Sunday, March 27, 2011


PERKASA President Ibrahim Ali has instructed grassroot members to monitor bloggers, tweets, news reports and portals that write on sensitive issues relating to Islam, Bahasa Malaysia, Malay special rights, citizenship of non-Malays and issues pertaining to the position of the King.

I think Ibrahim has gone overboard. To me, the main issue fronting the country today is Malay disunity. Solve this problem, and you solve all the issues that he had asked his grassroot members to monitor.

Malay disunity if not handled properly is worse than fighting the communist terrorist. And does Ibrahim know how difficult it is to get rid of the communist threat. It took us almost 4 decades, at the expense of losing hundreds of lives of good Malay and good non-Malay soldiers and policemen. Just wonder if Ibrahim has ever operated in the jungle areas for a stretch of 90 days with a 40kg load behind his back? We the soldiers and the police did all that, just to ensure Ibrahim and his family lives in peace.

The main problem lies with the Malays themselves, especially those with vested interest. Malay politicians are experts at creating issues that disunites and causes mistrust among Malays and non-Malays alike. Why do they do this? It is simply to strengthen their position in guarding their interests especially one that can further their power and wealth. I see that politics today is centered on the acquisition and retention of power and wealth, and nothing else. I think, it is for this very reason the incumbent government and its leaders fear about losing power, for without the hold on political power, everything is lost.

Actually, Malay leaders are in the best position to lead, provided they are principled, guided and take cognizance of the teaching of the holy Koran. If Malay leaders are guided by the Koran in the performance of their duties as leaders of society, their personal behavior and character that they exhibit will in itself set an example for others to follow. Forget about one being a Malay for a moment, for it is not the ‘Malayness’ that is a factor that unites, but it is the virtues of a good Muslim that will attract people to unite and to follow him. I am quite certain, a person (regardless of race) that practices and possess the virtues of a good Muslim can be an ideal leader, and there are not many among our leaders today that truly possess such qualities; not even the Religious Minister.

My brotherly advice to Ibrahim is to stop talking about the supremacy of the Malay race or harping on Malay special rights. Seek ways to unite the Malays first and with unity come strength. Teach your members to be guided by the teachings of the holy Koran and be a good Muslim first. Although you say that you are not racist, but your acts and the way you talk makes you a number one racist and this is counterproductive to all your talk about Malay unity. Just being a good orator means nothing to me. Finally, you need a major change in your character and behavior Ibrahim, if you want to gain respect from all Malaysians. And by asking your members to monitor all that you want them to do is to me, a total waste of time and effort.



may ling said...

Thank you!

taming said...

We all know who and what Ibrahim Ali is and yet this character is allowed to go on and on, play acting, using Malay sentiments at the expense of national solidarity.

During Mahathir's era, Ibrahim Ali was just like the "pak dogol" and "wak long" characters in the wayang kulit, doing nothing except performing "court gesture" roles.

I am a Malay and I deplore Ibrahim Ali's style of "championing" the Malays. I don't blame the Chinese, Indians and others for going after his blood! We, logical, true and thinking Malaysians must NOT spare him!

I hope Dato Sri Najib will tell Ibrahim Ali to "SHUT-UP" to save this country!


Lalok said...

Send ibrahim to the jungle for 40 days, alone, let him learn from the animals, trees and other creatures there of how to live harmoniously with nature. Then only he can try communication with human beings...

chop said...

The problem with Malays lies on how to acquire wealth. They have no patience and hardworking enough to be rich. Some politician only take the easiest way to be gain popularity. Actually many Malays are not poor as was mention but how their perception of today,s life make them different. Back to Islam then they will know how.

Kamal Sanusi said...


Just imagine this...

"Soal Islam pun tak buleh bersatu, inikan pula soal bangsa."

I think they really want to create tension among races in Malaysia so that they can ensure power is theirs by imposing 1001 kind of policy. And this they are using those people like Ibrahim Ali who think nothing but money.

The norm say "Malay is lazy, want fast money. easy job" which for me really true. Giving "tongkat" pun still cannot survive compare to other races. Whaattt is this??

My brotherly advice to him "Get hell out of Malaysia"


Malaysian said...

Will we ever see each other beyond skin color or religion? Corruption have being one of our main problem for all of us; yet, our politician or NGO still focus upon issues relate to our religion or skin color. Have we prosecuted corrupt leaders that involved in PKFZ, Bakun, jet engine, etc cases? What about Khir Toyo?


Super pages said...

your said that mean for all non malay want/