Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Opposition bashing! Yes, that’s the theme of UMNO Deputy President Muhyiddin’s speech to Wanita, Youth and Puteri delegates at the opening of the party’s general assembly. I wouldn’t want to repeat what all was said by Muhyiddin, but I can only describe the speech as one of the most idiotic speeches ever in the history of the assembly from a statesman who aspires to lead the nation one day. The audience may have given Muhyiddin a standing ovation after the speech (this is standard procedure), but the fact that by ‘criminalizing’ and bad mouthing all that is opposition, Muhyiddin had exposed his own weakness and that of his party i.e. the fear for the opposition and the party’s uncertain fate in the upcoming general election is very real. I think Muhyiddin knows this and what best he can do to distract the delegates off the many distressing issues infecting the party, other than to criminalize and bad mouth the opposition. In military tactics, this is called a ruse or feign. But be warn, that such tactics do not guarantee success.

Say what you want, but I think what Muhyiddin did was shameful. As the party’s Deputy President cum Deputy Prime Minister of the country, he should have shown his true leadership prowess by appealing to the audiences all that he aspires of the party and its members, particularly now in the face of an impending general election – the mother of all elections, he claims. He should highlight the weakness and failures of the party (there are numerous) and to outline the corrective measures that he wishes to take to rid the party of such weaknesses. He should focus his thoughts on how to win the upcoming general election that is threatening the party’s survival by outlining new strategies that should appeal to the voters. He should make a stand on how party members should act and talk henceforth in order to garner public support. He should articulate on how he sees the party in the future and the kind of leaders that should be leading it. Such are the issues and many others that Muhyiddin should have addressed, but not by bashing the opposition. And if someone were to ask me how would I grade Muhyiddin? I would answer by saying that Muhyiddin is no better than a leader of a third world country who seems lost in his own world and devoid of intellectualism, maturity and progressive ideas. I think President Mugabe is far more intellectual and speaks in more constructive tone.

They say that this year’s UMNO General Assembly is the last before PM Najib calls for the 13th General Elections, believe to be anytime next year. Coincidently the number 13, to some strikes a superstitious eerie feeling that something isn’t going to be right for some people. I am not a soothsayer nor am I a superstitious person, but of late the nation seems to be struck by a number of contentious issues blamed on the government i.e. NFC fiasco, and the most recent being the government’s handling and passing of the Peaceful Assembly Bill amid opposition from activist and civil society.

I also read that Felda Chairman Isa Samad too had made a mess of himself by ridiculing some Felda members in Pahang, knowing full well that Felda settlers form a substantial voter’s pool that may well decide the fate of UMNO/BN during an election. Isa Samad may have overlooked that Felda does not belong to him; rather it belongs to the settlers, and that his past record in politics too is much to be desired.

The above are some of the issues that the rakyat can turn against the government, besides the controversy caused by Rosmah Mansor recently over the multimillion ringgit ring that she denied purchasing and the expensive handbags. Rosmah may not have sense the anger and frustration of the rakyat in the way she spends and the extravagant lifestyle she appears to lead. There is no hiding the fact that the Mak Chik’s in the kampongs are well aware of this too, and this spells certain disaster for her mate i.e. PM Najib. How is she going to appear with Najib during the campaigning and the responses she gets is much awaited by the electorates.

Finally, UMNO leaders bashing of the opposition throughout the general assembly can backfire, for there is already too much that the rakyat knows that UMNO/BN seems oblivious. While UMNO is too engross with party affairs, the opposition is already out in force campaigning. Indeed, and taking the words of Muhyiddin, the upcoming general election will be the “mother of all elections”.



Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

I believe that we should grant the DPM the right to choose and say what he wants. He indeed chose to bash the opposition, but with facts? I dunno.I watched the live telecast in awe, admiring the number of obese people on stage and also off. Wealth creation, you may say, but it seemed like a party hosted by Jabba the Hut (of Star Wars fame). At one instance, I also recalled clips of Hitler's mad raving speeches on the glorys of the master race.

tahaneverest02 said...

