Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I am 67 years old now and I have seen enough of the political development of the country prior to and after independence. As a school boy of 14 year old, I did listen to the ceremony of the lowering of the Union Jack and the rising of the new Malayan flag at the then Selangor Club Padang, of course not on TV but on the transistor radio. We had no TV then, and the transistor radio was all that my parents could afford.

Although, I could barely understand what independence meant, it nevertheless brought joy to the many school friends that I had; Chinese, Indian, Punjabi, Bengali and Eurasian friends. Sabah and Sarawak was then unknown to us. These are still the very good friends that I frequently meet during our alumni function. That was the spirit of yesteryears that carried on to this day where race and religion wasn’t an issue; rather we acknowledged our racial and religious difference, but there was deep respect for one another.

When I joined the army cadet in 1965, we had an almost equal number of Malays and non Malays in my intake, and our racial and religious difference wasn’t in any way a hindrance throughout our training. We worked, played, eat and slept together and again our racial and religious difference had no part in determining our final commissioning as officers of the Armed Forces. The top cadet of my intake was a Eurasian from Singapore who also became the parade commander during the commissioning parade.

I was commissioned into the Royal Malay Regiment, and although the battalion was exclusively a Malay battalion, we somehow had a Chinese officer as the battalion paymaster. Being from Ipoh, he could only marshal a few words of Malay, but that did not hinder his work. After several months in the battalion, he began to master the Malay language devoid of the Ipoh Chinese accent. To all officers and men of the battalion, he was no different from us, and we even called him by a Malay name. He even had a Malay baju and a songkok that he wore at dinner.

Besides a Chinese paymaster, we also had an Indian Medical Officer who was on a compulsory one year stint with the Armed Forces. Upon completion of the compulsory service, we had a Punjabi Medical Officer and like the Chinese paymaster before him, he got along very well with the Malay officers and soldiers. There were no race and religious distinction and inhibitions.

And throughout my years in the Army, I have been working alongside my non Malay compatriots, and again our racial and religious difference, and my Malay status does not make me any different from them. I had even served under a non Malay superior officer, and my loyalty towards him as my superior is no less than any other Malay superior officer that I had served with. I only know that he is to be respected and obeyed, and regardless of my Malay status, my loyalty towards my non Malay superior is not to be questioned.

Now in my age of retirement, I begin to hear issues of race and religion taking center stage in almost every aspect of our daily lives. A new form of race identification and slogans keeps appearing almost on a daily basis in the mainstream media i.e.…………1 Bumi, 1 Malay, 1 Malaysia, Ketuanan Melayu, and God knows what. And having gone through years of friendship with people of the other race and religion, I begin to wonder what all this slogans really mean.

Let me be honest and straight in my personal views about all this sloganeering and race identification. I do not believe in the superiority of one race over another. I believe my religion Islam is for the whole of mankind, and it is not the privilege of any one particular human race. The difference in race, creed, colour, status, religion and belief is Allah’s will and creation. But despite these differences, Allah wills that the human race is to live in peace with one another.

But differences in political ideals have divided the human race, and this is clearly seen happening in our own country today. Power has corrupted the minds of people, and the fear of losing power as well as their personal wealth, has made people to ignore Allah’s will that the human race is to live in peace with one another……………hence we have all the sloganeering brought about by people who fears the loss of power. They are quick to lay blame upon others for their failures, but seek to absolve themselves of the blame.

As a result of differing political ideals, unity within a particular race takes a serious toll. The Malays are more divided now than ever before. Similarly, it is with the Chinese and the Indians. But of the three major races in this country, I think the Malays have been so fractionized that it is seen beyond redemption. PAS does not see UMNO as being the defender of the Malay race, let alone to be recognized as a good practitioner of the Islamic faith. Likewise, UMNO accuses PAS of being too rigid in the practice and furtherance of the Islamic faith that it has caused serious concerns among the other races.

Now, there is an attempt by concerned parties to unite the fractionized Malays. PM Najib has been quite open to the idea, but I think the reason he gave to invite PAS into ‘UMNO’s fold’ lacks sincerity. He sees DAP as the ‘devil’, but devils are in every facet of the human life, and UMNO Malays are no exception.

