Tuesday, May 10, 2011


What words can I use to describe Utusan Malaysia’s (UM) recent report that some Christian group is plotting to turn Malaysia into a Christian State? What words can I describe a UM report which says that a Christian group together with the DAP is plotting to appoint a Christian as the Prime Minister? The only words that I can used to describe all this are DISGUSTING, IRRESPONSIBLE, DANGEROUS and a pack of LIES.

How on earth could the editors of the daily approve such a report that is unsubstantiated, and knowing full well that the report can be a cause for serious racial strife between Christians and Muslims of this country. This is not the first time UM has reported on issues that can bring devastation and worse still the disintegration of a well tested multi racial and multi cultural Malaysian society. How could the Home Minister be so lame in not wanting to impose stricter rules to prohibit UM from publishing reports that can bear serious effect on racial harmony?

Personally, I have had enough of UM, and I dread the day when this blessed nation of ours sees the repeat of the bloody May 13 incident. I would like to ask the entire UM editorial board, where were they during May 13, 1969 i.e. 42 years ago? I think most were mere kids sucking milk bottles. Some may be slightly older who knows not what suffering and fear is all about. Just ask the soldiers on how they felt trying to maintain the peace throughout the entire troubled period, and most will say that they do not wish to go through a similar period again. I was lucky because I was in Tawau then, but my parents who were residing at Kg. Datuk Keramat lived in fear.

Let me tell this to the entire UM editorial board that you don’t know what it is like to go without sleep. You do not know what it is like to be shot at. You do not know the ordeals that your parents have gone through to protect you. You do not understand what fear is and how it affects your physical and psychological well being. You do not understand what pain is, and there are thousands of others that you do not understand. So please cease writing all this garbage, and stop practicing gutter journalism.

Personally, I do not think what was reported is true. And I do not believe the Christians in this country would want to do what was stupidly reported by UM. The repercussion is too great and no one would want to see this country disintegrate and destroyed by some unscrupulous instigators of violence who gleefully hides themselves behind their sponsors. And if ever your report turns to be true and is realized in the future, I will not blame anyone else but the UM and your sponsors for their own stupidity.

To the Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein, you have to act mean and fast, and do not let the instigators and those behind these reports be left scot free. The people know who owns UM and if you fear to act professionally, then you deserve to be called a COWARD.



Malaysian said...

It's almost May 13th and I'm not sure if our leaders understand the danger of fanning hatred. Why is UMNO demonizing the minority to win Malay votes? All they need to do is serve the people and they'll not only win the Malay votes but all Malaysian. We don't even care if there isn't Chinese representation in the government. ALL WE NEED IS GOVERNMENT THAT'S NOT CORRUPT AND SERVE THE PEOPLE FAIRLY!

Anak Malaysia

Malaysian said...


I've never experience May 13th before and I don't want experience it. I heard a lot of horrible news from the elders. The sad thing is our politician willing to do anything to remain in power. As I said on my previous comment, UMNO can win back not only most of the Malay votes but all Malaysain if they govern this country properly. Why can't they just do it the right way by doing their job as a government? The reason is because they don't have the intention to reform and help us. They just want to enrich themselves and cohort with crooked Chinese from MCA! Thus, they use different media to demonize people like me. They hope demonizing people like they'll gain more support from the Malay. I'm a fourth generation Malaysian that voted for DAP. So, am I a threat to this beloved country? Kita semua anak Malaysia.

Anak Malaysia

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Malaysian,

UMNO is beyond redemption, for 50 odd years of rule has made them too big for their shoes. This is the price we pay for keeping them in power for too long. We will do what is best for the country the next GE i.e. oust them.

mask topeng said...

Dato' i really do not know anything about May 13. But i read about it and was very sad about what happen that days. Dato' i was in Bosnia and saw with my own "Mark II Eyeball" what racial hatred can do. A very peace loving people, living peacefully for so long, having inter marriages between the Bosniaks, Croats and the Serbs, start slaughtering each other in the name of Politics. Really sad Dato' thinking of what is happening in our beloved MALAYSIA. Just like what MALAYSIAN said, "UMNO is demonizing the minority to win Malay votes". Do we need that kind of politics today? Entahlah.... Sedih dan menyampah dengan keadaan sekarang. And nothing is done towards UM.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

I survived May 13 as a 14 year old near Kg Keramat. I did a student presentation of it in service. Witnessed the madness of ethnic violence in Bosnia. What have these punks seen and done? Did you note the immediate reaction? straightaway everybody wants to be the know all and the holier than thou. One even drew the CPM element into the game. I vote him to be the next Chief of our Military Intelligence. What the heck, give him three stars, he is simply brilliant. Dear God, please give us all some sanity ( and some intelligence too won't hurt).

maurice said...

