Friday, May 6, 2011


Deputy PM Muhyiddin Yassin in a speech at the 7th Anniversary of the National Integrity Plan and Malaysian Integrity Institute (IIM) recently has described “fighting corruption as the most important struggle (jihad) for any government of integrity”. He went further to say that “we’ve seen so many world leaders and government being toppled due to corruption and abuse of power”.

What strange words coming from a veteran politician who carved himself a house-hold name during his tenure as the Menteri Besar of Johore for reasons best known to Johoreans. I was told that he became so ‘popular’ that he caused the wrath of the late Sultan of Johore. What was it that the Sultan was angry about? If you want to know, ask the elders of Johor Baru for the answer. Personally, I just happened to hear about it during my calls on some elders in Johor Baru.

For all that I’ve heard of Muhyiddin, I do not think he is the right person to talk about fighting corruption. I am not saying that he is corrupt, but I believe he knows the massive corruption that goes around him and the people that are corrupt. Of course, being a politician who constantly seek and hungers for popularity, he would not want to expose the bad guys within his circle of friends. I suppose that is only natural among politicians, and the fear of losing popularity is not what he wants. I don’t think Muhyiddin wants to end his career like Anuar Ibrahim, being hounded like a wounded tiger.

Muhyiddin seems to echo what his boss PM Najib has said recently at the Pahang Malay Contractors Association Annual General Meeting i.e. “that corruption and leakages are not only affecting the government’s revenue but also the nation’s economic performance”. Doesn’t this sound similar but said differently by Muhyiddin? And may I ask why the concern now when billions have been siphoned out through corruption and leakages over the last 50 odd years? And with the General Elections looming, I suggest Muhyiddin should continue talking about anti corruption issues at public forums, and to get the mainstream media to blow his statement up. This may give Muhyiddin a ‘feel good, look good’ image of someone who is out to fight and eradicate corruption.

Muhyiddin should be sincere and honest in what he says. It is good that he spoke about world leaders and governments being ousted due to corruption and abuse of power. Is he taking a snap shot at the Sarawak CM or what?

I suppose Muhyiddin must have been jolted by events in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Jordan. And in all these countries, the people rose against their leaders, rulers and government is because of the abuse of power, corruption and neglecting the ‘bread and butter’ issues of the people. I dare say that a sampling of such causes and issues are beginning to be felt by Malaysians, and if these are not given due attention, the rise in people’s power as witnessed in all of the North African Muslim states can also take place here. And in this regards, let me voice my concern at the growing hatred and loss of confidence of the ordinary Malaysian citizens towards the police force and the judiciary in particular, that is affecting the good name of the government. I do not wish to list out the reasons here for the reasons are in public domain. Just read what retired senior police officer Mat Zain Ibrahim has to say of the judiciary as well as the police force in several open letters and articles written about them that goes unchallenged. I only hope that there a many other senior police officers like Mat Zain Ibrahim.

To Muhyiddin, may I say this…………..that you can go on taking about your concern for corruption in this country, but until and unless to prove to us that you are willing to sacrifice your neck to save this country from corrupt practices within your own circle of friends first, then anything you say means nothing to us. For starters, you may wish to think of ways to rid money politics within your party.



Arunzab said...

"Muhyiddin should be sincere and honest in what he says." So say you. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ahdooooi!! Dato'you must surely jest!!

komando said...

money money money
more money

honey wants more money
give it to them

they can bury it
die with it

burn with IT
hell knows no favors



maurice said...

Muhyiddin has no choice but to come forward to support PM Najib in their fight against corruption.They both inherit the disease from previous leaders who failed to check the spread of corruption.Politicians and businessmen of all colours who were quick on the take took advantage of TDM's leadership style to enrich themselves at all cost.The damage has been done. It will take a few generations of correct moral educational teaching at the primary and secondary schools and universities to produce new work force with strong moral principles.Regret to say this moral education has not even begun.

Malaysian said...


I never trust any UMNO politician talk about fighting corruption. People on street know who is corrupt. It's shame that we allow this people to country destroy our homeland.

Anak Malaysia

suratkhabarlama said... advise..start the "fight" with your own family first..