Needless to say, coming from the MSM we can see that our DPM has no class in his 'bashing' of the Opposition. To me his speech has no value (tak dak nilai atau harga)and has no standing as a 'statesman speech'. In short, no substance whatsoever. Just to run-down the Opposition and to create fear among the UMNOputras that all will be lost if the UMNO/BN losses the GE13. Yes,they would certainly loss all the corruption money, luxury life-style, posh cars etc.. if they loss the GE13. That's why they are so afraid of the Opposition who are gaining grounds GE after GE. They know there is the reality that Putrajaya may 'change hands' if they continue to dream of previous 'good harvest' of voters of yesteryears. They forgot that voters of today are young, dynamic and idealistic.Added that they are more educated and have a mind of their own and certainly are no fools. With the advent of a borderless world with high technology there is more for them to fear this new set of young generation. I think 54 years have been abit too long for a party to hold on to power especially when they are loosing their direction and focus to bringing the country forward to the status of a united nation.

bruno said...

Dato,the reason Muhyiddin made opposition bashing his top agenda was because Umno has nothing to boast of doing any good things for their members or the regular Malays.Even if the NFC lembus were there,they would not have paid any attention to him.

Umno knows that it is on the verge of losing power so they are getting desperate and throwing everything they have on the opposition.Wait till near polling day and we will see batallions and batallions of RELA goons and mat rempits out to harass and intimidate the people.

The present leadership of Umno are all half past sixes.We can combine all the leaders together,from Najib all the way down to Shahrizat cannot equal one of Dr Mahathir's calibre.Dr Mahathir may very well be the most hated man in Malaysia,but if we go to war,I would still prefer Dr Mahathir to lead, then to have all these present good for nothing gutless leaders of Umno GOM.

Muhyiddin has no leadership capabilities and like Hishamuddin Khairy and Shahrizat are not ready for prime time.The way he came out to defend Shahrizat speaks of hihself.If sent to Sarawak,Taib would make mince meat out of him.The only way Umno/BN can stay in power is excessive cheating and vote buying.

Isa Samad is tainted goods and a liability.Why Najib appointed him to head Felda is anybody's guess.Maybe to be a magician moneyman and refurbish Umno's warchest.If given a choice the Felda settlers would make satay out of him.

joe choy said...

Dear Dato,
I am sure many will agree with me after hearing DPM speech at the UMNO Assembly that he is a confirmed racist to the hilt.Venom spewing out of his mouth would further reinforce the Opposition parties determination to work harder this coming GE13 to kick-out the corrupt UMNO/BN GOM. His speech not only having no substance nor basis but is counter-productive to the UMNO. His speech further angers the general populace and would have adverse effects on the BN Govt. which they can ill-afford it as GE13 is just at its door-step. He should be talking on how to winning over the voters and spell out certain lines of behaviour and actions for UMNO members to take in
winning the 'hearts-and-minds' of the rakyat. Calling out to Assembly members to defend the sovereignty of Malays and its Rulers is really uncalled-for and should not arise. As, in fact, there is never a threat against the Malays nor its Rulers since independence with the exception in the early 80s where UMNO itself calls for the curtailing of powers of the Rulers.Never was there any threat posed by the Chinese or Indians towards the Rulers or our brother Malays.This is a creation of the UMNOputras to instill fear among its own people to gain votes. This is dangerous tactic and should not be taken likely as it touches on national security and sedition. PDRM please wake-up and take cognizance of this threat. This DPM speech is real rubbish.

azmie said...

that's the problem with umno's politics. they just do not know to differentiate between the nation and party interest. the day before, pm did a stupid stunt by praising himself and the bn. to these feedlot cows, i come first, the nation can go to hell. btw, isa pendek, regrettably my senior in school, did that stupid act in k pilah, regrettably my hometown
the verification word i got for this comment is "bodotome". ironic huh?