Not fair to blame the Government for the article by UM.I am sure they are not responsible for the article. The Home Ministry should investgate the matter and make public the outcome.If UM is at fault or the story is really true the culprit(s) should be dealt with in accordance with the law of the country.We should respect the law of the country and act in a civilized manner.

Encik said...

Dato ,Pak Chat saranan tsb amat sesuai n setuju 200%. knowing 90% bekas tentera menyokong PR . Kkwn kita masih tinggal dlm kem tu , biarkan ja lah dgn undi pos . Nak kata pun mereka masih tinggal d kelilingi Pagar , kita pun dulu gitu jugak kan " YES SIR "

pragas k said...

Dato..Thank you for speaking up and sharing you heart to us and to the UM ppl :)All I want to see is Malaysian to love Malaysia!

I'm anak Malaysia :)

Malaysian said...


You said it's not fair to blame Utusan Malaysian. How is it not fair to blame them? Don't they have ISA? I think they used sedition act and ISA against a lot of other none BN NGO right and Pakatan politician right?

We're all patriots and hate to see this country divided. Common folks like us don't hate each other. We've a lot more to do to foster unity but the first thing I believe is vote for a new government.

UMNO doesn't want to help the Malay or other Malaysian. They want to help crooked business because they work together to rob our wealth. By the way, not all Chinese crooked businessmen.

We want leader like Tun Dr. Ismail! We want a leader that unite the people and against corruption. Once again, we don't need MCA in the government if they're corrupted.

Anak Malaysia

Pak Oncu said...

Salam Pak Chat, gua nak komen tentang yg di dalam pagar tu, gua sendiri semasa berkhidmat udah pangkah PAS n 46 n gua tak pernah takut jika di kena kan tindakan ,,,

Malaysian said...

A lot horrible story about May 13 but I've also heard a lot story about brave people risking their life to save their friends or neighbor.

This is the advertisement done by Yasmin Ahmad. I heard there is a true story.



Maurice, It's the responsibility of the editor as the gate keeper for an article to be put on print or not. An editor must be well versed of the do's and don'ts. In this case, it was not an article written by UM guys. It's being picked from a blog. In this case, the editor should ensure the credibility of the blog and the blogger himself.

Yang said...

A well written article and a brave one at that. The best line in your article i love it is "The people know who owns UM and if you fear to act professionally, then you deserve to be called a COWARD." This is directly to Hishamuddin. Wow, that hurts but he deserve the call.

Beef Stew said...


The funniest joke is not about this issue being on the front page published by the government owned newspaper...The funniest joke is there are actually someone believing in it (or paid to believe in it)and ask not to blame the government...And by the way, it's utterly stupid to publish such thing without INVESTIGATE IT AT FIRST PLACE IS IT!?

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

As for normal Maurice, you speak through your posterior. Utusan is the official propaganda organ of the Facists in DUMNO, it also happens to act as the Government.

maurice said...

Like what I said the Government does not control what the editors should include in their dailies.Let the Police investigate, expose and deal with the culprits.We have sufficient laws to deal with such problem.

The way forward is for us to respect the Constitution.Instead of being jelaous of each other, we should be contented with what we have and continue to pursue the opportunities of what this blessed land has to offer to its people.

Fair-minded Malaysians are well aware of the danger of falling to the game played by extremists who have their own agenda.Extremists are those people who wants to change the status-quo for their own selfish benefit. We must not underestimate the danger they can bring upon the tranquility of this country as history has shown us that a small group of extremists can change the entire direction of a country.

maurice said...


We all know the solution to minimizing corruption are as follows:

1.Leadership by example by political leaders, top civil servants and corporate leaders.
2. Strict enforcement by MACC and Police.
3.There should not be any GIVERS when dealing with government agencies.
4. Early moral education.

In an elected government without doubt it is the political leaders that should start the balling rolling first by showing correct examples against corruption.They are to be blamed if corruption continue unchecked in this country.If the political leaders are strict and really mean what they say, everybody else will fall into line.

Arunzab said...


There you go talking a load of bollocks again. You say the government does not control what the editors should include in their dailies. Do you know that all newspapers come under the preview of the Home Ministry (Hishamuddin) How come when the vernacular news papers, Harkah, the Rocket even the Star makes the slightest statement deem to be sensitive or racial, their editors are summoned to the ministry pronto to explain, retract report and apologise followed by a warning. If not their printing license would be suspended as happened to the Star when the Tengku was a share holder. It was never a police matter then, why is it now!!!

Perhaps Major Swami is right, you my friend do speak through your posterior.Try using your mouth for a change.

