Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Tun Mahathir has explicitly described that “UMNO is now weak because of corrupt leaders who no longer fight for Malays and Islam” He went further to say that “UMNO leaders are only fighting for titles and AP’s for their sons and in laws”. Tun Mahathir has in recent times been extremely vocal and forthright in describing the deteriorating affairs of his party, but nothing seems to change except for some weak and cursory anti corruption statements uttered by both PM Najib and his deputy recently; not aimed directly at party leaders but rather at the general public. One might asked, why is this so?

Whereas Tun Mahathir has been blunt and direct at criticizing his own party leaders, both Najib and Muhyiddin however seems to have inhibitions at doing the same. I suppose they being top leaders of the party and to openly criticize its party leadership is just like ‘stirring the hornets’ nest’ that can cause an ‘implosion’ within the party ranks. I think, this is what Najib and Muhyiddin does not want at this critical moment where support for the party by the Malays has dwindled, and with the General Election looming, an upheaval within the party can have disastrous consequences. But from the perspective of the general public, it appears that the lessons of the last General Election have little impact upon UMNO, and statements by the leaders on the need for change seems rhetorical.

The survival of UMNO now lies solely in the hands of Najib and that of its top echelon party leaders. Time does not favour Najib anymore, and if he wants to dispel the party off its adverse image, he has to take drastic steps now to rid the party of the ‘bad hats’, and if necessary, to launch immediate police reports against those who are seriously mired in corrupt activities. I know this is a difficult step to take, but this is the only way by which Najib can revive UMNO to its past glory; a respectable Malay party that is serious in nation building devoid of corrupt leaders and be guided by the Islamic teachings of good governance, able, fair and just leadership. If Najib can achieve this, there is no the need for PERKASA to drum up Malay unity, no need for Ketuanan Melayu, no need for Malay rights etcetera, etcetera. It will be a natural cause for the Malays to be united once again, and with the exemplary leadership shown by the party leaders, I am sure this will also win the support of other races as well.

I and like many others believe strongly that corruption is the root cause of all evil, and this is the very reason why I have never cease to write and criticize those (especially the Malays) whom I know to be corrupt or being an accomplish to corrupt practices; and surely I have angered many in the process. I just cannot accept and believe that the Malays can be so easily enticed into corruption, because Islam is quite explicit in its ruling concerning corruption and all people of the faith knows that the wrath of Allah is severe. It is said that those who continues to be corrupt (Muslims I mean), they no longer see it as a serious crime nor sin because their faith in the religion has weakened and is overcome by greed and the worldly pleasures. It is not too difficult to see this among the so-called Malay elite today.

And to the leaders who are corrupt, let me just say this……………that Allah wrath and punishment for your misdeeds is not felt by you alone, but by the entire people and communities within the nation. Surely you do not want your generation to suffer because of your misdeeds, and the only sensible recourse is to repent now while there is still life in you.

I leave it to the UMNO party leadership to take challenges and to heed the warning that Tun Mahathir has thrown onto them if they wish the party to survive the next election. Action now and not words is the only way to save the party from falling into oblivion.



samsaimon said...

YB Dato',
What say you if I say that Mahathir is the culprit who caused all these corruptions, cronyism, destroying the government institutions such as the Judiciary, the Police, the BPR to name a few.
You never imagined how his children became filthy rich out of nothing?
but the Pink Forms !
He is the man, a mamak, who caused the Malays 'berpecah', ( Orang Melayu memang bodoh, mudah dipermainkan). Anak perempuan dia yang dulu menulis di 'The Star' seminggu sekali pun jutawan.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Samsaimon,

Yes, I do agree with you that Tun Mahathir cannot be absolve of blame. 22 years, and he surely has made some mistakes. That is undeniable.

Arunzab said...

Therein lies the problem as Samsaimon has rightly pointed out. How can Tun Mahathir now point a finger at others calling them corrupt leaders etc etc. Melayu memang TAK MUDAH lupa his 22 years rule which was punctuated with all kinds of controversies.
The only person that I know who in a similar position could have made such remarks and gotten away would have be the late Tun Hussain Onn. He always meant what he said and said what he meant.

Malaysian said...

Tun Dr. Ismail is one of our founding father that's not corrupted. Reading his biography, I realized he was a leader that doesn't take bribe at all. Do we have such leader anymore? Is there hope for us to find another Tun Dr. Ismail? He's our only Deputy Prime Minister that's able to save our country being destroyed after May 13th. I suggest everybody read Tun Dr. Ismail book called "The Reluctant Politician: Tun Dr. Ismail".

Anak Malaysia

maurice said...

I think it would be difficult for UMNO to get rid of corruption.Too many UMNO leaders past and present who have acquired wealth which cannot be justified from their monthly salaries and thus one may deduce it has to come from some other sources.Big bungalows, luxury cars, overseas properties and education for their children are the norm for them.It would be difficult for UMNO leaders at all levels to forgo the opportunity to acquire wealth and opt for the simple life which all politicians should do if they really want to serve the people.Najib have reminded UMNO leaders to reform but all fell on deaf ears.For example the area where I live, I have not seen a single UMNO politician coming to touch base with the electorate. It shows there is no sincerity to serve the people on the part of UMNO leaders at the division and branch level.If money is the motivation for any of their actions I am afraid UMNO will soon lose the confidence of their supporters.I doubt the middle level UMNO leaders could be turned around as they are already intoxicated with the idea of making money at all cost through their connections.

Chin said...

I must say that Mohd Arshad Raji
is a very rare breed. At least very few will or dare stand out on issue like this. My hat off to him.
To say the least, I feel extremely disappointed at what is going on in this country. I feel helpless.
I feel that there is no way an egg can break a stone.

tiongsinwee said...

Do keep up the good work, datuk! You're one ex-serviceman (veteran) who dares to speak up his mind.Frankly...iv not seen or rather heard of any with your daring, frank attitude.Most would speak good (bodek) of the government.
I hope to hear more from you...esp subjects pertaining to our Persatuan Bekas Tentera Malaysia.To me...this organisation has got too much of 'politicking' within it.