Sunday, May 22, 2011


It really puzzles me………….Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali can now say what he likes and the three distinguished porno video peddlers are yet to face charges. The police on the other hand are now quite hesitant to act against Ibrahim Ali since Minister in PM’s Department Nazri Aziz has said that Ibrahim Ali is free to speak as he wished even though most (including me) believe that what he uttered was seditious. I am also inclined to believe now that even the infamous Datuk Trio will get away free from any charges; the courtesy of the 1 Malaysia government.

I am now certain that Nazri’s statement will open the floodgates to much more serious statements by Ibrahim Ali and others, including the opposition. I also believe that by not acting on Datuk Trio, there will be more people venturing into the lucrative business of peddling porno videos, and there is nothing that the police can do. What is there now to stop porno videos being screened openly in theatres throughout the country?

And as I begin to write this article, I am told that Women Affairs Minister Sharizad had announced that the orphanage at Milestone 14, Hulu Langat, Selangor that lost an untold number of lives caused by a serious land slip yesterday was not a registered orphanage. If indeed that was what Sharizad had said, I have this to say to her…………SHUT UP, AND PLEASE BE MORE RESPONSIBLE IN WHAT YOU SAY.

At a time when we all should grieve at the lost of so many innocent lives, Sharizad has the audacity to could come out with such a statement in her attempt to absolve blame. I am quite sure, following Sharizad’s statement, the Hulu Langat district office will also follow up with a statement that the orphanage was build without any approval from the land office. This has been a common trend among politicians and government officials alike when confronted with serious problems i.e. the blame is not mine; it is all yours. There has been several examples like this.

Hulu Langat is the village of my birth, and I plea to the Selangor state government to do all that is necessary to help the orphanage off its predicament, and do not to start finding the faults of others in an attempt to absolve blame. It is the will of Allah SWT that this tragedy should happen, and it is our responsibility to help the aggrieved.



EAGLE said...

Dato', you are absolutely right!
Shahrizat is another idiot and me think his IQ must be below 10 and nak cakap kosong tak bolih la kot! I wonder.
So shut up Shahrizat or if you so wish, go and talk at the saloon while you are coloring your hair!
Go and fly kite Shahrizat!
Let us pray that ALLAH will forgive all of us and mohon negara dan rakyat di berikan rahmat....amin.

Malaysian said...

How can Malaysia advance? We cannot advance beacuase of UMNO. The major stumbling block for us is UMNO and not us. We want to move towards WAWASAN 2020 but they could only think about cutting budget by introducing GST and reducing subsidy. What about subsidy on PKFZ, Bakun Dam, Sarawak Rain forest,infamous submarine, etc? Thank you UMNO for destroyong TANAH MELAYU.


maurice said...

Don't blame UMNO lah.The block towards progress is the Malaysians themselves.The Malaysians have disgusting behaviour which make them unqualified to be called a progressive and advance society.Just look at their driving habit, car parking habit, rubbish disposal habit, eating habit, talking loudly habit, dwelling cleanliness habit, dishonesty habit and like to get things free habit. So tell me can you advance with these kind of habits?