Friday, November 11, 2011


The more I read about the National Feedlot Center (NFC) involving the Welfare Minister Shahrizat Jalil and her family members, the more I believe in the report by the Auditor General concerning the ‘mess’ observed on the project. And if the scandalous act by the management of the NFC proves to be true and is proven as such, then I can only say this i.e. send all of them to serve a prison term and a sacking for lady Welfare Minister. I see no other kinder judgment except only a prison term for such thievery and squandering of taxpayer’s money that the government seems not to be too concern about.

Ministers and some UMNO leaders have come out in defence of the project including the PM himself, but strangely the then Agriculture Minister who would have known about the project when it was approved during his tenure has remained mute till this day. Why is he too scared to open his mouth and has allowed the present Agriculture Minister Noh Omar to say his piece, knowing full well that what come out from Noh Omar are denials.

Now we are told that RM9.8 million of the loan intended for the NFC project was used to purchase an exclusive ‘One Menerung’ condo at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. I do not know what ‘menerung’ means, but to me a strange word means strange things. I hope the word has nothing to do with the dubious deals carried out by the Shahrizat family in the purchase of the exclusive condo (if it is true). And I can only laugh when opposition leader Saifuddin Nasution asked whether the condo was purchased for the cows. And if it does, these cows must be one of the most unique cows in the world adorning golden hoofs, I suppose.

Shahrizat has now to come out clean and fast off the many allegations made against her and her family members concerning the NFC affair. It has gone far too deep and the more she denies of any wrong doing, the more revelations will be made that will hurt her chances for a candidacy in the upcoming GE. The condo being in Bangsar (her former constituency) is sure to become a hot topic during the election campaign.

I am surprised at the amount of information revealed by the opposition concerning the NFC affair, and this confirms what was told to me by some government officials that moles does exist in about every ministry and department of the government. Even the highest level of government is not free of such moles. Whether this is good or bad, I do not know, but what I do know is that there is already a sense of frustration and anger among some honest and likeminded government officials that they have had enough of the abuses by the government, that is gradually being exposed by the opposition.

Finally, I only have praise and my highest respect for the Auditor General Tan Sri Ambrin Buang for coming out with such revealing reports. He could have hidden a lot of ‘skeletons’ but choose not to. Such is Ambrin Buang, a man of integrity that takes his job with full responsibility without fear or favour. If only we can have the likes of Ambrin Buang heading ministries and departments, I think the BN is assured of ruling the country for another 100 years.



Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

I am following this issue closely, but am also sceptical of the Aud Gen report. Pse recall that the report has got cabinet approval before release, so can it be that it is a case of truth must be told, or the lesser evil released to hide greater evils that occurred. Pardon my suspicion, I simply do not trust these fellows anymore. There is a Malay saying "Kalau tiada angin, mana bolih pokok goyang". So, here again a microscope should be applied. I agree with your suggestion of punitive measures if the family is guilty. How I wish for the good old days for balding,tarring and feathering and riding the donkey in reverse position along the main streets. If this family is guilty they deserve this and more. NO MORALITY,SHAMELESS BEHAVIOUR AND UNFORGIVABLE SINNERS.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Rama,

One cannot help but be suspicious of some truth being hidden from public knowledge, since the report was in the custody of the cabinet before being released to parliament. I just do not understand why has the report to be send to parliament first.

bruno said...

Dato,these last few days the NFC scandal is sure hot news.As far as politics is concerned,Shahrizat is cooked as a thanksgiving turkey.She will not be arrested,but her political career is over.If she is nominated to stand in this coming GE,hailstones as large as soccer balls will rain from the skies over Malaysia.

They were just overconfident that nobody will dare touch them,as all the cabinet ministers are in the same boat.But they forget about the Kobe lembus.Kobe lembus are a spoilt breed of cows.In Kobe,Japan these Kobe lembus are fed fresh cut grass,drink beer,given showers once a day and massages three times a day.

These Kobe lembus are used to a life of luxury,so they think that they deserved to stay at the 9.8 million upper class condo,instead of Shahrizat and family.So the Kobe lembus outed them.So Shahrizat got barbecued first before these Kobe lembus.

One thing is for sure.She will not be investigated or charged.She will be given a slap on the ass for being so stupid,as to be caught red handed with her pants off.She will be told politely to retire from politics and head for the hills.This is as far as her punishment goes,and the money is hers to keep.Courtesy of the people of Malaysia.

mike joey said...

If the AG report had passed through the Cabinet and yet this scandalous issue surfaced, I am very sure there are very much more scandalous issues been deleted from being expose.With so much of 'shit' hitting the fan, nobody of right-mind would believe what the Ministers concerned had to say in denial.'Birds of same feather flock together' heard of it?? I cannot understand why the AG Report must be sanctioned by the Cabinet before released. This practice should stop from now on and let the AG do it's work without any intimidation from any quarters.

