Wednesday, November 2, 2011


My last posting was ‘WHO CARES’ that reflects my utter frustration at the manner in which our national leaders react to the massive ‘fraud’ inherent within the recently released Auditor General’s (AG) report. Their response is one of shameless denial; this despite the obvious detailed observations and comments recorded by the AG, that even an infant would know that there is a lot wrong in the financial management of government funds by ministries and departments. This is not my first exposure to the AG report; rather I have read some previous ones too. But this report I think is the worse ever to reflect the government’s mismanagement of its finances and spending, and what we get in return are denials upon denials by our national leaders. If denials are the only response that our leaders knows best, than I say that we might as well do away with the AG report.

Have we not read how silly the response we get from the Agriculture Minister Noh Omar regarding the financial mismanagement of the National Feedlot Centre (NFC)? If he does not know anything, it is better that he shut up. And what about the response from Tourism Minister Yen Yen that does not make any sense to me. Now, I have been told that even our PM in his written response has defended the failed NFC for reasons best known to him. Of course, being the PM he has no other choice but to defend the lady minister and her family members; rightfully or wrongfully. That’s the essence of a true UMNO leader. I think I would have done the same if I were the PM.

Now, I am told that the MACC finds that there isn’t any financial irregularities involved in the purchase of two pairs of night vision goggles by the Marine Park Department at ten times higher than the market price, and this is blamed on improper market survey. What stupidity is this? Does this mean that no one is to be blamed, and that the ‘improper market survey’ is at fault? My intuition tells me that there is a deliberate attempt by someone to cheat, and that cheat must be brought to justice. I now say that even the MACC investigators are not doing justice by making such remarks and judgment that only makes a mockery of them supposedly being the experts in the art of fighting and investigating corruption. I now believe that these investigators are incompetent and they need to learn much more. Why don’t they learn from the Hongkies?

And what about the statement made by Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni when he said that RM407 billion national debt that grew 12.3% last year (I believe it is constantly growing) was “manageable as it had yet to breach critical threshold”. Does this mean that we have to wait till it reaches the threshold for us to start panicking? And that will certainly come if our leaders continue to remain complacent and play ignorant that the financial woe of the country isn’t too worrying. The same can be said of the country’s external debt that has yet to breach the threshold of RM35 billion. It will certainly come if we are not careful.

Idris Jala has once again reminded us that “the country will go bankrupt if it spends borrowed money on operating expenditure such as subsidies instead of investing the cash” Idris Jala’s argument is simple i.e. if our growth is dismal and if we do not cut on operating expenditure, then we are heading for ‘dooms day’. Just read what other renowned economist and financial gurus say of our economy and it does not sound good. So stop listening to some of those ‘half baked politicians’ who only knows nothing better to do, other than to spew sex stories.



Justin Choo said...

In the first place why do we need a 2nd Finance minister? And all other deputy ministers, for that matter?

mycuntree said...

I too am dismayed by the continually criminal ways the government and its agencies abuses the tax-payers' funds.Next to nothing has been put into effect to stop such shenanigans at all.Year in and year out we see the same.

Although I read with interest the many suggestions on why such funds can be managed prudently by these agencies, I think most of them are in effect barking up the wrong tree.

Why? Because I have every reason to believe that such abuses happened not because of policy weaknesses, indifferent management,lack of training or knowledge. It is this culture of corruption, of due entitlements, of everybody else is doing it that has permeated these agencies since the early 80s.Lack of punishment for even very obvious cases of corruption and abuses has only helped to embed this culture further.What with these latest attempts to even defend such abuses by the very people who are supposed to ensure its solution.

Malaysia need to see drastic and vast changes in the way the country is managed, if we really and seriously want to see positive changes. And it can only begin with a change of the present government.

bruno said...

Dato,all the replies and denials coming out of the respective people concerning the AG's report of discrepencies,was done half heartedly.The Ministers and head of departments were speaking as if they have a batang sticking into their mouth.

Noh Omar has Moo sitting on top of him so he is breathless,and gasping for air,so he can be excused for uttering nonsense.Najib has his bolas caught between a workhorse,so he has no choice but to come out in defense of NYY.Or else he will be branded of harboring a criminal.

