Tuesday, May 17, 2011


He looks like an idiot, speaks like an idiot, acts like an idiot, has brains of an idiot, and that idiot is non other than the self profess Malay Perkasa hero and keris kissing Ibrahim Ali. He thinks he is living in the age of the dinosaurs where humans are barely attired, and the moment this person opens his mouth, all that comes out is nothing but a language of hatred. Is this the language that Islam, a religion of tolerance and peace wants all people of the faith to preach? I say it is not, and I do not speak for the followers of Perkasa that is claimed to be in the thousands. They can follow their leaders for all I care, but I wish to caution them the dangers their leaders are leading them into.

He now talks about wanting to lead a crusade, and against whom?………..I do not know. Is it against the Malaysian Christians? I now challenge Ibrahim Ali to go ahead with the crusade if he dares. And I know too that he will be the first person to hide under the sarong of his wife when the crusade begins. Please do not forget to take along your keris, and make sure you sharpened it first. Also do rub some limau nipis on the blade and buat jampi sikit. Mana tau, kot kot keris itu boleh terbang. Tak payah susah susah nak tikam orang. Let the keris do the killing for you.

Now even Home Minister Hishamuddin has distance himself from this Ibrahim Ali. Sorry for calling him idiot many times, but what better name can I use to describe him. He does not seem to know that all peace loving Malaysians (with the exception of Perkasa) are just fed-up with him. Besides Hishamuddin, even dethroned former Penang Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon had asked that he stop being raucous in his language. I have not heard what MCA and MIC has to say about the crusading Ibrahim Ali. Please speak out if both the parties are sincere in wanting to see peace prevail in this country.

This language of crusade is the strongest that has come out of a Malay politician. Is Ibrahim Ali referring to the military expedition launched by Pope Urban 11 (1096-1099) against the Turks to recapture the holy land of Jerusalem? If he was making such a reference, then he is talking about going to war………..and will it be against the Malaysian Christians? And can I ask Ibrahim Ali if he knows how to launch a war? War is a serious matter and if he ever thinks about starting a war against his fellow Malaysians, I suggest he makes a visit to Afghanistan to learn something about fighting a war from the Talibans. I do not think he could last long in Afghanistan, because his has been too comfortable living a luxurious life in the country. He is a softie to think of ever leading a war.

My appeal to the government and in particular to PM Najib is to please silence this Ibrahim Ali, the war monger. Please put some sense in him. Najib knows that Ibrahim Ali does not represent all Malays, and I know a majority of Malays (particularly urban Malays) does not think much of him. His language may appeal to the kampung Malays because that’s what we have made the kampung Malays to be i.e. naïve and out of touch with the realities of the modern world today. And by allowing Ibrahim Ali to continue speaking, I think this can adversely affect the Malay urban support for UMNO. Certainly, this is not what UMNO wants in view of the impending GE.

Rather than think of going to war with a fellow Malaysian Christian, I would like to invite Ibrahim Ali to join me in my crusade against corruption. This will help me get rid of the Malays who are deeply mired in corruption, to save them from bringing shame to the Malay race and our revered religion of Islam.



Arunzab said...


Let's face it, this rouge politician who spews 'shit' every time he opens his mouth has the all important support of former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad,who is the president of Perkasa. Mahathir has in The Malaysian Insider to day declared his support for Perkasa as a crutch for what he said was a weak Umno.

Who in UMNO dares to 'touch' Tun Mahathir. I dare say NO BODY not even Najib. As long as Mahathir supports Perkasa that is as long we all will have to live with his nonsense.This breaking news has just come in from Malaysiakini "No action can be taken against Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali over his warnings of violence against the Christian community as such remarks are now a Malaysian norm, said de facto law minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz. There we have it.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Two points:
1. I do not like the way how we describe that Ib Ali's actions will be swallowed by kampung folks. I grant more intelligence to the kampung folks of today then the city folks who echo blindly a "war cry".
2. A Malay, Muslim launching a "crusade"? Surely he means a "Jihad"which was lost in translation!!!!

Arunzab said...

No where has it been implied in this posting that what is said by Ibrahim WILL be swallowed by kampung folks as you have put it, merely that it MAY appeal to the kampong Malays, which I agree is more likely than the urban Malays for obvious reasons.Will and May have distinctive different meanings.

Crusades and Jihad mean the same thing, fighting a holy war. Historical facts say that Islam, including Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), launched their own Crusades against Christianity long before the European Crusades. Now this idiot perhaps thinks he is the chosen one to lead a crusade against our brothers the Malaysian Christan's.

EAGLE said...

Si Lunchai Ibrahim Ali will mati katak alone for his idiotic brain!
Who want to follow Brahim the frog must real stupid!

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Thank you, I stand corrected.I suggest a good read of Syed Akhbar Ali's "Things in Common". I simply liked the clarifications vis a vis to what is going on in Malaysia.

maurice said...

I doubt Ibrahim Ali would get the support he is looking for due to his political background.He is an opportunist politician with no credible political philosophy to galvanize any critical mass for his so-called crusade.

For people who wants to change the status-quo, please remember that Muslim Malaysia have accepted the fundamental principles of democracy such as popular representation, political participation, universal suffrage, constitutionalism, government accountability, pluralism and human rights.

Who would want to question that these principles would not provide a sound platform to build a modern state.

komando said...

Send him to SOMALIA, let him survive the situation there and then we see if he comes home at ALL!

A S said...

Greeting Dato, am a new comer to your blog and after reading your writing, you have my sincere admiration for calling a spade a spade. Pl keep up the good work.
This idiotic Ibrahim Ali’s rhetoric is only good for the gullible. Put him into the ‘bush’ for just two weeks he would die of fright, leave alone launching a war!

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear All,

It puzzles me to know that no one in the government dares to critizies Ibrahim Ali. Had it been others, I am quite sure he/she would have gone to the 'gallows'.