Friday, March 18, 2011


It was announced recently that prisoners on parole and are due to be released will be send to selected army camps for rehabilitation. The announcement was made by Internal Security Minister Hishamuddin Hussein who reasoned that by having such prisoners placed at army camps was a way to separate them from being influenced by the hardcore prisoners. It was also reported that such rehabilitation programme would save the government from having to build more prisons that are presently over-crowded to the brim.

I view such a programme as being short-sighted, at best stupid and lacking in ideas. I do not know of any other army in the world that does a similar programme ; certainly I know of none now except us. I think we have stretch the slogan ‘Malaysia Boleh’ a bit too much and have made the army; the so-called honourable defenders of the nation, nothing more than an agency that provides ‘cheap multi-purpose security guards’.

If the intended programme is indeed to save the government from building more prisons, then I would say that all the assurance made by the Internal Security Minister that the national crime rate has reduced substantially is merely an ‘eye wash’. How could he justify that the over-crowding of the prisons to a reduction in crime rate? Isn’t the increase in prisoners equals to an increase in criminals which is represented by the increase in crime rates?

I recall some years ago during the outbreak of the JE epidemic where soldiers were deployed to shot and kill the infected swine. This is indeed a strange task given to the army; a task that they were ill-equipped nor trained for; certainly not killing swine.

I also recall that the army was once tasked to monitor illegal timber loggers, and this is another strange task for the army, and fortunately no illegal loggers were shot dead. Otherwise the soldier would have to answer to the court for murder.

In 1997 or thereabout, the army was tasked to take over the responsibility of maintaining surveillance over illegal Indonesian immigrants from the police, at designated illegal entry points along the coastline of peninsular Malaysia and Sabah. Such a task should rightfully be the responsibility of the police or any other para military units.

I remembered having to present a case during a seminar where I argued that such an operation should not be the army’s responsibility. I quoted the example of the Indian and Pakistan army where they deployed the para military units to maintain surveillance along their common border areas. The regular forces were being held back, only to be deployed when there is a breach by either force along their lines of control. I was privileged to have visited and studied the nature of such operations while a student at the Indian Staff College.

Now, with the latest responsibility of the army having to have prisoners under their watch, I do not know what next for the army. It is anybody’s guess. I hope it is not going to be looking after some sick and insane patients that are longer wanted by the health authorities. If such a task is to be given to the army, then I can only say this……………………that we have all gone sick ourselves.



Hon Est said...

A camouflage to secure postal votes and recruitment into UMNO's para military arm

Darth Trust said...

As I understand it, the army/soldier/military can only shoot to kill when declaration of war is made by the head of the country. Is this true?

maurice said...

I can only think of the Military Police (MP) as the only army unit trained to handle such task however I doubt the Detention Centre at Batu Cantonment under the MP would have the space to handle a bigger crowd of civilian prisoners.Perhaps Mindef can convert a few National Service camps for this purpose.I am sure these prisoners after having done their time in prisons are eager to start a new life.Those that want to enlist in the Army should be encouraged for their fighting qualities.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Aha!! At last an opportunity for us to form our own version of the Foreign Legion. Imagine the possibilities. Deploying them all over the world, to go where no Malaysian soldier has gone before.

Anonymous said...

begitulah pandangan politikus terhadap tentera....ganas..tempat orang yang tidak sensitif....tempat buangan...dan yang anihnya kepimpinan tentera akan bersetuju..."Taat Setia"

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

What's next for the army?

Well, I believe a part from being a fixed deposit as postal voters (including their spouse/family) and what Dato' had mentioned in the posting, the army will then be instructed to................ hemmmmm, I'm speechless.

I hope the army is not going to assist local council to deal with sampah as a sign of thankful to KERAjaan for giving them job and salary. Joke only Dato', heheeheee.

wira said...

The oft spoken view Hishammuddin Hussein is occupying high office because of his familial ties rather than his intelect is becoming more apparent by the day!!!
What do you expect from an average man burdened with so much family deeds and traditions to emulate.
Foot-in-the-mouth BLOOPERS...
He appears to be so inadequate he can't even handle his present job and yet UMNO has already placed him firmly in the leadership lineage.
What a calamity it would be for our future.

mask said...

"It was also reported that such rehabilitation programme would save the government from having to build more prisons that are presently over-crowded to the brim."
Dato', if you really check, they are really building new buildings in Military camps for these purpose.... Agak2 siapa kontraktor dia yer....? What a waste of RAKYATS money...

mask said...

Dato', just thinking out loud, what do you think about the political situation happening in MALAYSIA now. ie, The DNA Flip Flop, Kes Liwat and Kes Video Lucah Need your comments. Thank you Dato'.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Mask,

Just wait for my next article for you to know the answer.

mangchikla said...

Dato, I thot u wld like to read this. SO RAMD is now reduce to this.