And to sent our MACC officers to learn from the Hongkies,is an insult to the honest men and women of the HK anti corruption agency.They will used a meat chopper and chopped the bolas and batangs off our corrupted MACC officers.Then they will be bolaless and batangless.After all that is what they are.So the Hongkies will actually be doing these MACC officers a favor.Letting them show their true colors.

The second FM is a clone of Najib.An ignorant brat who will be better off in bathrooms collecting quarters.With his mentality Malaysia will be directly behind in line to be the next PIGG'S nation.

Jeff said...

Now i see that you are really pissed off. I have been there many years but can't do jack shit about it.
There are many other massive daily corruption going on which we don't know about as its not being highlighted.

Those corrupted people call it "rezeki". Others when they take money they ensure that the giver says that he gives it willingly & its not "haram". We must all thank that dr m .

I rest my case.

bruno said...

Dato,year in and year out,the Auditor General has been giving the GOM and Malaysians an honest audit of the hanky panky going on in all the ministeries and government departments.But these ministers and civil servants know that they walk in the corridors of power.They know that as long as the Umno GOM is in power there is nothing the people can do.

So they are paying a deaf ear or acting blind to the AG's report.They are standing up in front of the people,taunting and challenging them,and in the faces of the people asking them what are they are going to do about it.They know that as long as they can surpressed the people with their intimidations,and bribe some people once in every four or five years to vote BN they are safe.

These ignorant people should be neutered and their useless parts thrown to the dogs,instead of our educational standards.

EAGLE said...

Fish rots from its head.
Soon we will hear the "kambing Hitam"
Let see...

Frankie said...


Firstly the MACC will not investigate any wrongdoings of those in UMNO or BN component parties or any government agencies including the AG office, PDRM and themselves. MACC willl only investigate alleged wrongdoings involving the opposition such as the alleged RM2,000 misappropriated DAP funds and they achieved their objective in the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

Secondly, the 2nd Finance Minister mentality of "No need to act until the threshold or crisis level is reached" is normal for the UMNO government. I don't want to sound racist but I kinda wonder if this kind of mentality and mindset is predominant in the ketuanan melayu thinking. Certainly the Singapore government or the Chinese government would already pressed the panic button if they themselves are faced with such similar national debt increase. Or maybe Noh Omar thinks that Malaysia is like the USA or Greece and he can just continue to print more useless Ringgit when the time comes.

And finally, I do not agree with you that you would have done the same as the PM in defending the lady minister. As a good and morally upright leader and a good Muslim as he is now performing his Haj, the PM has to demonstrate his impartiality and to take action against any of his ministers and their deputies if they have committed any wrongdoings. At the least the PM should order an investigation into the alleged wrongdoing (even though the MACC will clear the lady minister and her husband). But no way Jose, the PM Najib defended the lady minister not because of any UMNO or Ketuanan Melayu sense of loyalty but to protect and safeguard his own backside. Taking actions against the lady minister may mean opening up the Pandora box and exposed the PM himself. The entire UMNO-BN government is mired with a massive network of corruption and abuse of power perfected by Mahathir since 1982 that PM Najib is just merely practicing his "Gua Tolong Lu, Lu Tolong Gua" with the lady minister and sending the same message to the rest of his UMNO-BN cabinet that he will scratch their backs if they scratch his.

komando said...

DATO' I have said it before
The country is already HANYUT

Selagi ada hantu duit yang bertopengkan manusia
Selagi itu lah fulus semua akan disonglap

They can continue to print more RINGGIT's
Give to all who need it

Inside the hutan ke, so that even the monyet also gets it
So that all have money to spent

WHY WORRY - after all it’s not their MONEY
It is OURS!

SO bapak dia sudah kasi belanja
APA MAHU hairan!

"no end until & unless it all ends"!

monty said...