Ejoi said...

Salam Dato'

Saya dah agak dah ramai tertunggu2 perhimpunan agung UMNO ini. Ramai ingin tahu isu yang hendak dibawa isu perkauman (racism)? Pembangunan negara? Isu menghentam pembangkang? Saya tgk media pembangkang mula membesarkan apa yang diucapkan dalam perhimpunan agung tersebut.Ada pihak mengambil kesempatan terhadap intipati dalam ucapan tersebut. Cuba kita perhimpunan agung PKR dan DAP, agendanya sama juga..salah satunya untuk menghentam BN aka UMNO. Saya rasa dua-dua pihak ini adalah SAMA aje....
Kita imbang dan kita kaji kedua-dua pihak ini secara UMUMnya adalah SAMA aje...kalau tak percaya pergi tanya pakcik-makcik kat kampung sama ada diperintah oleh pembangkang ataupun kerajaan. Jawapannya adalah SAMA AJE..ADUN tak pernah nampak batang hidung, harga barang tetap melambung, pendatang asing jadikan kampung macam negara sendiri...Ini lah MALAYSIA..

Frankie said...


You are absolutely correct to describe Muhyiddin as a low class third world banana republic wannabe leader. Such a disgraceful person would fit in well in a cage full of monkeys and teaching the monkeys to throw objects at visitors to the zoo. That's what this Muhyiddin is....a monkey leading a bunch of monkeys.

mitchell said...

Dear Dato,
This is so typical of UMNO, afraid to tell the truth, afraid to acknowledge that the party is at the cross roads, afraid to face the reality that if they do not buck up, the Malays will ditch them, and still in the end they will blame the Malays for deserting the cause and not them deserting the Malays cause.
I sincerly hope the delegates open their eyes, their eyes and their hearts to decide and choose the right path.

komando said...

THE UMNO we "had" once a long time ago is obviously HIS-TORY!

What we are having today IN UMNO is third class mentality MELAYU who do not care a damn if their own race dies of hunger, starvation, sickness or disease!

They are only bothered if their money pouch/stake/cake/goodie
bags is threatened and position shaken by others.

More so if others spill the beans on them and all their dirty bags of tricks!

They fear losing their freedom! Yes freedom from not being able to pilfering others/raping/robbing/
fornicating - but being incacerated forever and for good!

This they fear MOST!
Yes they even do not fear GOD ALMIGHTY!

Being an UMNO person and a MELAYU First, they forgot what Islam teaches them!

Mind you, to them being a Melayu & UMNO member is more important than being a good pious MUSLIM as the teachings of Islam teaches!

Therefore, why should we be surprise of what they are capable of doing or what they have done to remain in power for so long and try to STILL remain in POWER!

I pity those Melayus who cannot think for themselves and surrender their good brains to UMNO to think/speak/act for them for all the wrong reasons!

Most of all I sympathize with Dato' Pak Chad for feeling so awful for his own KIND!

The ones that betrayed the NATION !


Dato, good to have you back! Your sane and even-tempered commentary was much missed.

Let's see now what Najib's speech will be. He'd do well to heed your second paragraph - what a true statesman and leader would say.

But judging by his past speeches, we can expect more foaming and frothing at the mouth and ranting at the opposition.

BN leaders seem lost and devoid of substance, drowning in their pool of corrupt practices and clutchng at the straws of racism and religion for rescue!

pak man said...

It is easy to say bad things about others, especially finding others people mistake, and i believe when you were general, manager and administrative in your organization you are also doing wrong and a lot of stupid things. Maybe the only different things is you cannot be critics because of your organization design. I believe if you are a good leader, you should find a better way in order to solve any problem not by writing all this nonsense and stupid things, why didn't you critics leader of opposition parties like DAP leader in one of his speech by saying that MB Perak is black metalic. PLEASE dont bias you are suppose to be analytically and discuss it with proper way. Do you things this is correct. As a Malaysian we are suppose to be polite and use a better word rather than using bad word. I love reading your article because I believe you are clever and smart person but then based on this new article it changed everything.

joe choy said...

