Saturday, April 9, 2011


Home Minister Hishamuddin is to sue Anuar Ibrahim for a claim that the latter had made, that the former was a party involved in exposing the sex video. Well, Hishamuddin has the right to do that, but one would have thought that he has more important things to do than to concern himself with Anuar. And the question that remain elusive is why hasn’t the authorities acted against the trio (one Tan Sri and two Datuks) who became famous overnight by just being porno video peddler? Don’t you think this is the more important issue for Hishamuddin to be concern with? Laws against porno video peddling are clear, and why hasn’t Hishamuddin said anything to prosecute the trio? Now, precedence has been set i.e. peddling of sex videos and screening it to others is not a crime, if you are a recipient of an honorific title.

Till today nothing is heard of the trio, and stories of the sex video hasn’t simmered either. By prolonging the case, any doubt that people would have that the person depicted in the video wasn’t Anuar, would gradually diminish. I wonder if this is political ploy that is related to the up-coming Sarawak state elections i.e. the longer the delay, the greater the chances for people to believe that it was Anuar the porno actor. And this will go against the PR chances of gaining support in the Sarawak state elections. But I am told by some friends from Sarawak that crowds keep coming at every PR campaign, and Anuar is a crowd puller. Whether this will translate into votes for the PR is yet to be seen.

Just as the sex video is heating up and including ‘Anuar’s Sodomy 11’, we now have ‘Teoh Beng Hock’s clone Suicide 11’ being played up for public hearing i.e. the tragic death of a senior Custom Officer Ahmad Sarbani while in MACC’s custody, a few days ago. MACC’s ‘gang-ho operations’ did not stop just at arresting Custom Officers nationwide, but continued its tsunami raids on Immigration Officers with the arrest of eight including a female officer; all of whom are Malays. For this, I am thoroughly ashamed. But one thing is certain; all those under MACC custody will not be able to jump out of another window. This time, the MACC has become smarter. They now conduct their investigations in offices located at the ground level, and not anything above that.

MACC is now facing a volley of criticism from the Custom Officers themselves who have sought to meet PM Najib and the MACC chief over this case. They are of the opinion that the MACC has not handled the investigation well and had made it to appear that Ahmad Sarbani is the villain and must die of suicide. There is now a theory that some big wig in the Custom Department is involved in causing the death of Ahmad Sarbani, and this is known to some within the department. Whatever had caused Ahmad Sarbani death, the MACC has to accept that they are partly to blame for the unfortunate demise of a senior Custom Officer while under their charge.

As for now, I have avoided writing about the Sarawak state elections. But I think this is going to be an interesting state election for Sarawak, and the number of candidates contesting is proof of the intensity that this election has generated among the people. Personally, I think the lost of Sibu to the PR candidate during the by-election is causing much worry for the BN, especially now in all Chinese dominated areas and including the urban areas. If the BN cannot wrest control over these areas, then I see a weakened BN dominating Sarawak politics in the future that will finally lead to the demise of Taib Mahmud’s three decades of absolute rule.



maurice said...

We are in political mud, each trying to outdo the other by shameless plots and actions.The strategy is to silent the opponent and make them look bad in the eyes of the people.Politics is no longer for public good but for self-survival of the practitioners.The nation is in danger of sinking with the ongoing shameless politiking which will bring us nowhere but ultimate national disaster.

komando said...

No we are not worried to become a pariah state..we will become a rubbish nation with headless morons!