Sunday, April 3, 2011


For a paltry sum of RM2000, Lenggang assemblyman lost his pride and dignity. And for that sum too, a three years jail sentence and a fine of RM20,000 awaits him. That’s the sentence pronounced by Session Court Judge on Lenggeng first term BN assemblyman Mustafa Salim. He was charged and found guilty of accepting bribe from a sand mining contractor two years ago, and will be appealing against the sentence.

Najib has said that he shall remain an assemblyman while pending a final appeal and it is unlikely that there will be another by-election, should Mustafa Salim fail in his appeal and goes to jail. Regardless of the final judgment, the pronouncement of his guilt by the Session Court Judge is enough for the assemblyman (if he has any morale left in him) to take immediate leave voluntarily from politics, and all those that uphold honour and dignity does not need to be sympathetic with him; this includes Najib himself. To remain a Yang Berhormat, in light of the sentence meted is a mockery, and I do not need to teach Mustafa Salim what it demands to be called a Yang Berhormat. And I believe Najib would have gain greater respect if he refrains from making any pronouncement concerning this case, least he be construed as showing sympathy and support for a corrupt assemblyman.

In neighbouring Indonesia, it was reported that the Ulama’s has decreed that those Muslim corruptors shall not be accorded the customary religious rites upon their death. Some would say that this decree is the extreme that one would accord a dead Muslim. But others would argue that the punishment that awaits corruptors in death is even more severe and unimaginable suffering. I am quite sure all Muslims including Mustafa Salim knows this, but why have corruptors been blind to the fact that Islam forbids the practice of corruption? I am sometimes dumbfounded that Malays today form the majority of those that are involved in corruption, and I say this without inhibition or regret. If this statement of mine were to hurt the Malays (corruptors), then I say that I get a full sense of satisfaction and relief by hurting them, as this is the only language I think they fully understand. And can someone say that I am wrong and outlandish in making such a statement?

Now, what we read of the massive corruption in Sarawak involving a top politician is damning. Yet, nothing is seen to be done, and they say that the top politician goes on to plunder at will. Piles of report concerning this top politician have been made, and what else need to be served in order to get the authorities to commence the investigation. Our top leaders have remained tight-lip and the MACC has been evasive in answering questions relating to the case. The police seems not to know how and where to begin. And for all this, the top Sarawak politician in question walks a free man. I think, this top Sarawak politician has immunity to charges of corruption. Or is he some kind of angel that does no wrong?

Many had asked, “What if it was a top politician from the opposition led state. Will he get the same treatment as the top politician from Sawarak?”. Honestly, I am lost for an answer. But taking the example of the treatment that the Kelantan Menteri Besar received from the authorities over the piece of birthday cake and the supposedly free trip to Mecca, then I would say that the entire weight of government i.e. MACC, police, the mainstream media and what have you, will be hounding the top politician till he/she is left high and dry. I cannot imagine what will happen if it were Lim Eng Guan or Khalid Ibrahim? There will surely be lots of protest by predominantly Malay groups that calls for both to resign from their position.

Sadly, this is how Malaysian politics works today………….gutter politics to say the least. And now with the state election in Sarawak drawing near, we hear reports that the military is being used to harass voters into favouring the state government. Hope this report is not true, as this will be fodder for the opposition to whip the state government.



Kamal Sanusi said...


Firstly, this is just another gimmick where the higher court soon will make a U-Turn on this verdict and will not be challenged further by the prosecution. Mark my word.

However, this matter will be delayed until general election 13 without to have buy-election.

Secondly, our PM has reminded people that this moron is still Wakil Rakyat supported by SPR. So the connection to my above statement is there. In other word, he is supporting bribery likewise he should ask that moron to step down in pretext to uphold the integrity of him in tranPORNOmation.

Finally, in this Malaysia Boleh Land, it will considered a bribery if and only if it involve monies RM5K and below but it is only as "pemudah cara/kerja" for amount above it.

Lalok said...

Pure gutter politics to the lowest point in the history of Malaysia. So sad that our people nowadays seem to have forgotten what Islam is all about. Sad to see that most ppl who are involved in this pure corruption and gutter politics are malays, who are by right and birth, supposed to be muslims. May someone rise to the occassion to bring back these ppl to the way of truth, without prejudice and fear.

A.L.I.N.A said...
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Anonymous said...

Tiab is the creation of ignoramus Sarawakian. Sarawakian are too timid, too shy, too corrupted to do anything. Many of them do not understand the basic governmental system and structure. They think BN is "The Government" and all the oppostions are just trouble makers for "The Goverment".
Reporter and journalists are lame in Sarawak as the leading media are controlled by Tiab. During election a few major opposition websites were suspended.

Most of the rural, less educated voters can't really tell what is real news and what is fake news.

MACC is a joke.