Dato, it is not that the MACC does not know its job or incompetent. It's simply that they are protecting corruption by its master politicians year in year out. I suggest that the Govt do away with the AG Auditing rather than making a mockery of the yearly report which is always full of wastage ,leakages and mismanagement at all levels in Govt depts. How can the PM rebuke those 'thieves' when
he is spending public funds like no body's business. The 'rotting of the fish' starts from the head.

johnnie lim said...

I too got so pissed off by the remark made by the Macc fella what did he meant by "no irregularities "? we are not talking about a RM1000 difference here. It's ten times the market price. Any sensible guy will make a comparisson before making a purchase? They do that all the time in the corporate world even for small purchase so what more if it involved expensive items. I agreed with you, some one is on the take and this is not uncommon. That guy is just too greedy or maybe there are more parties involved that is why it involved such a huge amount. I read in a post today it might be sooner than 2019 before we go bankrupt! (at the rate we are going)

joe choy said...

Dato, The UMNO/BN Govet is bleeding us rakyat to the bones by all this unnecessary expenditure. Poor public funds/tax-payers money are being used by them as if it is their father's money. They have no sense of responsibility nor feelings of guilt.I think our country is heading for dooms-day if we don't kick them out in the coming GE13.

sang kancil said...

Yes we are. We have THIEVES LIARS AND SCUMBAGS running our country. These people will not stop until they have had EVERY DROP OF BLOOD drenched from our beloved MALAYSIA.

tahaneverest02 said...

Dear Dato,
It looks as though our country is 'a gone-case' unless the people wake-up and boot these crooks and rascals out in the coming GE13. There is a limit to our wealth being robbed by these buggers(UMNO/BN)as the chinese saying goes, 'even a mountain can be eroded'
depending on how long it takes. What happens when the 1.7million tax-payers run 'dry'? And mind you these are the 'pendatangs' from China & India feeding the UMNOputras.

Ejoi said...

Sedar diri la Dato, warna kulit dan paras rupa pun memang dah melayu..jangan lupa yang kita ni orang melayu jangan la dok menagungkan bahasa asing..Dato lupa ke asal kita dari kampung...
Apa komen Dato tentang Amiga yang Dato'puja2 sebab BERSIH tu menyokong seks bebas tu?? Dato sokong seks bebas juga ke?

Justin Choo said...

Hi tahaneverest02,

To be fair other races also contributed to the tax department.

Malaysia does not depend on personal income taxes. It is the corporate taxes and most important of all, the various taxes on oil. When our oil fields run dry, Malaysia will be bankrupt.

Of couse in the meantime the scumbag BN Government is "borrowing" from our main "financial suppliers" the EPF (KWSP)and Petronas.

komando said...

THE CHINESE only belief that money makes more money..the more you give the more you will get!

So what is the BIG deal if a Taikoh gives USD1 billion away now!

Three years later....

He makes back USD10 Billion in return for a very good favor DONE!

Folks - it has been confirmed that the Chinese & Russians likes to give graciously.

The CNN reports says SO!

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Saudara Ejoi,

Saudara menpunyai satu tanggapan yang salah terhadap saya. Sila baca betul betul kandungan tulisan saya itu, dan cuba hayati apa sebenarnya perjuangan saya selama ini.

Sebagai saorang Islam, warna kulit, bangsa atau agama tidak memainkan peranan dalam perjuangan saya sebab perjuangan saya itu 'universal'.

Bagi saya, kalau suatu perkara itu tidak betul, tak kira Melayu,Cina atau India akan saya tegur. Kan tegur menegur itu satu tuntutan?

Malangnya, kebanyakkan orang bangsa kita ini tidak suka kena tegur. Itu lah yang menjadi masaalah.Bila ditegur, bermacam macam jawapan diberi untuk menegakkan kebenaran mereka itu.

exrmafazhar said...

