Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Have anyone read what UMNO Information Chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan said should Pakatan Rakyat (PR) win the upcoming election? For those who have not read it, this was what he said i.e. “the Malay language will be lost, say goodbye to the Malay Sultans, say goodbye to Islam”.

Now, can anyone believe in what he said? Even the cows at NFC would be laughing, even though the cows do not understand what was being said. I think this Ahmad Maslan fella must have his brains at his knees, or has he any brains left? The only reason I can think of for him to come out with such a preposterous statement is the fear that he would lose the upcoming elections. I can imagine what will happen to him if he loses. He had better say goodbye to luxurious lifestyle (if he has one now), say goodbye to his friends, say goodbye to his businesses (if he has any).

I do not know how old is Ahmad Maslan; definitely not as old as I am. You see, I was schooled at the time when the British were the masters, and I have not lost my Malay language or my religion. The Malay rulers survived under British rule and some were even accorded protection by the British. Today, the Malay rulers still resides in regal splendor and Malaysians of all races fully respect and acknowledge the Malay rulers role in society.

I think Ahmad Maslan must have been born during the Constitutional Crisis of the 1993.Does he not remember which political party and the leaders that had gone after the throats of the Malay rulers during the crisis? Even the gentle Kedah Sultan was not spared of the blistering attacks by of all people, the Malays themselves.

Can I ask Ahmad Maslan if there were any Chinese or Indians that sided UMNO in criticizing the Malay rulers then? My answer (if Ahmad Maslan wasn’t born then) is that the Chinese and Indians were completely out of the scene. They did not do what UMNO did to the Malay rulers i.e. to be ‘kurang ajar pada Raja Raja’. Sorry, Ahmad Maslan for saying this, and I also wish to say that what the Malays have lost today is the doing of UMNO itself. Don’t you blame it on the other races? UMNO were the ‘rulers’ since 1957, and I can also say that if UMNO wasn’t greedy and had followed religiously the party’s avowed principles, the Malays will not be what they are today.

I feel sorry for Ahmad Maslan who is perpetually lost in his selfish ways, but I feel even sorrier for my race. I think it is only now that the Malays have awakened to realize how much they have lost due in part to the selfish actions of its own brethrens i.e. UMNO.



Hussin said...

Sallam Dato',

I think it is the time when UMNO leaders start showing their true colours and proving once and for all how idiotic they really are. Not too long ago, the Deputy Minister of Sports said that the Opposition was the cause of our athletes in Indonesia receiving hostile treatment from the locals and now this.
My only hope is that the rakyats realise the true state of affairs and stop electing idiots as their leaders.

Frankie said...


Being UMNO's information chief and yet coming out with such statements only shows that UMNO has totally lost it. They are using the 3Rs', that is, Race, Religion and Royalty to scare the malays into supporting and voting them. And yet I fear that many malays still and do believe in what this idiot says. It is really pathetic and shameful to see a supposedly "malay" party like UMNO resorting to such scare tactics which defies logic and reason.

These UMNO snakes are afraid of losing their luxurious lifestyle (all of them have), their corrupt businesses (all of them have) and their power over the malays (which they are hanging on by their fingernails). When will the majority of malays see through all these lies and propaganda shamelessly spread by UMNO. How can anyone associate with such a party and its members?

tahaneverest02 said...

This 'alien specie' Ahmad Maslan is just back from Mars. He was certainly not around when one of our infamous PM launch an 'attack' against the Raja-Rajas back in the 80s.He had just landed from Mars and starts talking 'shit'. Really...la ..no brain fella!Is this what UMNO can offer as a winnable candidate? Maybe yes. Why? UMNO needs these fella like him to play the the 3 Rs i.e Race, Religion and Royalty.He is desperately trying to draw attention to the leaders and UMNO delegates in the Assembly that such low caliber characters like him are still available for 'hire'. Of course, not knowing that he is further pulling UMNO into the sewage tank.Bad for Najib's 1Malaysia slogan but who cares. Desperate people resorting to desperate measures. Really a brainless fellow! All along it was UMNO who took the offensive against the Royalty, not the Chinese or Indians.Ahmad Maslan was too young to read and to know our Malaysian history then. Sorry for him.

mike joey said...

UMNO having this guy Ahmad Maslan as Information Chief is why karpal UMNO is sinking. This guy is not thinking straight and causing more damage to national unity. Malaysia can do without fellows like him.But again UMNO needs such people to hold on to power and has been like this since independence. He is vying desperately for re-election as GE13 is just round the corner. Right-minded people will not believe what rubbish he uttered. The rakyat are too smart for this kind of 'dirty-game' and his statements are gutter politics.

joe choy said...

This idiotic fellow Ahmad Maslan is NOT WORTHY to be given any comment.Kenyataan yang dikeluarkan olih beliau teruk lagi najis babi. He does command any respect from me. Perhaps from his corrupt UMNO cronies.

bruno said...

