Sunday, November 13, 2011


The National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) fiasco has created more liars and cheats from among the ruling elite, and the PM himself is no exception. I do not wish to comment on the denials made by the Agriculture Minister Noh Omar in defence of Shahrizat’s failed family business, for the former is perpetually lost in his own job and ministry. And in fairness to Noh Omar, he should not be the person to speak out about something that he wasn’t involved in. Rather, it is DPM Muhyiddin that should do all the explanation since it was during his tenure as the Agriculture Minister that the NFC project was approved. Sadly, Muhyiddin has not uttered a word and has left it to others to say their piece. Now we all know Muhyiddin i.e. a person who does not take responsibility for a failure of his own doing. And mind you, he is slated to be the next PM – a scary proposition.

One particular person who thinks he can correct something that is obviously wrong is UMNO Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin. People say that he is smart because he is a graduate of the prestigious Oxford University, but sometimes smart people can say stupid things as well. This is the dilemma that Khairy has for being proclaimed by his loyalist as being smart, and it is because of this that everything he does and say is subject to public scrutiny. Khairy is definitely unlike Noh Omar because the latter can say anything he wishes but gets very little or no attention. The reason is obvious i.e. Noh Omar does not have the ‘credentials’ of a smart person, and Selangoreans in particular does not think highly of him either.

Khairy Jamaluddin comments concerning the purchase of a RM9.8 million luxury condo at Bangsar by NFC has come under severe criticism from the opposition members and likeminded Malaysians. Khairy thinks that the purchase of the condo being part of NFC’s investment is quite in order since the condo can bring home substantial returns in the future. But Khairy obviously has overlooked the terms and conditions’ relating to the usage of the loan that I believe is only meant for NFC’s related business ventures. But what has purchasing a condo got to do with NFC’s related business ventures, unless the condo is meant to house the cows. I think Khairy knows this, but he thinks he can outsmart others with his mediocre and thoughtless comment. Former Health Minister Chua Jui Meng has this to say of Khairy’s comment - “This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard from someone who is thought to be smart”. And didn’t I say that some smart people can also be saying stupid things? So you now know that Khairy is not that smart after all.

To date, only a handful of people have come forward in defence of the NFC i.e. PM Najib, Noh Omar, Khairy and Shahrizat herself. But one particular person that have till now remained silent (besides Muhyiddin) is the owner of NFC itself i.e. the husband of Shahrizat. My I ask – why is this so? Is he clinging on to his wife to take on the full brunt of public criticism? To remain silent is a confession of guilt. I am told that Shahrizat’s husband has all the qualifications and credentials (including their children) to managed the NFC project successfully. So why this unexplained failure when a full disbursement of public funding has been made to NFC? Are we to believe that the AG report isn’t correct and need to be redone? Here, we are talking about a RM200 million public funded project; not a 200 ringgit public funded project. And it is for this reason the public wants answers and they want to know what will be the fate of such huge losses.

Let me be blunt with Shahrizat and her entire family members that what you all did is an act amounting to a criminal breach of trust (CBT). You claim to be Muslims and do you not know what the Koran say about someone who breaches ‘Amanah’. You being in power today may escape the worldly punishment, but you will not escape questioning on the Day of Judgment.

I personally think the NFC’s case is indefensible, and not only will this NFC fiasco hurt Shahrizat in her quest for a candidacy in the next GE, but this will also caused reasonable doubts on her position as the UMNO Wanita chief. Certainly, the weaker sex does not want a leader that is embroiled in ‘scandals’. The nett effect of this NFC fiasco will be upon the shoulders of PM Najib who will have to defend UMNO/BN to survive the upcoming GE. I know this will be a daunting task for PM Najib.



!munafikmalaysia said...

Do you honestly believe the UNMO guys and gals seriously believe in the day of judgement??
Not by all the shenanigans that is going on.
To me their prayers is akin to banging their head to the floor umpteen times a day and their visit to mecca is like going for a stroll around a black stone, devoid of any spirituality or bonding with the almighty.
Hey! did not some of their species just went there for a stroll recently??

TAG said...

There are thousands of us who are in our twilight years now belonging to a generation that walked or at best cycled to school. We went to English schools not by choice but was logical then to the minds our fathers as we were British administered.
Many of us became salaried employees mostly in the government or uniformed services. We dutifully paid our taxes and put our children to school so that they could be better than us.
The country was transformed and life seems to be great. It seems to be but no it is not.
Over the years UMNO created a culture where the road to wealth is through politics. Not clean politics but deceitful and exploitative politics.
To those Malays who are awed by UMNO, can they not see where these goons are turning the Malay race into. Can they not see that rules and good order and discipline no longer governs our life under UMNO's rule. Can they not see what kind of devils these UMNO goons have become when a case like NFC Is a best practice and not wrong in
law and moral. Can they not see UMNO is playing dirty through manipulation of the mass media where news are never the truth but spins to exploit their minds.
Can they not see that it is high times they give themselves a chance to know the the truth by widening their reads to alternative news.
Can they not see. Why or why can they not see!

exrmafazhar said...