Assalamualaikum saudara Ejoi,

Saya orang melayu berugama Islam, fasih berberbahasa melayu and bolih bertutur dan menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris. Orang macam saya dan Dato Arshad telah didedah kepada bahasa Inggeris pada masih dibangku sekolah lagi(pada masa itu bahasa pengantar ialah Inggeris)Jadi sudah tentunye kami selesa mengguna bahasa itu. Tapi ada kah kami mengabaikan bahasa melayu? Sudah tentu tidak, ia adalah bahasa ibunda kami sama dengan Ejoi jugak. Penggunaan bahasa Inggeris atau apa apa bahasa pun tidak sekali merendahkan martabat bahasa melayu walhal ia bolih menaikan lagi mutu bahasa itu sendiri...lihatlah sekarang perbendaharan bahasa melayu penoh dengan perkataan perkataan yang di'ciplak' dari bahasa bahasa yang 'asing' ini. Dan komen yang kita berasal dari kampong takde kena mengena dengan bahasa melayu pun. Di kampong dulu kita berbahasa kedaerahan... bukan bahasa melayu tulen pun. Tapi yang penting pada saya ialah Ugama Islam tidak pernah mengagungkan bangsa.Jadi apalah kita perlu bertelagah pasal bahasa dan bangsa.

Ya Ambiga tidak disokong tentang isu keseksualan..dan semua orang telah menyatakan pendapat mereka.Baik pemerintah dan pembangkang tidak menyokong beliau. Ia takde kena mengena dengan Bersih. Tapi mengapa saudara tidak bersuara tentang orang bangla dan indon yang diberi ic malaysia dengan begitu cepat sekali dan bolih menjadi penngundi untuk melantik pemimpim kita kelak? Apakah saudara selesa 20 tahun nanti ada orang bangla jadi menteri atau PM untuk malaysia? Bukankah itu berlawanan dengan semangat kemelayuan? Patutnye saudara bersuara kerana menjaga kedaulatan orang melayu supaya melayu sentiasa tetap menjadi pemimpin di tanah melayu ini...

pronto said...


Year in year out we saw reports after reports about abuses by government departments since the quick mee scandal in 70s. Since then until today nothing happen. As TDM said Malaysian memory are very short. When AG report came out everyone jump including the opposition but what happen after that? It will be forgotten for the next 365 days.The opposition should be blame for not being persistent in highlighting this to all the raayat. How long can we last. What had been highlighted by Idris Jala is another drama to take away the subsidy.

sang kancil said...

Mr MA Raji,

My Bahasa Malaysia is a little rusty after more than 30 years away from home. I am a Malaccan born and bred and my Bahasa was hebat in those days with pantun and karangan. What Ejoi has commented is a very typical narrow minded modern day melayu with a typical zimmerframe mentality and attitude. As usual, these socalled malay will always attack and worst of all read these attacks from a script. They are unable to have their own thoughts and ideas but alway 'copy' from the doomsday dUMNO fake melayu whose sole purpose in life is to steal as much as they possibly can. How sad is that. Oi Ejoi, please wake up before its too late. The cina and indian will be able to pick up the pieces after these dUMNO have been removed from government. You and all your liked minded zimmerframe Melayu will suffer a severe and FALL by the wayside, unable to reconcile with the fact that you have taken things for granted for far too long and have in denial all you life.

mike joey said...

Dato A Raji,
I concur and respect your views and comments posted by commentators in your blog. I see most comments as quite fair and reasonable,of course posted by rightful thinking and God fearing people. Your crusade is a noble one and I share your aspiration and frustration. I really don't know what to say about our country's leaders and politicians of today. Some of them really don't have convictions and conscience of their own and utter rubbish for political and personal reasons. Never for the good of the rakyat and young generations to come. I wish I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. But to-date, the end of the tunnel seems so far away.But whatever it is I love my country too much to lose hope for a better future. I fought the insurgency war by putting my life on the line so that ALL OF US MALAYSIANS can live and prosper in racial harmony. But, alas, what do we get?? Venom and shit coming out from irresponsible politicians mouths talking about race and religion.I think our country really need a change in Govt and I am sure for at least 2 terms we can expect much lesser corruption, wastage and mismanagement as compared to 54 years of UMNO/BN rule.

Justin Choo said...

Hi Sangkancil,

I totally agree with you. I don't understand why some people choose to close their minds and want to go backwards instead of forward progress.

It's not that we are so smart to be born into any race. We may feel proud to belong to a particular race, but really did we a choice? It's better to be simply "a decent human being".

maurice said...