Having had the best of my formative years, and the many close non Malay friends that I had nurtured, I wonder if ever there will be unity among the various Malaysian races, and more so among the Malays today. A disunited Malay can be a reason and a cause of a disunited Malaysian society.



Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

I empathise with you. I too had similar experiences. I cannot believe that these politicians are so selfish that they can put this nation to threat with their actions. May the blessings of God be upon our beloved nation.

mask topeng said...

Well Dato', i don't know about you, but this is what i see as a Malaysian. We Malaysian are brought up like that from small. Don't tell me you yourself has never condemned other race in your whole life. We Malaysian are Hippocrates, when we are with other races, we shout MUHIBBAH!!!! 1MALAYSIA!!!! MALAYSIANS' MALAYSIA... and when we are with our own kind, we call them names, KELING PARIAH, KELING BOTOL, CINA BABI, CINA TONGSAN, MELAYU JAKUN, IBAN ORANG HUTAN and so on. Even TV3 is calling the African GAGAK HITAM... PAK HITAM.
Even you Dato' in your post here refer the other races as "NON MALAY", what do you mean by "NON MALAYS", are you referring to the British or the Germans, they are also "NON MALAYS".
I don't blame anyone here, we are brought up like that, the system is like that. Even the political system is like that.
Dato', you have served long enough in the Armed Forces, what do you think of the quota system created for promotion in the Forces?
Adakah kita tak percaya pada mereka yang bukan keturunan Melayu untuk pegang pangkat tinggi dalam tentera? Kalau kita berkesempatan untuk melawat Muzium TD kat Port Dickson, cuba lihat pada Batu Peringatan, berapa ramai anggota tentera daripada kaum bukan Melayu terkorban untuk Negara Kita MALAYSIA. Adakah kita berlaku adil kepada anak cucu mereka. Tepuk dada tanya diri masing-masing. AAnd some of us are callin them "KAUM PENDATANG". I am so sad of what is happening to our political system now. Where will this end... wallahualam!!!!

janm melaka said...


yang pentingnya di sini bahasa....terlampau banyak bicara haiwan....itik, ayam, angsa dan kambing nak bercakap dalam satu masa...cuba lihat di selatan....ada 2 negara...satu dengan bahasa angsa dan satu lagi dengan bahasa ayam....kedua-duanya walaupun jauh beza sosio, budaya dan ekonomi namun berjaya mengekalkan identiti kebangsaan mereka...bangga dengan bahasa mereka....akan jadi malu kalau tak pandai BERBAHASA....di Malaysia dah tinggal 50+++ tahun pun kalau tak pandai bahasa kebangsaan .... MASIH TAK PERLU MALU


Salam Dato',
I suggest in the future, the Malay unity will be based on Islam. For the past 50 years we've had experienced Malay (UMNO)inspired government; it creates a legacy of disunity not only among the malays but also the other races. Why not in the other round the majority Malay led government would be based on Islamic aspirations! justice for all will prevail, God's willing.

mask topeng said...

Janm Melaka, jangan salahkan rakyat yang tidak tahu berbahasa melayu... salahkan sistem persekolahan kita. kecik2 dah hantar gi tadika cina, masuk sekolah rendah SRJK(C), naik sekolah menengah hantar private (C) school. Kepada yang masuk sekolah kebangsaan, kat sekolah hanya bergaul dengan kaum sejenis. Budak melayu tak nak bergaul dengan budak dari kaum lain... yang budak cina tak nak bergaul dengan budak dari kaum lain dan sama juga untuk budak2 dari kaum india. when do they speak bahasa melayu, only during in the classes. Dari kecil mereka dah benci kaun lain, dari kecil mereka dah start kutuk mengutuk kaum lain. The so called MALAYSIA TRULY ASIA... FCUK truly Asia, only we really know what is really happening to Malaysia. Dari kecil anak2 kita dah diajar untuk membenci kaum lain..... Everyone know what is happening... but we are just a bunch of Hippocrates. WELCOME TO 1MALAYSIA...

Malaysian said...


Why does it matter if there is disunited Malay? We all should not bother too much about unity of any particular race.

