Monday, April 25, 2011


Questions are being asked as to why has neither of the famous ‘Datuk Trio’ being formally charged over the sex video purportedly featuring Datuk Anuar Ibrahim. What is so restraining and difficult in charging an obvious crime of distributing and screening pornographic material? Had it been others, other than the Trio, would the authorities take this long to finish off the case? My guess and that of many concerned citizens is because the Trio are titled VIP’s, and hence they should be treated with dignity even if they have committed an obvious crime. This to me is a classic case of favoured, reserved and selective prosecution, and it further erodes the trust and confidence that we, the citizens of this country have towards our legal process. Stating that the authorities would need more time to determine who the porno actor, is to my mind utter rubbish. Charging the offenders who have themselves admitted to the offence seems unimportant.

The chief trio Tan Sri Rahim Thamby was reported to have said that they don’t distribute or produce (the video); the item was discovered. Is he implying that discovering it makes him an innocent person? But what about screening the video to several invited guests? Is that not an offence? Don’t tell me that this Trio is so dumb not to know that even being in possession of pornographic material is an offence. Now we know the level of knowledge of the Trio whom I would regard as ‘uncouth schemers’.

Remember the case of one Malaysian pilot (reportedly the son of a VIP and a Tan Sri) who was charged by the Australian authorities for being in possession of pornographic material in his personal lap top computer? He did not even show the porno material to others, but the Australian authorities still says it is an offence on a charge of merely being in possession. Now you tell me which is the rightful law; ours or the Aussie.

Based on what I read and hear about this case, I would sum up simply by saying that it is the Anuar Ibrahim factor that is giving our authorities a headache. Whatever medicine is being prescribed, the headache still lingers. And don’t the authorities know that the longer the case is prolonged, the trust in the authorities’ decreases and conversely, Anuar Ibrahim’s denial of him in the video wins him much sympathy and support. Whatever the authorities are trying to scheme, it all revolves around Anuar Ibrahim. It is like a ghost i.e. you see not, but you constantly fear it.

Without any formal charges being brought against the Trio, there is nothing to stop them from making all sorts of statements to win public sympathy and support for the crime that they have admittedly commit.


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maurice said...

Wish the best with the PDRM in their investigation on the Datuk T case.Hope the PDRM would apply the law without fear or favour.

To be honest, we ordinary folks are just fed-up with the games being played by parties concerned.Don't they realize the Malay community at the end of the day would be the loser.

We ordinary folks want the Police to attend to our daily woes of snatch thieves and house break-ins.The Police must do their level best to alleviate the sense of insecurity prevailing in tamans,housing areas, flats, shopping complexes these days.