Survive they can. Survive they will. Didnt Haji Najib once said that defend Putrajaya at whatever cost.

Tapi jangan lupa.. kita hanya merancang... Allah yang menentukan

bruno said...

Dato,first of all the original Agriculture Minister who was involved in this NFC project from the very beginning was DPM Muhyiddin.When Muhyiddin was MB of Johore he was known as 'Baby Taib'.There has to be a reason for Muhyiddin to be given a nickname of 'Baby Taib'.'Baby Taib' is a smaller version of CM Taib of Sarawak,who is rumoured to have robbed Sarawak of tens of billions of ringgit.

So if Baby Taib is quite as a tikus,it is because he has a batang stuck into his mouth.Baby Taib was greedy and ate some of the chillies at NFC,that is why he knows that the chillies are real hot.

Anonymous said...

UMNO and co only create new 'idiom'. wisely can be use to describe their idiot.

lembu punya kondo,khairy dapat nama.
seperti menternak lembu didalam kondo -melakukan sesuatu paling bodoh atau tidak diterima akal

hopefully if these idiot defeat in next GE, DBP will recognize these idiom.

bruno said...

Dato,all these crooked politicians from BN are caught together in a corner.So they are all boxed in with no where to manoveure.They are in panic mood and desperately trying to explain a way out.

If PM Najib has any credible advisers around him,they should have advised the PM to cut his losses short,instead of defending the indefensible.Shahrizat is cooked.To try and defend the 'guilty till proven innocent' lady minister is like betting a three legged horse in the derby.

Khairy Jamaluddin is not as smart as we think he is.We got the impression that he is so smart because he graduated from Oxford.I always thought that Khairy was smart till he went on the offensive on LGE's son.That was the worst position and nightmare,that a politician would want to find themselves in.And now to come out to defend the lady minister,who is supposed to be guilty till proven innocent.

Public perception is the most important thing in politics.If Khairy still doesn't get it after the LGE son's blunder,and keep repeating himself,he should do himself and everybody around him a favor and retire from politics for good.I think that it is safe to say that Khairy got to where he is in politics,is because of his FIL PM Abdullah Badawi.

One thing is for sure.PM Najib is still shellshocked.Just been freshly home from performing the Haj,he would have expected this NFC scandal to have simmered down.Instead it hasn't reached boiling point yet.Najib must be pondering why after having such highly overpaid public relation guys around him,and still no damage control is being done.

Najib must be wondering by now,how is he going to lead his BN to the polls.With all his main players marked with red $ signs on their foreheads,and real red large bullseye on their backs.Najib must by now hoping and praying that the next GE never comes.

yemingshan said...

Where to find clean men if the entire Umnoes become absolutely lawless and running wild.

Frankie said...


You said it all in your article.

UMNO has always treated Malaysians as stupid idiots because it has openly gotten away with high theft, treason and murder. UMNO has come to believe they are above the law. The DPM is guilty as hell in this NFC fiasco and he chose to remain quiet because he knows this fiasco will fade away just like the other UMNO fiascos before this. It is apparent that the "not so smart" Oxford graduate is apple polishing the DPM by defending Sharizat. If Sharizat and her family gets off scott free which is very likely as MACC, PDRM and AG will not take any actions, this means the DPM is also "innocent". The "not so smart" Oxford graduate hopes he will be rewarded by the DPM as he himself can foresee the new Haji Najib will not survive the next election as UMNO President or PM hence he is switching his allegiance to the DPM. We are already doomed with Haji Najib at the helm but we are hell doomed if the DPM becomes the PM.

Frankie said...

I concur with TAG @6.16pm. We were once a prosperous and harmonious country even after the 1969 riots. We had a sound education system and politicians who were perceived not to overly corrupt then. Then along came an insecure doctor politician who changed the face of Malaysia and Malaysians from 1982 onwards. Our country became divided and race and religion became the dominant political tool used by the power hungry and corrupt UMNO politicians to gain control over the Malay masses.

Not content with controlling the Malays masses, the politician cum retired doctor then exerted his control over the judiciary. monarchy, police, the AG and ACA. The rest is now history. As TAG commented, why can't the Malays see what UMNO had done to them and this country?

cskok8 said...

Unfortunately that is the kind of behavior everyone expect of an UMNO leader. If they do otherwise people will be questioning their mental state.

joe choy said...

KJ 'mati-mati' has to defend Sharizat n family on the NFC issue. Why? My guess is that is was probably KJ has a hand in approving the Project as at that time he was the ' 4 Tingkat boy' at Putrajaya. Secondly,the NFC Project is in his state of Negeri Sembilan and he is no fool not to realise that the Opposition will politicise on this 'hot n damaging' issue come GE13. Thus, he fears more votes would be lost n perhaps NS may fall to the Opposition. After all, as it is, BN only has a very thin margin in the State Assembly.

monty said...