Dato,I believed that it was after the May 13th riots that one can be jailed for rumour mongering.How about fear mongering.It has been practiced openly and blatanly by Umno politicians.The punishment for fear mongering should be stripped naked and flogged in public.

bruno said...

Dato,by now even the kampong or rural Malays have realised and accepted the fact that Umno is a political party bankrupted of ideals and intergrity.It has sold out all Malaysians alike for the love of the ringgit and lives of luxury.

They have used race and religion against their own people and the opposition.Have unleashed the MACC,PDRM and the likes of Abrahim Ali to achieved their political objectives.Used Mat Rempits to terrorised the people in urban PJ.Then they totally sunk their braindead heads into the sewer when they try to bribe school children with money to help them win elections.

Now even Umno has let loose their Information Chief to spread fear mongering.I remember that after the 1969 racial riots there were posters on walls everywhere reminding people that spreading rumours is a jailable offence.So what is the punishment for fear mongering.Stripped naked and to be flogged publicly in People's Square.

It is a known fact that Umno is a badly wounded animal.Badly wounded animals are desperate and can be very dangerous.They will do anything and everything to stay alive.Even their own herd around them is not safe,and ready to be sacrificed for their own survival.

bruno said...

Dato,I have encountered some problems when submitting in comments.After signing in,a message came out on the board sayin it failed to go through.It has happened around five to six times in the last few weeks.I wondered if some of your readers have this problem.

Malaysian said...


I can’t help to feel disgusted by UMNO. When did UMNO show interest in Bahasa Melayu? For all I know, they are interested on enriching themselves only. Have UMNO focus on improving the quality of education system in Malaysia? Did they do anything to improve the condition of kampung school? Also, why did they not do anything to prosecute headmaster and headmistress that take bribes? Bahasa Melayu akan hilang kerana UMNO dan bukan Pakatan Rakyat. In order for a language to be widely use by foreigners, the Malaysia economy must be strong. Without a strong economy, foreigners would not bother to learn our national language. What did the government do to grow Malaysia economy? Because of the strong China economy, more and more foreigners are learning Mandarin now. Furthermore, UMNO leaders always threaten the minority so how can you expect others to learn the national language. Lastly, I hope Malay can understand that for us to move forward and save this country UMNO most loose this coming election.


Malaysian said...


Maybe the future for Malaysia is gloomy. What's your thought about assembly law?



bruno said...

Dato,since Ahmad Maslan has such low IQ,much lower then the family who stole from the NFC lembus,it will need audiences with absolutely zero IQ to be completely sucked in to listen or believe him.In these modern internet days,ignorant people like these Umnoputras and their cronies are hard to come by among the main population.

monty said...

It is really sickening to hear fear-threatening statements coming from UMNO guys again and again. Don't they know that the rakyat don't buy all this nonsensical talks and threats anymore? Somebody should lodge a police report against this pea-size brain Ahmad Maslan in the interest of national security and rumour-mongering.But again UMNOputras can do no wrong and no police action can be taken against them. So much for our Malaysian justice as expected. I fear to imagine what would happen if one of the DAP leaders were to utter such statements the other way round. All hell would break-loose and all UMNOputras fanatics would run berserk calling for blood. This is really 1Malaysia. In fact there were so much of unity and harmony among us back during the 50s and 60s fighting one common enemy i.e the Communist Insurgency. But now during peace time we have stupid goons like Ahmad Maslan trying its best to divide and create animosity
among the various races. We are going into 'reverse-gear' and 'stone-cave' mentality which is not good for our country. We must move forward as a nation in prosperity and not creating hatred against each other. Please, Ahmad Maslan do us rakyat a favour - retire from politics and take a break by going back to your kampong and take up fishing as a hobby. Fishing is good for those with mental problems.

exrmafazhar said...

Salam all,

Isnt it an irony that we, the rakyat, have been blasting this Ahmad Maslan but none came from the Royalty? Isnt them that were made like fools in the 80s and made to lose their 'rights' and yet not a whimper from them? But yet when Prof Aziz Bari made some comments (repeat "comments" not "criticism") which was just to set the record straight and there you have all and sundry including the royalty coming in to 'annihilate" the good professor....even those at the top and those at the corridors of power make comments just to cari makan from UMNO... eessh i am sick of these charade.. God forbids.

mitchell said...

Dear Dato,
Great to have you back! I see the break didnt deter or slow down your spirit... All this UMNOputras say and think with their brains between the penis...today Star's highlite another idiot..the great Dato who took more reporters than doctors to Somalia...in respone to PM call "for those who know your time is up to back out" this dummy throws it back to the boss by saying "I leave it to the PM to select me or not" Bodoh bangang

matsingkong said...

Ahmad Maslan is just doing his job as an information Minister..as what Goebels has done for Hitler, playing into peoples weak emotions...and Malays are very easy to be invoked especially when it comes to race and religious issues....the oppositions has to come up with an 'enigma' mechanism to break Maslan's strategy...