Dear Pak Man,
Sorry for saying that I was trying very hard to figure out what you are trying to say about Dato and his poor administration purportedly during his service. I really cannot decipher your very high standard 'coded message' in trying to say that Dato had done alot of stupid things while as a General in the ATM? I don't see your linkage on the subject matter being discussed. Perhaps you can do us a favour putting your comment in Bahasa which I believe can make better sense for all of us to easily understand. In short, may I point out to you that certainly Dato is not writing nonsence nor stupid things as claimed by you. And may I ask you what sort of 'bad word' had Dato wrote that you had taken offence?. In my honest opinion, you are not looking at the bigger picture and understanding of the Malaysian UMNO/BN politics.

pronto said...

Fantastic Wanita Umno Chief who folded her sleeves like gangster. Very sad we have this type of Minister. What a mentality. She is no better than Minah Rempit. She dragged Wanita Umno into NFC when she was answerable to all the problem in NFC.

bruno said...

Dato,soon Shahrizat will be chased out of the cabinet and has to stepped down as wanita head too.When she finally is out then Muhyiddin will be the biggest fool of all fools,for backing a three legged corrupted lembu.

It is just a matter of time.By her childish arguments that PKR has to ask Wan Azizah to resign too, because of Anwar's alledged bedroom roams is totally a damsel's call in distress.What Shahrizat is publicly saying is that if she were to be held accountable for her husband's sins,so should Wan Azizah.

What she doesn't understand is that she and her family has let the people down by cheating them out of their hard earned money.It has nothing to do with Wan Azizah or Anwar's alledged bedroom roams.

exrmafazhar said...

pak man, aiyaaa how to comment on your comment aah....errr ok you said very easy to find other people mistake...that vely collect maa.. you just need to follow Rosmah Mansor for 24 hours and you can comment from top to toe about her... from her body shape, her hair style,her clothes,her shoes, her hand bags, her diamond rings and the persons she meets..errr i mean her friends (read business contacts) like Mr Deepak (remember the carpet salesman in Altantuya) and also like that chinese boy which had a fling with Paris Hilton and now he is going to sapu clean that Sungei Besi base and make it another of his toy...
Yes it is very easy to comment but your comments, my comments matter, it matters because we have a stake in this country my friend pak man.
Ok la maybe Dato General is 'bias' for not criticising the opposition but hei this is his blog... he can write what he wishes lah. If you feel strongly that something must be written about the opposition then set up your own blog lah...or just go and read all those blogs belonging to UMNO paid cybertroopers... and mind you just look at how they write and the language that they use...the maki hamun..OMG. Oh yes just look and listen at the words and language being use by UMNO delegates to criticise Pakatan Rakyat at the ongoing UMNO convention (bangsat,barua...)..OMG. So who is the one that is not being polite as a malay,a Malaysian should be...ahh pak man?
Ok i accept that DAP guy was out of line for using 'black metallic' to describe an MB and he has graciously apologised.

