Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ummi Hafilda, the sister of PKR’s Deputy President Azmin Ali has joined the campaign bashing trail of Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali at Merlimau. Did she come on the campaign trail on her own accord, or was she invited to campaign for a certain political party, is anyone’s guess. But by the tone of her campaign, it is obvious that she is out to discredit and demolish the opposition and in particular Anwar Ibrahim and his brother Azmin Ali.

What was the reason for dragging her into this campaign? What is it in the mind of Ummi to even discredit her own sibling? Is she insane or what? If she has been dragged into the campaign trail by a certain political party, why use the uncultured method of bad mouthing people? Is this the behaviour that we want to show our children that the Malays have nothing better to do, other than to bad mouth others? Does Ummi not know that what she is doing is not only unethical but a grievous sin?

I just like to ask Ummi this question? Is she a Malay that profess the Muslim faith or is she some alien creature from outer space that is neither a Malay nor profess any religious faith at all? Has she no shame to go on bad mouthing others including her own family member, and worse still in front of a multi racial crowd? For Ummi to do all this is definitely the work of a devil, or is she a devil herself? I say this because no person in the right frame of mind and worse still a lady would want to do such a shameful act. I now understand the reason why her late father had denounced her, and this issue is well known in public domain. And to be denounced by her parents is indeed a grievous sin. Now, she appears to have denounced her own sibling.

Now let’s get to the bottom of this horrible and senseless campaigning that has gotten from bad to worse. If this is how politicians are to show to the world the way campaigning is done in this country, then I say that I have nothing to be proud of being a Malaysian. This senseless campaigning is nothing more than to win votes and winning an election has little regards for tact, respect and honour for others. As Ummi has demonstrated, one does not need to be intelligent, tactful and honourable. She thinks, speaking rubbish and acting like a fool is enough to appeal to the voters, and for those that had brought in fools to campaign on their behalf; they are the bigger fools.

My advice to Ummi is to repent and to act like a respectable and honourable lady. Seek forgiveness from those whom you may have hurt, and to reconcile with those who may have hurt you. There is nothing more honourable than to seek and offer forgiveness. Hell awaits you if you persist.



benadam said...

That was very well scripted Dato’.
Nothing of consequence can be added except to say that she’s just nutty. Perhaps Ummi Hafilda’s minds has somewhat gravitated between reality and fantasy. A dancer who cannot dance or a writer who didn’t write or worse still, a soul just shy of suicidal self-loathing and yet still belief that she is in some sense creative. But the reality could be quite amusing because this so-called lady just resemble a constipated deluded bohemian, if you will.
To repent is the only course. It’s non negotiable

EAGLE said...

Wonder that political party that invited her for the campaign has the lowest mentality in their leaders.
The party that claim to represent the Malays but is out tho show how idiotic are the Malays and surely memalukan Melayu and yang paling memalukan ia lah apa kah mereka ini membawa gambaran agama Islam yang di anuti orang orang Melayu?
One thing for sure she will be in trouble soon after! May ALLAH shows her the right path.
UMNO people need to wake up! Between Ummi Hafilda, the race and the religion!

nazaucis said...

Salam Dato,
What the problem here,even Bob Lokman campaign siap nyanyi lagu penawar rindu.Political party will exploit the chances available to their own advantages,takkan Dato tak tahu.If mentioning about repent I wish you include DSAI and TGNA too.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Nazaucis,

I am not only criticising Ummi, but all others like her, including Bob as well. You bring in a clown, and you get many more clowns to represent us later. And have we not had enough clowns in parliament today?

Kamal Sanusi said...


It is all about money & monies.

For me, Bob Lokman is a different case as he never have a bad-mouth on his family, never yet.

For Ummi, it is a crystal clear that she is condemning her own blood-ties for the sake of politic, to the extend "mak dia pun tak mengaku dia tu anak".

By right, the politicians should talk about what developments can they bring in, solving local issues etc... Not to talk something bad about others namely their own family members.

True enough, those who invite her have the lowest mentality in understanding the current political reception especially from young generation.

ON one hand, they said DSAI is nothing, day dreamer. On the other hand, they are so scare till the extend people are saying Malaysia has a kangaroo court.

What a shame.....

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

No, I don't get the point of corruption factor in this post. Ah, now I remember, the lady ran out of money, so this is to "earn"some more cash lah. Guess who is the paymaster?

bob villa said...

pay back or victim ??

bob villa said...

(Does Ummi not know that what she is doing is not only unethical but a grievous sin?)
Will it be greater sin if she just shut up, and allow the Ass-bangger get his way to Putra Jaya ?
weigh the consequences to every Malaysian.
By way the sin of talking bad about other is only sin if you are not telling the truth, but what if she is telling the truth? Them she is warning us.
Only Allah the all might knows the truth.Allah Hualam.

9w2msg said...

Well said, sir...