Wednesday, April 6, 2011


When I got to the office at 10am this morning, my colleague hurriedly pulled me into his office and said, “Want to read another thriller of another man falling to his death from the office of the MACC?”. Prior to this, I had no knowledge of the incident, and upon reading it in the internet, my hands got itchy and could not wait any longer to write something about this incident in my blog when I get back home.

The news story reads something like this; ‘Selangor Custom Assistant Director Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed was found dead at the MACC building in Jalan Cochrane early this morning, and is believed to have fallen out of the third floor window. Ahmad Sarbani is being investigated for graft, together with 62 others in a nationwide scoop by MACC’.

This news looks kind of similar to the Teoh Beng Hock suicide story of ‘self strangulation’. The difference is that Ahmad Sarbani fell off a third floor building and not a 14 floor building, and we are not told as to whether it is another ‘self strangulation’or suicide. I am quite certain that this is going to be another story of suicide, and that the MACC will deny till dooms day that Ahmad Sarbani was left all by himself at the time of the suicide, and MACC officers had nothing to do with his death. They will reinforce this by saying that were absolutely no witnesses, but God.

If anyone were to ask me, “Did Ahmad Sarbani actually jumped out of the window to his death?”. My spontaneous answer is that he did not self strangled himself, nor was he trying to escape by jumping out of the window. I believe someone was threatening him with death if he did not cooperate in the investigation (that is the usual case). And I believe too that the threat was physical, with Ahmad Sarbani being pressed close to the window. This is the only answer that I can think off, because the MACC has over the last few years shown itself to be unprofessional in carrying out their investigation, and the only method they knew was to employ the ‘Gestapo’ method. I do not believe Ahmad Sarbani or anyone would want to take their own life if the investigation was done professionally. I now tend to believe in what others has been saying that some MACC investigating officers are nothing but ruthless thugs, and Abu Kassim has to believe this.

The one major reason that stops me from believing that Ahmad Sarbani killed himself is that he is a Muslim, and he knows the consequences of his act in the afterlife. Suicide is the last word among Malaysian Muslim. Ahmad Sarbani is not a Palestinian fighting to fee their land from Israel’s brutal oppression and deprivation. Neither is he a suicide bomber. He is an ordinary person, and if indeed he was involved in graft, he still has time to repent, should he be send to jail. In jail is the best time for him to repent, free of any worldly influences.

All this has to stop. And the only way to stop this is to boot out the MACC Commissioner including a few others, and for the government to do a complete revamp of MACC. This has to be done now, and there should no longer be anymore compromises or RCI's if the government is serious in wanting to salvage what is left of the good name of the MACC.



BUJEES said...

Well Dato don't you think that you are a bit rush to come up with this theory ? Whatever reasons behind his death is yet to be known.why not we wait and see what is the truth behind this incident ?

mask said...

Well BUJEES this is a free world. This is what Dato' thinks, so lets hear from the others...

Kamal Sanusi said...


What ever speculation and/or theory made by who ever they are, the damage has been done. You won't get a second chance for a first impression UNLESS total revamp and re-structuring on MACC be done.

However, I'm not sure the revamp exercise would uphold again the image of this agency when there is an invisible hand still pointing what to do and what not to be done.

Just look at the armed forces nowadays. Despite serving DYMM Agong, currently it is seen (read again, SEEN) to be influenced by political motif, not to mention by selfish "people" above.

How many more people to be "sacrificed" before rakyat run amok? I always pray this would never happen in Malaysia, not till I been called by Allah S.W.T.

maurice said...

A psychiatrist friend suggested it could be a case of suicide.The deceased was under extreme mental stress and pressure.Normally under such mental condition the decision to commit suicide (for reasons best known to him) occurred in a split second.

mask said...

Looking at today's paper ( was the deceased "under extreme mental stress and pressure".
In the first place, why did the deceased went to SPRM office alone, was he called there by someone??? or did he went there all by himself to see someone and say something to someone??? Wallahualam ....hmmmmmmm just thinking out loud...

komando said...

The BN newpaper says: "he went to the MACC to redo his statement, he was not forced or asked". He volunteered!

Please read my LIPS!

THE ORGANISATION IS OK, it is always the poeple in IT that is rotten, just like the ATM!

komando said...


He came in as a volunteer to redo his statement at office, did he have any pressure, stress or worry?

He was not forced, neither asked or summoned!

Did he jump--only those who knows it knows it! off course god knows everything!

So next question: "who did it"!
The organizationis ok - but the people in IT is rubbish!

Just like the ATM - same same!

APPLE POLISHERS AND BALL LICKERS - all for their own survival and promotion/progression. To hell with all these GOONS.


wira said...

Can we straight away discount suicide simply because he is a Muslim?
Maybe some of us are actually naive but not all!!
So in the absence of witnesses, we might just have to seek God's guidance he truth.

ahmad said...

I think one of the reason because military trained the macc officers on interrogation techniques. Training on military interrogation tech on enemy entirely difference from interrogation for civilian. The had learned the wrong training for the wrong target.