Monday, April 4, 2011


Now there are calls from certain parliamentarian to screen the sex video that alleges Anwar Ibrahim’s involvement as the porno star. What a dumb and stupid idea is this? Can’t these honourable MPs think straight or have they all got bitchy themselves? If at all they want to see a porno video, just search the internet like what the two MACC officers in the Teoh Beng Hock trial did; to satisfy their lust for sex videos in the comfort of their office.

And I am just wondering what would their wives at home think of their husbands watching a sex video in parliament? Haven’t they had enough of the sex lives at home? And do they not realize that there are women MPs around, and what would these women MPs say? I am yet to hear someone from among them protest, or have they too got bitchy themselves?

I can only ask this, “What is actually happening to our Yang Berhormats”? I have lived long enough to witness the birth of our Parliament soon after Merdeka and to read what all is being debated and discussed. There has never been a request for a free sex video screening in Parliament before, and I do not think there has ever been one like this in the august house of any other country; not even in Zimbabwe or Lesoto. News like this travels fast and I am quite sure parliamentarians across the world will be laughing their hearts out at this stupidity.

And earlier too, I read that there have been demands by some quarters that a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) be formed over the sex video episode………….an RCI just to determine whether it was Anwar Ibrahim or not in the video? The police have said that the video is authentic, but the main actor is uncertain. So they will now need an expert (a foreign one) to determine who the male porno actor is. And my question is……… you really need an RCI for a case like this? Are we not making the King look stupid if ever he agrees to the RCI? Just look at the outcome of the Lingam Tape…….korek, korek, korek case. What has been the outcome? And the only thing we got was denial from everyone, and the case got nowhere.

My final word on this sex video episode is to request for our parliamentarians act and talk intelligently. And I know that there some among them that are intelligent, but please speak out against those who act and talk stupid.



maurice said...

I am just amazed to see YB Karpal Singh making such a shocking proposal.He must be confident of his facts to make such a challenge.Or is he merely testing the water?Whatever it is the stakes have now been raised higher for both parties with surely a winner and a loser as an outcome should the video be shown to the MPs.But for me, it is better to know the truth sooner rather than left with a guessing game with no end in sight.

benadam said...

Maybe Dato' some of the YBs are using their heads between the thigh rather than the one above their shoulder. Even that too if it’s not sexually corrupted. On the RCI, well just a waste of time and public funds

wira said...

Remember the political adage that says that the people of any given country deserves the government that have in place.
If, through the electoral process, and due to their own gullibility, greed and stupidity they end up votng in perverts, half-wits or plain clowns, who should we blame.
At least the people of Libya, Yemen and perhaps even Syria can blame their misfortunes on the Despots that history had saddled them with. Who can we blame here in Malaysia?
Tepuk air di dulang merecik ke muka siapa?
I have this to say about the whole episode--- If we continue to vote in people without honour, without self respect or possessing such leadship qualities as selflessness and wllingness to sacrifice, we are likely to see such acts repeat itself.
Good luck Malaysia...

Kamal Sanusi said...

The future of Malaysia rely on sex video and 1 x asshole.

How to respect those YB a.k.a Yang Bangsat who talk nothing but sex and asshole. How to be thankful to KERAjaan when they are focusing more on this matter. Silently, the RON97 has increased with stupid reason and RON95 to follow suit which NEVER go down even the oil price is dropping. Let's drop them if we cannot reduce the petrol price. Heheeheee...

We elected them to represent ourselves, to speak on our behalf for development of country, welfare of people, economic pressure and many other thing.

However, it turn out they are more interested in sex and asshole.

When our Yang Bangsat is worst than stupid, relatively we are too.

But they are not stupid. They are smart in making their voters look stupid. It is wrong to say they are stupid, morons or yg sekasta dengannya. Look into yourself who can easily be treated like kau...