The Chinese vote for UMNO not because of skin color but policy. The Chinese voted against UMNO because they're arroggant, racist, and corrupt. If UMNO is not corrupt, racist and arrogant I'm sure the Chinese will vote for UMNO without any problems. For so many years, we voted for BN but UMNO is getting more and more arrogant; thus, we voted against them.

What did UMNO to do PERKASA? Nothing. UMNO is helping PERKASA to be trained under a special RELA unit. This show that UMNO have no respect to Malaysian like me.

Since I was born, politician being asking us to go back to China. Why China? Is it because of my skin color and Chinese name? Am I not as Malaysian as any other races? Actually, I felt I'm more patriotic than any Malay.

I feel very angry and sad. I thought voting for the opposition UMNO will change but to no avail they dissappoint me. Look at Lynas and Bukit Merah, they didn't even consider the safety of local residence. They approve the rare earth mining. Do they not know that rare earth mining will endanger the residence especially MALAY! WHY DIDN'T PERKASA MAKE ANY FUSS about it! HYPOCRITE! They preach to protect the Malay then why didn't they improve the education system or stop corruption! It's corruption that's destroying the country.

Frustrated Malaysian

Arunzab said...

Saudara Mask topeng,
You picked on Dato...... " Even you Dato' in your post here refer the other races as "NON MALAYS", what do you mean by "NON MALAYS", are you referring to the British or the Germans, they are also "NON MALAYS".
However you your self are equally guilty of using the same language...... "Adakah kita tak percaya pada mereka yang "BUKAN KETURUNAN MELAYU"........" & "berapa ramai anggota tentera daripada kaum "BUKAN MELAYU" terkorban untuk Negara......... Are we to understand that it is taboo to use English words "NON MALAYS" but is OK to use bahasa words "BUKAN MELAYU" Now I would like to ask you what do you mean by "BUKAN MELAYU" are you referring to Russians or Scandinavians they are also "BUKAN MELAYU" !!!You must have heard of the saying that "When you point a fingure at some one, three fingures point right back at you.

janm melaka said...

mask topeng

saya tak menyalahkan kebolehan mereka dan saya bersetuju dengan saudara yang puncanya adalah sistem persekolahan sediada....kenapa tidak boleh jadi seperti 2 negara di selatan dan 1 negara di utara...kenapa bangsa lain seperti cina dan india tidak boleh mengorbankan sekolah vernakular untuk 1malaysia...tidak bolehkah perkara yang berkait dengan agama dan budaya diajar pada waktu petang seperti yang orang melayu buat sekarang melalui SAR....apakah melayu sahaja yang boleh BERKORBAN tapi (ptui) tidak yang lain

janm melaka

mask topeng said...

Arunzab Sir, ampun maaf, kan saya dah kata, we can never run away from that, we are brought up like that. We are very use to it, Dato', ampun Dato', dah biasa dengan ayat2 gitu, "Bukan Melayu", "Bukan Bumi", "Bangsa Asing", "Pendatang", "Keling", "Cina Bukit", "Cina Komunis", well the list will go on and on. Ampun maaf semua.

Tuan Janm Melaka, katakan lah, Rakyat Malaysia kaum India dan Cina mengorbankan sekolah venakular mereka, sanggupkan orang2 Melayu ingin korbankan previlage mereka sebagai Bumiputra dan menerima kemudahan sama rata dengan dengan semua kaum di Malaysia. So after that, everyone will be known as Bangsa Malaysia. I don't think the Melayus want that... well now i am confused

komando said...



The very core of the problem is POLITICS!


One nation, one race, many factions and 98% MUSLIMS!

MALAYS are all the same at birth, they are born MUSLIMS, they grow up and find a political party to be inclined to, that is their birth right!

What happens after that only they themselves KNOW!

They kill each other - practically and virtually, Tikam Menikam! Cantas Mencantas!
That is the culture!
Not Islamic mind you!
A MALAY culture - PHD not Dr!

IT BOGGLES ONES' MIND, why and how they arrived at this juncture!

Somalia - is totally destroyed, clans fight against clan, village fight against village, families fight each other, brothers fight against fathers, brothers fight against brothers!