Malaysian said...


None of the Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc are racist or extremist. We're all concerned about bring food to the table and have no time for fanning hatred. Kita semua hanya nak cari duit untuk makan!

Who was the person that chopped the cow head, burn church, ask ethnic Chinese to go back to China, write the interlock book, etc. Not common folks like us.
Is it folks that are well connected to BN or UMNO? I'm not sure but I'm sure we all know who these people are.


maurice said...

I don't remember any hue and cry by some people when Namawee came up with the vulgar song that look down on the culture of one community.Don't you think the song is provocative and inflammatory?Why some people are silent about it but jump all over the place when UM published the article which might be true or untrue.It is unwise to pass judgement without knowing the facts.Let the Police investigate the matter in the interest of justice.

Frankie said...


I salute you for your honesty and sincerity. Most of all I salute you for being a true Malaysian in the mould that Tunku Abdul Rahman would be proud off.

May God Bless You.

Arunzab said...

Read Malaysiakini to day then tell me that the govt does not control what the editors should include in their dailies.

Utusan gets slap on the wrist from Home Ministry
May 12, 11 6:22pm

The Home Ministry today issued a reprimand letter to Utusan Malaysia over the daily's front page article on May 7, titled Kristian Agama Rasmi? (Christianity the official religion?)..................

hussin said...

Allahuakbar! syabas dato arshad. umno is beyond redemption. period.

Malaysian said...


Are you not aware that the government can acted swiftly against Utusan using ISA or Sedition Act? Do you agree that Utusan was fanning racial hatred? What if the article was made by Pakatan or other organization that doesn't have any link to BN?


maurice said...

We all are aware what the ISA is all about.We do not want the ISA to be flouted at the whim and fancy of the Home Ministry.Let the Police investigate to ascertain the facts and truth.Not wise to pass judgement without the facts guys.Who do not want the culprits to be punished for jeorpadizing the security of the country?If ISA is the solution for the culprit(s), so be it, but only after the truth has been ascertained.

Malaysian said...

Do we still trust our justice system? Is our justice system working on getting criminals or busy investigating cases that are politically motivated? Are we really that dumb?

When I read the newspaper, I realized certain folks just get a slap on the wrist as for others the result is different. I'm just upset that our elders fought so hard for independence from the british and against the Indonesian and Communist. After all these scarfice from our elders, we just let this country destroy by greed and we can't do much about it.

If you see something wrong about this country just like us than please vote wisely coming next general election. We must set aside our differences and vote for rightiousness, fairness, justice, etc. We can't just let the wrong to be continue. Please do it for your own race, religion, family, friends and our homeland.


La said...

HM is a coward! He dare not reprimand UM because it will affect his potential to be PM.

felix in KNM said...

Kudos to Dato! No More May 13th! My dad was one of the army officer at that time. He told a whole of story! He was also an army officer fighting against Communisme during the 60s! He is Chinese Officer in the Malaysian Army!

Today we are a country like Malaysia! Dont use Islam or Christianity as an issue! Religion is never an issue but fanatism bring about real issue.

I have now travelled to countless countries in the world, one thing that you see obvious about Malaysian! We are successful bunch of people regardless the colours of our skin, the religion etc.

In Brasil, I was living there 1 years, they are more colours than you see in Malaysia. We have Christian majority, but there is no oppression to people of Muslim to practice their faith. They are so proud to call themselves Brasilian even from Japanese, European, African, other back grounds. Cross marriages etc.

In Italy, I spent 3 years there, also a Christian country, they are so many muslims from Middle East, Africa in these countries everywhere but I dont see the Italian are instilling bad faith or messages in them. They live in harmony around my area.

In Germany, I spent 1 year there, also another country where you called it Christian Majority. They have something like 10% Turkish Muslim leaving within themselves in harmony.

In China, where my ancesstors come from, China have more muslims than is there in Malaysia. There is no issue about it.

I use to live in Malay Kampung in Melaka State. Anyway, my "bapak angkat and mak angkat" is Malay Muslim! I went to school in his "kereta lembu". There is no problem at all. We are all happy jumping into the rivers with all colours and religions!

So Come on Malaysia, we are in 21 st century! What's is wrong today is inside ourselves! Bless what the country has achieved in Harmony! War brings no gain to anyone and only distructions of Malaysia and our future generations.

Kahn Arshad said...

How can I contact you, Sir?

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Kahn,

You can get me at 012-3876061 or email arshad.raji43@gmail.com

tiongsinwee said...

much had been said abt the present BN government - being bias, arrogant, racist....n many more adjectives u can think of. My question is....are they listening to our comments/grouses? Or are we talking to the wall!