Saturday, April 30, 2011


Someone commented that the swearing of Shazryl Eskay Abdullah in a mosque in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur on Friday 29th is at the behest of the government or an agency of the government. I agree with the comment on grounds that Shazryl appeared to have the protection of a government security agency prior to and throughout the swearing ceremony. He was also provided with a bullet resistance vest.

I understand that a bullet resistance vest (BRV) cannot be purchased by anyone without a license, as it is a security related item, in the same category as firearms. Who else could have provided the vest if it isn’t a licensed security agency, the police or the military; hopefully it is not supplied by the military for I will certainly condemn the act.

The ceremony itself was well organized, with the presence of JAKIM officials including that of its Director Datuk Che Mat Che Ali himself. That’s how important Shazryl is, and the swearing in Allah’s name that Anuar Ibrahim is the man featured in the controversial sex video, that has been prime news for about three weeks now.

Now, what has Shazryl achieved by taking the oath (mind you in the name of Allah)? Does this mean that every living creature on earth has to believe that the words of Shazryl to be the truth and nothing but the truth. Does this mean that should Anuar be tried in any court of law, Shazryl’s oath will lend credence to the final judgment of the court? Isn’t the swearing by Shazryl in Allah’s name prejudged a guilty verdict on Anuar? And will Shazryl act of being in possession and screening the video in public, and by this swearing in the name of Allah, absolve him of any offence?

And let’s see how the media responses towards the oath taking ceremony that hits the news stand this Saturday morning.

As I have anticipated, the Malay print media carried exotic and torrid stories of Anuar’s sex acts in several pages. It also had a half to full page photos of the oath taking ceremony, focused on pictures of Shazryl holding the Quran. Of course, his two other conspirators are not missed out in the photos.

But strangely, the English print media i.e. Star and NST main news reporting that took front page is about the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton, now proclaimed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. In this regard, both the Star and NST have acted sensibly by not doing what the Malay media has done.

Now, one would want to question why the obvious difference in the reporting of the Malay print media with that of the English media over this important oath taking ceremony. I think the answers are simply this.

1. The Malay media has wide coverage among the Malay rural folks and this is good political propaganda aimed at influencing their minds into believing that Anuar is indeed an unworthy Malay and Muslim leader. This hopefully will translate into votes for the government.
2. For simple rural Malay folk, the swearing in the name of Allah and with the Quran at hand is to be believed. No amount of persuasion will change their belief that an oath taken in the name of Allah is a lie. This would further strengthen Malay rural support for the government.
3. Conversely, the Star and NST is not widely received in the rural Malay areas. These papers have greater readership in the urban areas whose readers have much wider perception over a wide range of issues that differs from that of the rural folks. Being better read, would mean that the urban folks are not easily convinced over whatever is being reported by the media.

Anuar will now have a difficult time to convince the Malay rural folks to not believe in what has been said about him. I would think he needs to do a quick check on his support and popularity in his own constituency first before he goes on a nationwide road show to diffuse the negative reporting about him.

And since the Trio has sought to use the mosque, JAKIM, Quran and the name of Allah to prove that what they did was the truth and nothing but the truth, I would then want to pose this challenge to the Trio to also take a similar oath that they have never ever committed any worldly sin; notably that of corruption and extra martial sex.

Would any one of the three dare take this challenge?




Salam all,
This show how low-class is our standard and knowledge in religion. This is really a low-down political idiocy - a gutter politic. I don't believe kampung folks will accept this kind of black and dirty propaganda for long. Simple malay (majority) will eventually against it.

Arunzab said...

Hendak sumpah laknat tertapi peggang Al-Quran pun terbalek!! Apa banggang punya manusiah ini. What a joke this must be the first time in history that some one wears a body amour in a mosque, that too when surrounded by LSF Police . When the wrath of Allah strikes no body amour will save them. But then again what do you expect from them, who by their own admission refer to to them selves as the Three Stooges. Ini lah manusia yang dikatakan tak chukop fahaman agama. I wonder how many millions they must have been paid to betray their religion? Shame on them !!!

samsaimon said...

Eskay ni orang Siam masuk Melayu. Dia faham dan tahu ke Islam , halal haram Islam, keluhuran Islam. Hanya Allah swt. saja yang tahu dia. Apa yang di lakukannya ni pun dah jadi budaya Melayu Umno dan mereka berbangga dengannya!


ikurtmal said...

Salam Datuk,

I just need you to make a clarification on this website either its true or not.

I just came across this and all the information and reviews just look fishy to me...thoughts?

many thanks,

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

"If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." some quote in the bible I think :)

mohd arshad raji said...

Dear Ikurtmal,

I don't really know the onwer of the blog 'militaryofmalaysia'. From their writings, they seem to know much of the Armed Forces. But sometime, their articles looks a bit 'off-track'. Nothing to stop you from reading.