Saturday, November 12, 2011


Even before Anuar Ibrahim’s sodomy 2 trial comes to an end, he now faces new charges, this time filed by the police themselves, reportedly under Section 182 of the Penal Code for giving ‘false information to injure another person’. The charge is related to a report that Anuar made to the police against the famous Datuk T sex video that alleges the porn star in the video was Anuar himself.

If anyone were to ask me why have the police taken the initiative to file a new charge against Anuar now, and not at the time when the report was made? My layman’s answer to this question is simply this i.e. it is a deliberate attempt by the authorities to continuously persecute Anuar with charges upon charges, till he can no longer withstand the ‘barrages’ heaped upon him. And what is even worse is that the charge is filed at a time when Anuar is in the midst of an ongoing trial for alleged sodomy and with the GE nearing. I think the entire scheme is to obliterate Anuar’s name completely from the face of the earth, and even when he is dead. To me, what the police have done is the most outrageous thing that no righteous person can ever forgive. I say to all that I have had enough of this deliberate persecution of Anuar, and I take great pity for the sufferings that he had endured and by his entire family.

Now, having said the above, I can sense that many will say that I am a staunch Anuar’s favorite, and an ungrateful retired government servant who shamelessly strived on a paltry government pension. For those who hold such a perception, I would like to say this to them, that I am no Anuar’s favorite, neither am I a staunch favorite of Najib. I am for fair and equitable justice for all, but certainly not the kind of justice that Anuar has to go through since his release from prison.

Both Anuar and including Najib (me included) must have committed errors in their lives and this is quite normal of a human being. But why is Anuar being targeted relentlessly for persecution (including that of his innocent family), whereas there are some VVIP’s (you know who) and many more who are just given a reprieve with a soft warning for a crime. If sex is the reason for the authorities to relentlessly prosecute and persecute Anuar, then why not prosecute that MCA leader who admitted to having a sex tryst with a woman other than his wife? Or why was that ‘Raba Raba’ politician be let scot free and was subsequently rewarded with an Ambassadorial post in a foreign land? And I am told too that Najib himself isn’t that clean of his sex vices; yet he is the PM today and none of his party members are complaining? And don’t forget that former Malacca Chief Minister who committed one of the most outrageous and henious crimes i.e. having sex with one underage girl, but never served a jail sentence nor was he whipped?

From the above examples, it is crystal clear that those politicians in power are treated differently from politicians that do not hold any power. This is the uniqueness of Boleh Land where power is might and right, and the powerless remains weak and has little or no right. There seems to be no justice; rather selective justice for the powerless and it is not only me that is witnessed to such injustices, but including the entire civilized world. These are the issues and acts that I violently opposed to, that I have been constantly writing about in some previous postings.

Finally, I have this to say, and setting aside your political leaning and affiliation – do you honestly think that Anuar and including his family members has been treated justifiably by the authorities since getting out of prison? Do they truly deserve such treatment? And compare that with the treatment accorded by the authorities for the ‘crimes’ committed by those powerful politicians that I have mentioned above. Do you not see the disparity and imbalances in the treatment of Anuar in comparison with the others? I ask you to seek you conscience and please be humane and passionate for once.



Banne said...

Sir, as an ex serviceman(RMN), I'm looking forward everyday to read your blog. Feel good to asociate with you. We need people like you to lead the country. My vote to you.

mitchell said...

Hear, Hear, Dato...What Dato has expressed here reflects the feelings of so some can be hounded whilst others got scot free and assigned to better propects in their life. The double standard applied makes the blood boil and such the feeling for change ever so increases. The latest reports of dubious "vote-transfers, the "Cow" tale and so many others makes me regret that I was not at "Bersih 2.0" Rest assured, I will be there for "Bersih 3.0" and to lent my voice and support for a fair and better tommorow. I salute the "Yellow Aunty" for coming forth to voice her grouses at the Select Committee...and to you Dato' for being a voice that speaks without fear or favour. May the Almighty have mercy on all of us!

exrmafazhar said...

Dato, as long as UMNO and its allies is in power the persecution and harassment of Anwar Ibrahim will not end until he is dead. The main thing is Anwar must be decapitated by whatever means. Anwar is a stumbling block for the 'progress' of UMNO and also the well being of these crooked politicians. It was Anwar that managed to bring together three opposing political parties to work together for the common good of the country. Without Anwar then there would not have been any Pakatan Rakyat (PR). That is why UMNO need to 'finish' him by whatever means available even concocting some ridiculous soap sex adventures. The least what they need to do now is make sure Anwar is busy attending to these 'personnal' problems. Of course they would prefer him to be lock up behind bars and make sure he is not able to contest the coming election. So Dato, no matter what we say or write rest assured that the relentless 'assault' on Anwar will continue until and unless we have a new democratic, fair and just government, insyaallah.