The next election will be a crucial one.What do I want for my family and country for the next 5 years and beyond.As for me these are my wish list:
1.A peaceful and properous country.
2.An improvement in the Global Corruption Standing Index.
3.High quality education for my children.My children must master the English language for economic and political reasons.
4.A Reformed Malaysian Armed Forces, cost-effective and its members holding correct moral and human right values reflecting the multi-cultural make-up of our society.

These are the things that I will be looking for before I cast my vote.

Long Live Malaysia!

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear All,

I share your concern that we must be served by a good government. The coming GE will be critical one.

If we were to retain the same government, hope it be a reformed government with good and honest people as our leaders. Not the same faces that we have seen year in year out. And no losers as ministers please.

And if we were to be served by a new government, we hope the same of our new leaders. We will kick them out if they fail to perform.

mike joey said...

I agree with your latest message to all of us readers. This GE13 is very crucial for the future of our country and we hope there will be massive changes in governance by new dynamic, far-sighted,wise and responsible leaders and politicians.Whoever governs must put the people and country's interest first. And in passing relevant laws, the lawmakers must be serious enough to seriously and intelligently debut such laws to ensure sound, fair implementation and enforcement for all, without double or triple standard.Back to the rakyat, I hope they will cast their votes wisely for the right and capable candidate of their choice and NOT some one who just sits ' mute and deaf' in Parliament or State Assemblies.

Ejoi said...

Salam Dato'

Saya setuju dengan apa yang Dato' cakap orang KITA ini memang susah hendak dibentuk,saya akui kalau tak keadaan tak jadi mcm ni gejala sosial, buang bayi,jenayah tp apa yang saya perhatikan perkara ini berlaku KEBANYAKKAN pada masyarakat below and middle society. Dato' boleh survey anak-anak melayu darjah 1 hingga 5 golongan melayu moden sekarang di lembah kelang yang masih tidak boleh mengeja dan mengira dalam BAHASA MELAYU tapi kita masih hendak mengutamakan bahasa asing dari bahasa ibunda. Saya tahu Dato' dengan saya dari generasi yang berbeza tapi saya pun dari pendidikan yang sama saya bersekolah orang inggeris juga iaitu SK Saint George dulu. Jumlah orang melayu ini adalah kaum majoriti dalam MALAYSIA ini jadi apabila besar kita boleh nampak 1001 mcm masalah. Salam Aidiladha, Dato'.

Ejoi said...

Saya ejoi,

Saya pelik setiap kali bila saya bagi komen tentang Bangsa Melayu orang bijak pandai akan bagi komen mcm di bawah ni:

very typical narrow minded modern day melayu with a typical zimmerframe mentality and attitude.

Sang Kancil (very open minded malay)apapun anda berhak memberi komen ini negara demokrasi.

maurice said...

Saya lihat masalah yang saudara sebut itu berpunca dari kekurangan bimbingan dari pihak keluarga dan masyarakat kita sendiri.Kita jangan bergantung kepada kerajaan,orang politik dan agama seratus-peratus tetapi cuba berdikiri bagi membantu masa hadapan anak-anak kita.Dengan kemudahan yang ada di Lembah Klang banyak yang bolih dirancang dan dilakukan bagi mengasuh dan mendidik anak-anak kita supaya mereka tidak terjebak dalam masalah sosial yand saudara sebutkan itu.Amat penting ibu-bapa dan masyarakat di sekeliling melibatkan diri dan memberi masa dalam aktibiti anak-anak kita.Kita jangan segan dan malu, untuk meniru masyarakat China dalam kejayaan mendidik anak-anak mereka.Saya huraikan disini sebahagian aktibiti-aktibiti ynag mereka lakukan:1.Ibu-bapa mereka mengadakan perbincangan meja bulat dengan anak-anak mereka sekurang-kurangnya sekali seminggu untuk mendapat maklum balas dari anak anak mereka berhubung masalah pelajaran dan pergaulan sosial.Di sini mereka bertukar-tukar fikiran untuk mengatasi sebarang masalah jika ada.2.Komuniti kaum China sendiri sering mengadakan program-program tertentu untuk membimbing kanak kanak mereka dengan tujuan meningkatkan kerajinan mengejar ilmu dan meningkatkan kesukarelaan menbuat sumbangan amalan kebajikan kepada masyarakat.

komando said...

