Wednesday, May 18, 2011


On Monday 16th May, PM Najib must have been one extremely proud person to be invited to speak at the Oxford Islamic Centre of the University of Oxford, United Kingdom on a subject titled ‘The coalition of the moderates and inter civilisational understanding’. It is a prestigious centre for Islamic studies established in 1985 where distinguished visiting lecturers are frequently invited to speak at the centre. Former Malaysian Prime Ministers i.e. Tun Mahathir Mohamed and Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi were among the many past speakers at the centre. The Patron of the centre is HRH The Prince of Wales.

I had a cursory read of the speech by PM Najib at the centre and I wondered who prepared the script? I am touched by the opening words where Najib said, “Diversity, dialogue and peaceful co-existence are important in Islam”. I wonder whether the words were meant to describe Islam as a religion that propagates universal co-existence regardless of ethnicity, creed, colour and religious belief, or was Najib referring it specifically to the Malaysian people. Regardless for whom the words were meant, it carries a deep meaning that is very much in need now more than ever before by all Malaysians.

As I read along, another sentence caught my attention when PM Najib said, “In Malaysia, Islam is synonymous with moderation, inclusiveness and good governance”. But what we see happening in the country today is the contrary and this give raise to questions by all peace loving Malaysians. I too begin to question whether Najib actually believes in what he says, or knows what is happening around him in the country today. My fear is that he is being shielded from the truth by the little Napoleons’ and gate keepers that surrounds him constantly; sees with blinkered eyes, and furnished with all that is good for his hearing only.

I believe a lot of truth has been kept away from him; hence the deafening silence over some serious issues that can badly affect the ethnicity and religious harmony among the people of this country. I last wrote about Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali and his talks about leading a crusade against Malaysian Christians. I also wrote about Muslims slandering another fellow Muslim without any sense of responsibility and fear of Allah’s retribution. Of course, I have written lots of article about the need to fight corruption that is so rampant in this country today, and a sure recipe towards the country’s eventual destruction. And with so much of irregularities in our judicial system that is no longer seem to be independent off the executive; we can say that we will not have the full protection of the law in matters affecting the rights and privileges of individuals? Just try and say something that is not in consonant with the government, one can be arrested quickly with wide ranging charges (some crumpled) and kept safely in police custody. I do not wish to talk about custodial death anymore because there have been much too many cases without any positive and satisfactory outcome for the aggrieved families. And are we to believe too that there is so much of freedom of speech and assembly? Quoting RPK when he said that there is freedom of speech before one speaks, but not after one speaks.

My only hope and desire is for PM Najib to read back all that was written in his speech, and to reflect the many quotations from the holy Quran that he had used. Words quoted from the holy Quran are pure words of God, and it is not to be used unless one truly believes in those words, and practices its meaning to the letter. It is never to be used to build up one’s image as a God believing and fearing person.

If only PM Naijb preaches and practice what he says, then this country will not be in a state that it is today where ethnicity and religious tolerance has taken a serious beating by irresponsible politician like Ibrahim Ali, the war monger.



EAGLE said...

It is a reflection of sikap seorang munafiq and a true hypocrite! cakap tak serupa bikin and what is important is his image and clinging to power at all cost even if the nation has to go down.
But rest assure that ALLAH is almighty as he sees everything in us.
Semoga Malaysia di lindungi dan rakyat di berkati ALLAH.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Datuk, Najib had his good times in Port Dickson, Anwar had his misery in Sg Buloh, maybe again. Murder for subs is covered up. Najib is so full of hypocrisy, he is not shielded from the little napoleans, that is wishful thinking. UMNO is an extremist racist organ, it must be incised. All our leaders from top down send different messages to the West. Afraid that they might be discovered, as their cojones migh be held over a slow fire. They lie, they are a supremacist organization. The Nazis too were supremacists, now they are in the rubbish bin of history. Can you imagine it if every Christian in every nook and cranny of Sarawak and Sabah knows what is happening? How do you say hypocrisy in Malay? That is an apt word. How do you say double standards in Malay? Some people are more equal than others. Must we tolerate their intolerance? Tolerance is a one way street, if you have noticed.

maurice said...

Credit should be given to DSN for advancing Malaysian Islamic values to the international audience.We should be proud of our success by merging Islamic values with democratic ideals.Of course the Malaysian Islamic model is far from perfect as DSN has to manage the shove and pull of domestic politics.

Arunzab said...

Before we propagate our Malaysian Islamic values to the international audience, we must first make sure we actually practice such values our selves, otherwise it is just a load of hot air. We will always be judged by our actions, not our words.

maurice said...

At the end of the day what matters most is the result.Let me ask this question, 'Isn't Malaysia nowadays the most successful Islamic state in the modern world?'Don't we want to acknowledge the work done by our leaders past and present for their contribution for this achievement?If not for their leadership it would be difficult indeed to reconcile the principles of democracy with fundamenatl Islamic values.It would be good if we could look at the bigger picture rather than barking at the wrong tree.

Kamal Sanusi said...


If all politicians namely mentris preach and practice what that say, they won't last long in that post.

I can only believe them when they remain silence with regard to any issue.

As for the layman and people on the street like me, being selfish in ensuring me & my family are living in good health, have monies to spend, food to eat is eminent and vital for survival.

When come to general election or buy-election in my area, I just know who to vote.

Arunzab said...

'Isn't Malaysia nowadays the most successful Islamic state in the modern world?
No indeed it is not. Not in the modern world nor in the ancient world . How can it be when Malaysia is ‘not an Islamic state’ in the first place. Malaysia is a secular state as stated in the Malaysian constitution with “Islam the official religion of the federation”

This reminds of a story: A man asked another, If you call a tail a leg how many legs has a dog? Answer, Five, Wrong said the man , Calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg. Calling Malaysia an Islamic state does make it one. Get your facts right mate !!
Ask me this question if and when Malaysia becomes an Islamic state and then I will give you an answer as to where we stand.

By the way it is "Barking up the wrong tree,where the dog mistakenly think their quarry is hiding, not barking at the wrong tree."