Dan kepada Ejoi pulak, berkenaan Adun tak turun kampong mungkin ada betul nye, tapi makcik dan pakcik kat kampong tu jangan lah duduk kat rumah aje, pi la kat service centre Adun tu untuk mengadu hal. Kalau nak harap si Adun tu turun padang dan menjaja muka mereka kepada rakyat ALL the time,then its a bit susah lah. Sebenar nye mereka hanya menerima elaun ajer, itu pun tak seberape pun... kalau di banding dengan MPs dari Singapura, dimana mereka akan menjadi multi millionire at the end of their term lah. Ok mungkin Adun dan Ahli Parlimen dari UMNO/BN bolih turun padang lebih kerap sebab mereka banyak duit dan ada spesial elaun dari Kerajaan Pusat dan mereka juga senang dapat projek, macam projek lembu NFC dan projek 'permusnahan' airport lama Sungei Besi, dan projek kapok duit rakyat melalui PKFZ dan lain lain lagi lah....
dan berkenaan orang asing bermaharaja lela di kampong (dan juga bandar) ini kerana kita yang menjemput mereka datang. Ingat tak masa Visit Malaysia Year beberape tahun dulu kita bagi mereka visa bila mereka sampai aje kat KLIA, tak perlu mohon kat negeri asal mereka. Tujuan kerajaan ialah nak tunjukan yang program 'Visit' tu berjaya. So they came.. Bangla, Myanmar, Vietnamse, Chinese, Indian came in numbers and quite a number of them did not go back.(no need to mention about Indon lah, mereka dah lama bermaharajalela disini) Kita pun komplain ramai pendatang haram, then kerajaan buat operasi pemutihan pulak, so seronok la mereka. Lepas tu kita bagi pulak mereka kerakyatan cukup dengan kad pengenalan segera dan hak untuk dua kali seronok la mereka.

Jadi sapa kita nak tunding jari akan terlalu ramai nye orang asing ni? Rakyat? Pembangkang? Kerajaan?

Harap anda jawab...Tiada hadiah untuk jawapan yang betul

Malaysian said...

Pak man

Maybe you didn't realize that Dato love his country, race, religion and UMNO so much that he critize this party. He cherish this political party. If you can't realize the loyalty he show towards UMNO then you must be blinded or brainwashed! Even as a non-Malay, I wish UMNO will reform too. For too long, our leaders from UMNO abuse this country. We must realize it's not easy for our founding fathers such as Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Dr. Ismail, Tun Tan Chen Lock, soldiers, police, etc fought so hard for our country indepence. It's UMNO baru that's destroying the country that our parents fought hard for. Why bother about complaining or criticizing DAP, PAS or PKR when UMNO have the power to reform and save this country. In order to save UMNO and Malaysia, we need UMNO to loose this coming election. With UMNO loosing this comming election, this will force UMNO to reform and allow new principled leaders to lead our beloved UMNO party again. Lastly, many non-Malay does not hate UMNO but we just dislike UMNO leaders that's corrupt, racist, abuse power, etc. We (Malaysian) must save UMNO so we must make UMNO loose this election!

Anak Malaysia

Malaysian said...


Also, do you think UMNO is ignorant on identifying the problems within the party? They know the solution to solve the problems. Do they have the will to solve the problems? NO! It's because they are so corrupted that they do not wish to reform. If you love or cherish UMNO then works towards forcing corrupt UMNO politician loose this coming election.


Anonymous said...

Pak Man, ape yang merapu tak tentu hala nih........pening kepala nak faham ape yang Pak Man tulis.Kalau General tak buat kerja UMNO tak hidup lagi dah....lama dah mampus kena baham ngan CHIN PENG.Lain kali kalu tak faham atau tak tau tulis jangan masuk dalam blog nih....menyemak aje.

Wak Arjun said...

Pak Man, whoever you are, go fly kite la....

Poor writing skills.
No substance.
That reminds me of the DPM.
And that cow Lady.

mike joey said...

Can the people imagine the DPM satement, 'UMNO could have ruled alone' that is after Independence. This DPM is much insane to reckon this stupid 'formula'. Did'nt our former PM Dr M once said that the Chinese and non Bumis are the main tax-payers in Malaysia?? Now can Muhyudin DPM tell us if that were to be the case (which can never happen), where is UMNO going to get the money to survive when the UMNOputras are known to be so corrupted. If that were to be the case, he and his UMNO cronies would not have been around today having their UMNO Convention at PWTC. DPM... have you got what I am trying to say? No? Not surprise with your mentality.

komando said...

UMNO - orang Melayu sudah harapkan UMNO sebagai PAGAR mereka!

Yang Aneh - "Pagar Pun Dah Makan Padi dan Makan PAGAR sekali!

TOLONG LAH macam mana nak buat lagi!????