Saturday, March 26, 2011


MCA President Chua Soi Lek (CSL) is reported to have said that “the onus is on Anwar to prove that he is not involved” as the prime porn star captured on video that has made headlines throughout the nation and particularly the blogsphere. I just could not understand the reason why CSL would want to say this? He being a Muar porn star once before, took no effort to prove his innocence, but admitted to being the actor in the video. He had to admit because the picture of him in the act is as clear as daylight, and to deny will only incriminate him as being a blatant liar.

In the case of Anwar, it is clear as daylight too that the actor is not him as alleged, and this is clearly explained by the Sg. Petani PKR MP Johari, who had seen the video himself at Flamingo Hotel, Ampang, at the invitation of the unscrupulous conspirator Rahim Thamby Chik. And this Thamby, as we all know was once a child molester himself, but got his freedom due to ‘insufficient evidence’, they claimed. To all holders of the honorific title of Tan Sri, this Thamby has made a mockery of the exulted title.

If I were in Anwar’s shoes, I wouldn’t be bothered to claim my innocence. Why should I, because I know that I am not involved. It is for the conspirators to prove that I am guilty. But with the advancement of technology these days, my looks can be changed even in a video recording. This is what the conspirators wanted to do, but they did it poorly due to their lack of expertise in IT. So you can see how stupid these conspirators are, and they have now become the bad guys as oppose to being heralded as heroes.

I am absolutely clear that this sexual episode is a conspiracy or ‘fitnah’ to bring Anwar to his knees. I am taught that Allah works in mysterious ways and ‘fitnah’ being a grievous sin in Islam is easily revealed by the will of Allah to the truth, even before Anwar could be hauled by the police. The conspirators must have liked to make this a political campaign agenda during the up-coming Sarawak state elections to damn the PR. But what they get in return is to give PR campaigners an opportunity to ‘whip’ and castigate their political enemies by exposing the wrong doing of the BN politicians. Personally, I do not know how the alleged Anwar’s sex video can influence the Sarawak voters, but I am very certain the Sarawak urbanites are as fed-up as I am of these continuous conspiracies by enemies of Anwar.

My concern and worry now is what next? Will we hear another explosive story concerning Anwar on the horizon? Now, we hear that the Religious Minister Jamil Khir has accused Anwar of preaching something that is against Islam overseas. Is this another way of damning Anwar? This accusation can be exploited by the opponents of Anwar. But I would also like to hear what Jamil Khir has to say about Thamby and his failed conspiracy theory. Please answer me if it isn’t ‘fitnah’ that the Thamby is advocating against the very teachings of Islam. I need to ask whether Thamby knows what ‘fitnah’ is, and if he does not know then he will have to wait until he is six feet under.

Clearly, what we see happening today is a battle of a Malay against another Malay, and of people professing the same faith i.e. Islam. This is disgusting. If Prophet Mohammed PBUH gave protection to the Christians, I do not see any reason why a Muslim should condemn another Muslim. If everyone (regardless of race)had followed the path of Prophet Mohammed PBUH in propagating Islam as a way of life and to be subservient to Allah, and not to be saddled by racial sentiments and false supremacy, then only could we have a harmonious, peaceful and a tolerant Malaysian society. But sadly, Malaysians today are far from it.



LIBERO said...

Dear Dato', As what Dr Asri (MAZA) said," Dalam budaya manusia tiada nilai agama dan tamadun berakhlak, isu keaiban peribadi dijadikan mainan golongan yang selekeh. Maka muncullah kisah seks dan skandal peribadi tokoh politik itu dan ini sebagai senjata beracun membunuh musuh politik masing-masing.

Dalam Islam, perbuatan mendedahkan keaiban peribadi sebagai senjata politik adalah perbuatan yang dilarang oleh Allah dan rasulNya. Ia haram. Hanya mereka yang jahil nas-nas agama sahaja yang menyangka itu adalah suruhan syarak.

Firman Allah(maksudnya):
“Dan orang-orang yang melemparkan tuduhan (zina) kepada perempuan yang terpelihara kehormatannya, kemudian mereka tidak membawakan empat orang saksi, maka sebatlah mereka lapan puluh kali sebat; dan janganlah kamu menerima persaksian mereka itu selama-lamanya; kerana mereka adalah orang-orang yang fasik. (Surah al-Nur: ayat 4).

Look at ourself and pray for keredhaan nya sepanjang usia yang berbaki ini.

Gengis Khan said...

This Chua bloke is a disgrace. How can he look in the eye of a person and pass off as a MCA leader.Shame on MCA

EAGLE said...

Dato', no point in asking Thamby the child molester whether he understand what is fitnah as a Muslim. But wonder whether Jamil Khir himself understood what is fitnah!
KAGAT people knows the quality of Jamil Khir so if he ever read this blog my message is "shut up" you are nothing more kaki bodek!
Nasihat buat Jamil Khir Insaf la, tak kan dosa, pahala dan fitnah pun tak tahu!

Kamal Sanusi said...


When I said that KERAjaan is seen to quietly implementing apartheid policy, someone has asked me to return back my pension and taught me how to be thankful to KERAjaan... in his way. Hahaahaaaa

When Anwar wanted to bring his sodomy 2 case to Mahkamah Syariah on qazaf, it is Jamil Khir who stopped it. What is the point having Mahkamah Syariah here for only to talk about cerai-berai, khalwat etc.. punya kes saja?

So many double standard being imposed on us. Just image what happen when similar case being charged to the layman on the street?

On what ground Soi Lek wants to talk on similar sex case? Shame on MCA and shame to UMporNO for endorsing him to lead the party.

I guess the Islam Ada Had Ada Hari really being implemented and followed.