Saudara Ejoi...saya sedih dan marah dan bercampur campur didalam perasaan diri dan hati saya.

Kalau kita lemah meguasai bahasa orang putih itu pada masa kini adalah sebab - FLIP FLOP KERAJAAN BN SELAMA 54 TAHUN!

Mereka tukar haluan sebab POLITIKS - agenda mereka semua orang tahu...tidak ada rahsia apa pun.

4 generasi dah hanyut..

Bapak bapak menteri yang ada datang dari sekolah apo?
Mereka semua belajar sekolah APO?
Kenapa mereka boleh cakap, tulis dan faham BI?


Ejoi said...

Kita mengkritik tidak puas hati dengan sesuatu isu tetapi kita tidak memandang pada intipati yang sebenar. Saya rasa ramai yang memberi komen di sini orang yang professional, berduit (loaded) dan berpencen. YBhg Dato sendiri persara bekas Brig Jen tentu banyak pencen tu..rumah teres dua tingkat atau banglo..anak-anak dah besar panjang mungkin guna bahasa penghantar bahasa inggeris. Cuba kita lihat golongan Melayu yang duduk di rumah flat, PPRT dan rumah setinggan macam mana keadaan mereka? Dua -dua pihak kerajaan dan pembangkang sibuk menggunakan isu perkauman, salah urus kewangan, memwujudkan isu murtad dan agama SEHINGGA lupa tanggungjawab pada masyarakat yang betul2 memerlukan. Kedua-dua pihak perlu berhenti dengan isu-isu yang merepek2 ini. Kerajaan sibuk nak pertahankan tahta manakala pembangkang sibuk nak rampas Putrajaya...Ini la Malaysia.

TAG said...

Encik Ejoi

Syabas kerana kembali untuk mempertahankan komen awal saudara yang mulai dengan angkohnya " sedar diri la Dato" Malangnya komen berikutnya dari Encik is better described in English as unconvincing to put it very mildly..

I like to raise two points with you. Firstly your question on why "Dato puja2 Ambiga; Dato sokong sex bebas Ke?

Encik Ejoi 'sex bebas tu or free sex in English adalah lain sama sekali. The rights of LGBT are their basic human rights bukan soal sex ala ayam itek.

Berikut adalah press statement Marina Mahathir yang di petik dari Malaysia Chronicle untuk tatapan Encik Ejoi.Semoga jelas lagi issue LBGT ini bagi Encik.

“For the struggle, ask me. I have been defending the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community’s rights for over 20 years now. In fact, I defend the rights of all who have been discriminated against, the poor and everyone else. So if there is any discrimination or violence against anyone, I will continue to defend their rights. That’s it. Do you understand?” a seething Marina told a press conference on Monday."

The second point is Sekolah Inggeris yang Dato Arshad maksud tu bukan sama dengan Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) St George yang Encik Ejoi hadiri. Sekolah yang Dato hadiri dan saya juga adalah sekolah Inggeris penuh di mana medium of instruction adalah semuanya di dalam inggeris melainkan subjek bahasa dan ugama.

Tak taulah SK yang Encik Ejoi hadiri tu begitu juga. Tapi sekolah kami dulu bukan sekolah kebangsaan; masa tu tak da sekolah kebangsaan ni.

Akhir kata bukanlah lah nak tunjuk saya ni lebih tapi hanya untuk memberi penjelasan dan pandangan for the benefit of all readers.

Salam Sejahtera.

matsingkong said...

bagus juga ade Ejoi dalam blog least there are different opinions to argue and discussed...the blog is part of the internet and we should let everyone speak their voice. kritik la seberapa banyak, kerana dengan itu, minda kita akan lebih terbuka untuk berfikir secara logik atau rasional.