EAGLE said...

Dato' will Sharizat be the fall guy?
Wait and see as she is trying to drag in the Wanita UMNO into her folly! and you bet what Najib and Muhidin political interest will be and read her lips of what she is trying to convey to those no 1 and no 2.
Now the diversion is the MACC raid on Petronas as well as the new probe by the police on the opposition leader.
So cow in the condo or the AG report! be it but the only way out is the people to vote them out of Putrajaya and that is the only way to find the truth and imagine if that happens, we will see the lining up of those thieves!!! So, interesting time ahead then go for change!
But if the changes fail... don't you worry sir as GOD planning is far more better and no one can escape. Janji ALLAH pasti akan berlaku.

Frankie said...


Khairy Jamaluddin the Rembau MP has come to the defense of Sharizat and her family members by declaring the purchase of the RM9.8 million condo was as an investment because NFC had excess cash.

I wonder if the Rembau MP has got his own head in order. His defense of Sharizat and her family has now cross the point of absurdity and is now at the stupidity level. I wonder if the Rembau MP is in some way associated or connected with the NFC project for him to come out with such a stupid reason that the NFC is into property investment besides rearing cows. Or is it that the Rembau MP is desperately trying to convince PM Najib that he is a "winnable" candidate by defending Sharizat.

bruno said...

Dato,now we have another Oxford lembu coming out to defend the NFC's scandal scarred lady minister lembu.A greenhorn willing to be sacrificed in place of a cow.Now we have two cows to barbecue instead of one.Stupid cows.

Ir. Abd Razak Ismail said...

Sharizat has no other ways but to resign from office immediately. I won't be surprised that these breed of untrustworthy politicians will not land them with any harsh punishments, unlike a lower-ranking policeman who takes a RM 50 bribe that will land him with a 3-year jail term, as an example! This is rakyat's $$$ and not "bapak dia punya duit" !!!

Anonymous said...

Shahrizat does look like she will have a mighty hard time trying to answer for the massive irregularities.

But I do not know if I can agree with "Bruno" entirely though. After all during the 2008 elections, Shahrizat had lost to Nurul Izzah in Lembah Pantai, but was soon ushered into the Cabinet vioa the Senate backdoor. Rakyat rejected her, but PM still made her a full minister. Why? It is not as though she was such an indispensible asset.

There was also her previous stint as an advisor to the government with full ministerial status (during Mahathir's time if I am not mistaken) when she was not selected to be a Cabinet minister. Possibly when Rafidah defeated her for the Wanita UMNO post, though my reco9llection is foggy.

Just why has Shahrizat been given such undue special treatment?

And years and years of special treatment leading to "I deserve the NFC" mindset, just like a spoilt brat would think?

Even now, assorted UMNO loudmouths are coming forward to defend the idefesible with the most ludicrous excuses which few can be expected to believe.

Why? .

And as Major Ramachandran alluded to, there is the highly suspicious long delay before Najib allowed the Auditor General report to be released.

Quite apart from the now glaringly obvious reasons - the stinking "messes" which the report revealed - the delay leads one to wonder whether there may be worse messes which may not have been revealed.

exrmafazhar said...


Isnt it strange to see now that Khairy is doing most of the talking and defending. Except for Shahrizat coming to defend her family and Noh the Agri Minister, the rest are dead silent. Shahrizat says that her family work hard and dont deserve the 'attack'. That makes it sound like all others dont work hard!! And Noh said all is ok at NFC as it has met its objective. Then how come the AG Report says NFC is 'in a mess'

Nevertheless why is Khairy so adamant in defending NFC misdeeds? How did he come to know that the RM10 million being used to purcahse the condo was meant for an investment? Did he 'approve' the allocation to purchase the condo? Who was he then when the NFC project was mooted and finally approved with some RM240 million allocation? Mind you he was not even a government servant as to have a say on how that money should be used. He was then only a Timbalan Ketua Pemuda and a son in law of the then Prime Minister. So how come he is the one that said that the RM10 million, instead of being left idle was then used to purchase the condo as an investment? Who decides? If my memory serves me right when the NFC was launched the Agri Minister then was the present DPM. Doesnt he has something to say? Shouldnt anybody from NFC be giving the details? But no, its Khairy who knows all... he is taking the shot and defending. Its intriguing isnt it? Oh yes i forget, we had such thing as budak tingkat empat at Putrjaya then... emm that says it all.

ps: Where is Utusan, TV3 on this matter? Where is Dato Ibrahim Ali? Dato Zulkifli Nordin? Ezam? Except for some most MSM have gone mute.