Saturday, March 26, 2011


Ezam Md. Nor (a Senator…mind you) is reported to have urged the authorities (presumably referring to the Immigration Department or may be KDN minister Hishamuddin himself) to impound Anwar Ibrahim’s passport to prevent him (Anwar) from going abroad and tarnishing the country’s image.

This turncoat Ezam who become famous for declaring to having in his possession several boxes of what is thought to be documents relating to the corrupt practices of BN/UMNO leaders, has once again opened his big mouth. I am still waiting to see the contents of the boxes which will never appear for as long as he is being salaried by the government. Hopefully he will be rewarded with a Datukship soon for being a loyal servant. May be, when he is out of a job, he may once again try to threatened the government with the famous boxes.

If indeed Ezam is so concern about Anwar’s tarnishing the country’s image abroad, what about the involvement of the famous Thamby (Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik) with the latest video that purportedly shows Anwar as the main porno actor. In comparison to Anwar’s alleged bad mouthing abroad, this latest bluff by the three morons (including the famous Thamby) has hurt the image of the country even more. Malaysia is no longer being looked upon as a model Muslim nation that practices inter-racial and religious tolerance, but a nation that is fast on the decline due to incompetency by some of its leaders. Honestly, I have never been so angry and fed-up until this story of the sex video that only shows how mean and dirty Malaysian politics can be. All the fuss about Anwar being the porno actor has now fizzled out.

Since the sex video story was out, I browsed through a number of blogs (reading the mainstream papers no longer interest me) that writes about the sex video story. One is surprised to read the comments from viewers that express nothing else but anger and frustration at what they see as a decay in the moral values of our politicians, where even those with honorific titles of Tan Sri and Datuk can stoop so low to involve themselves with such an immoral and disgusting act. I am already beginning to feel ashamed to be called a Dato, but on second thought I do not mind it, now that I am truly a full-fledged Datuk with four lovely grandchildren.

I sincerely hope that the police will do a good job this time to nail all those involved in this scandalous sex story about Anwar Ibrahim. If indeed Anwar was involved, he should rightfully go to jail. But if it is not, then all the perpetrators (even if they carry the honorific title of Tan Sri and Datuk) should be thrown into jail and be left there to rot. And should all the perpetrators escape the jail sentence due to the famous ‘insufficient evidence’ finding, then they will all have to wait until they are buried to be tried in the hereafter.

So Ezam, what have to say now?



comot said...

Ezam should watch this....and think...........

maurice said...

Ezam's political careeer has ended for switching sides, so he to live with the label of an "opportunist and a traitor." He has to bark from time to time to keep some people happy in order to keep his senator post.

Kamal Sanusi said...


This sena-KATAK has forgotten on other people too who has tarnished the image of Malaysia namely..... do I have to mention it? No need laaa.

See how those stupid people so scare on the content of the boxes until he is salaried by them without having to do anything other than attacking Anwar. Ezam sena-KATAK is really smart here to ensure his survival by just keeping 6 boxes.

The world is laughing at Malaysia with these jokes. Should I be thankful to KERAjaan with this kind of stupidity? May be they are watching too many Just For Laugh, Gags!