlas sahaja tidak benar melainkan ikhlas orang yang berilmu. Tuntutlah ilmu hingga hari akhir hayat tuan. ikut aqal sahaja tanpa ilmu umpama lembu, Lembu hanya makan rumput sebab aqal tahu yang makanan nya rumput. kalau lembu ada ilmu akan ditanyakan kenapa mesti makan rumput di kandang ini sahaja. Allah jadikan alam ini seluas mata memandang dan banyak lagi makanan lain dan bukan daun yang hijau sahaja. batang, dahan, akar dan berbagai makan lain boleh dirasa juga. Berfikirlah dan jangan sempitkan minda tuan tuan. Malaysia kepunyaan Allah dan bukan milikan mana mana individu, parti atau organisasi. Pentadbiran nya sahaja di kendalikan manusia tetapi wajib memenuhi kehendak dan larangan allah.