Ejoi, saya berpelajaran macam saudara Arshad...sekolah macam St john, St.xavier, King edward, KGV...dulu tak de sekolah kebangsaan.Ade ke takde, tidak menjadi masaalh kepada kami dlam era itu....bahasa Melayu kami masih kukuh (tak reti apa diatu Bahasa Baku!!)..tetapi banyak menimba ilmu membaca buku , majalah , akhbar Inggeris. ianya satu rahmat kerana saya boleh berinteraksi dengan lain kaum/bangsa di Malaysia atau luar negeri. Kalu diberi peluang belajar Bahasa yahudi, tentu saya belajar. selain dari bahasa menunjukkan bangsa, bahasa juga menunjukkan kemajuan. Dan Ejoi, saya tak de harta dan bukan berpangkat..tak semestinye saya tak boleh nikmati bercakap Ingerris.

For others, Ejoi are instrumental in our forward thinking as he challenges us into critical arguments...and that's refreshing for me. does not hurt me.

mitchell said...

wonderful and mature commenting from Ejoi and the rest who responded to his first comment, I look to this as a growing maturity of arguements expressing their different opinions...there is indeed a lot of hope left in salvaging this beloved country of ours..
BTW Dato, hope you are ok, have not seen a new post. Missing you...hehe

maurice said...

Isu penguasaan bahasa Inggeris oleh kanak kanak kita amat penting bagi masa hadapan mereka kerana bahasa tersebut adalah lingua franca bagi dunia perniagaan, sains dan teknologi.Tanpa penguasaan bahasa Inggeris generasi hadapan akan menghadapi pelabagai kepincangan (handicap) untuk mengoptimunkan potensi mereka dalam dunia yang semakin mepunyai ciri-ciri tanpa perbatasan.

Kerajaan sepatutnya mengwujudkan kembali sistem persekolahan dalam bahasa Inggeris seperti dahulu (di samping sistem-sistem persekolahan yang sedia ada) bagi tujuan di atas.

alee khanna said...


Setelah membaca komen2 dari pelbagai pihak saya ingin mengutarakan berikut:

Saya merasakan bahawa isu bahasa ini telah berlarutan sekian lama. Masalah utk menguasai bahasa Inggeris melalui pembelajaran matematik dan sains adalah tidak tepat. Kenapa kita perlu menyentuh kedudukan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa Kebangsaan sedangkan isu bahasa Inggeris.

Kaedah mengajar bahasa Inggeris melalui pembelajaran Matematik dan Sains memang pelik kerana tiada sebuah negara di dunia pun yg ingin menguasai bahasa Inggeris mengunakan kaedah tersebut, contohnya di negara Jepun, Taiwan malahan Jerman dan Perancis?.

Adakah kerana kanak2 sekolah di London tu mampu menguasai bahasa Inggeris kerana dia belajar matematik dan sains dalam bahasa ibundanya?.

Semua org keliru dan wujud kaedah menyelsaikan secara `hentam keromo'.

(Sebagai contohnya) Kenapa kita tak tambah saja waktu pembelajaran serta memberi pengkhususan kpd subjek matters seperti cara pengajaran?.

Sebagai contoh: YB2 kita yg tak mampu bertutur bahasa Melayu di Parlimen adakah kerana mereka telah pandai cakap Inggeris dengan baik dan fasih?

Kaedah yg digunakan oleh bekas veteran British ketika dulu (masa saya belajar bahasa inggeris) cukup bijak dalam memupuk sikap ingin belajar bahasa Inggeris walaupun mereka bukannya cendikiawan?

Sikap pelajar itu sendiri menjadi persolan. Pelajar Cina dan India memang bersungguh ingin nmenguasai bahasa Inggeris kerana menggangap bahasa itu akan memberi kelebihan kepada mereka ke IPTS kelak. Pelajar Melayu tidak bersungguh kerana menggangap telah memadai dgn keistimewaan yg ditawar kerajaan (ke IPTA) dan sekadar memahami bahasa ini cukup utk mereka melaksanakan kajian kelak.

Jadi, jgn terlalu emosional dalam mencari penyelesaian ini. Jgn kerana salahkan anak menantu dipukul?