Justin Choo said...


I am relieved that you are well. You know the long silence in your postings can create all sorts of silly ideas in one's mind!

I am also not a fan of Anwar. Honestly I am a great fan of Lim Kit Siang. But that aside. What we all want is a clean and caring government. Any corrupt and inefficient one should be kicked out, be they BN or Pakatan or whatever. What we urgently need now is a real and effective two-party system.

I strongly believe that Anwar has learnt a bitter and very painful lesson in life. The positive side is that we now have Anwar as a viable and real challenger to BN. I agree with you that Anwar and his family have suffered enough physical and psychological pain under the evil hands of the BN politicians, specifically from "you know who".

There is always a silver lining over the darkest clouds. This has made Anwar a sort of "saviour and hero" amongst many of us. Just imagine what it would be like for us without Anwar at this point in time, who can transcend across race and religion, in the eyes of the public?

Dato, plase carry on your worthy crusade for a clean, efficient, and fair government, for the sake of our children, grandchildren, and future generations.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

GE 13 will be held only after Anwar is put behind bars. Can't you all see that? Beware the Ides of March.

tahaneverest02 said...

I don't love Anwar nor do I love Najib.But in all fairness I feel that Anwar has been unfairly persecuted. To compare what some rascals politicians had done as compared to what had been accused of Anwar being involved in, I think they are hundred times worst of than Anwar. But yet they got off scot-free. To me, UMNO just CANNOT stomach having Anwar influencing the majority of right-thinking Malays to PKR. Anwar is 'a pain in the ass' for UMNO. So, by hook or by crook, poor Anwar 'has to go' if
not UMNO will stand to lose more Malay, Chinese and Indian voters coming GE13. I think Anwar is really a 'stumbling-block' to UMNO trying hard to winning back Malay votes. I think most people can see all these sinister moves building-up against Anwar. And the only way the people can help Anwar is by way to voting out the UMNO/BN Govt. So, we wait and see how it will turn out.

bruno said...

Dato,the Umno regime has been treating the country like it is owned by their step-parents.That is why they have been going on a rampage,maybe to get even for the evil deeds done to them by their steps.They have been breaking whatever laws that can be broken.That is widespread corruption,manipulation of the judicial and public institutions,even rapes and murders too.

Malaysia under the present regime has the makings of a police state,except for the GE's which we have once every four to five years.It is these elections that Malaysia get to keep her democratic status.Other than the elections these people who walk the corridors of power can get away with any crimes they commited,because of the 'two set of laws' that they enforced on the people.

What Anwar is supposedly accursed to do behind closed doors is a heinous crime,while a minister caught with a starlet with his towels off in a hotel room in PD is not.How many of our present Muslim Ministers dare come out and say publicly that they haven't commited khalwat when they were in the cabinet.

And the beauty of it is that the police complaint is based on a sex tape,which an accused child rapist has a hand in.And this accused child rapist is no ordinary child rapist.He was a Chief Minister who was accused of raping this underaged Malay schoolgirl,and in all places in the CM's office.IT has been rumoured that this CM used his office as his personal brothel.

It was rumoured that this accused child rapist dare not have his trysts in hotels,for fear of been caught by his wife.His wife would have no problem using a meat chopper to chop off his genitials and throw to the dogs.That is how scared this pariah is of the spouse.A take no prisoners spouse.

Malaysians know that they have been getting the thorny end of the stick for the last four to five decades.When are Malaysians going to stand as one people and say enough is enough.Maybe this coming GE.Maybe Malaysians will be better off taking the cue from the no nonsense,take no prisoners spouse of the accused child rapist CM.

bruno said...

Dato,with Umno GOM's policy of heads I win tails you lose policy,its a miracle that they only lost five states to the opposition in 2008.But of course they have to steal one back.And they got away with daylight robbery.With compliments of the policy of two sets of laws.

The political gods must be smiling as they have been having a fiesta daily since March,2008.And this time around if the political gods have their way again,the opposition will win all 14 states plus one,that is FT.

Justin Choo said...

Anwar may be in jail physically. Wan Azizah will still be around.