I feel that the only way out for the bunch of 'crooks' involved in this NFC fiasco is for them to admit their wrong doings and to return whatever public funds remaining back to the Govt.and tender an open public apology. Followed with a written pledge to reimburse whatever money been used for personal interest like buying of condo and 'public sponsored' family holiday. People involved in this fiasco like KJ, Noh and Sharizat must resign from all political and Govt posts.Perhaps then, the people may forgive and try to forget their evil plot. Again, maybe UMNO/BN may retrieve some of the peoples votes and confidence.Otherwise , I think NS is going to be a bye-bye forever for the BN come GE13. No?

bruno said...

Dato,with the tempo being raised daily and yet to reach boiling point,it is a miracle if Shahrizat can survived till year's end.My best guess is that she will be outed before the end of November,and by the latest end of the year.

taming said...

NFC FIASCO is just another example of our leaders committing a crime and daylight robbery, assume the RAKYATS are stupid and return with denials and various naive excuses!
PM Najib knows the RAKYATS are not stupid and he loves the RAKYATS, BN and UMNO. Najib also loves his surbodinates but if he must remember that as a true credible commander, he also has limits to supporting his surbordinates!
I know Shahrizat is a dear friend of Najib and Rosmah, they love her but as PM, he loves the RAKYATS, BN and UMNO more!
Najib's continued support for crooked party leaders who have committed crimes and daylight robberies are leading to the downfall of BN and UMNO which will result in a possible defeat in the coming GE.


taming said...

Have you received some information regarding a very high ranking UMNO leader, Zahid Hamidi, confessing that he recently went to Mecca to perform Haj using a "friend's" private jet?
What would be next?
The PM, DPM or any Cabinet Minister including the Minister of Defence will be financed by their their "friends" who would lease the space shuttle or Airbus A380for any of them to go to space or fly round the world!
Ha ha,I will become their "friend" too if I were given giant Mindef contract.

maurice said...

It is the rule of the universe that nothing remains static.The miitary leadership should review its long-standing policy forbidding their families to be involved in business.It is a ridiculous policy when politicians' families are allowed to do business and not the military, after all both politicians and military personnel are servants of the State.Why discriminate the nilitary people?
If military families are allowed to do business, they can be a force to challenge and displace the politician cum businessman currently dominating Mindef these days.We do nothing wrong if it has already being practiced by certain quarter of the executive?I would rather betray the world then let the world betray me.

Gengis Khan said...

You should not use a wise saying( "I would rather betray the world then let the world betray me.") and pass if on as yours. Always attribute it to the person who originated it. In this case it was said by, Coa Coa a Chinese War Lord (155 – March 15, 220)[ He was the and the penultimate Chancellor of the Eastern Han Dynasty who rose to great power during the dynasty's final years.

Check it out in Wikipedia !!!!

Ejoi said...

NFC adalah perancangan sewaktu RM ke 9semasa Pak Lah menjadi PM. Perkara ini dimonopoli oleh KJ sebab itu ianya dilaksanakan di Negeri Sembilan tidak secara kelompok pada rancangan asalnya adalah mengikut zon utara, selatan dan pantai timur.

Ini yang MENYEDIHKAN ialah politik di Malaysia ini dikuasai dan berlandaskan ideologi nepotisme (Mak,Bapa,anak beranak,saudara mara,ipar duai). Cuba kita tgk BN - Najib bin Tun Razak, Hishammuddin bin Tun Husein Onn, Mukriz bin Mahatir manakala pembangkang Nurul Izah bin Anuar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng al Lim Kit Siang, Anak Karpal Singh.

Cuba kita fikir BN sekarang sedang mempertahankan tahta? Apa yang berlaku sekiranya ianya GAGAL mempertahankan tahta? Adakah keadaan ketenteram awam tergugat, berlaku rusuhan? Adakah ekonomi negara akan jatuh?


Sekiranya Pakatan GAGAL dalam misi menawan Putrajaya yg mana Pakatan yakin boleh menang pd PRU ke 13. Apakah ALASAN yang nak diberikan kepada penyokong2 mahupun golongan atas pagar?

exrmafazhar said...

Saudara Ejoi,
Kalau nepotism bermaksud memberi projek dan lain lain imbuhan kepada saudara mara yang tidak sepatutnya mereka terima dan bolih juga di takrifkan sebagai 'rasuah',maka sudah tentunye kita tidak bolih terima. Ini banyak berlaku kepada pemerintahan UMNO/BN. Kita lihat saje lah sejak zaman Mahathir lagi dan berterusan semasa Pak Lah dan kini Haji Najib perkara sebegini banyak berlaku.Tak perlulah diperkatakan satu persatu siapa mereka yang menerima 'imbuhan imbuhan' itu. Bagi negeri diperintah Pakatan masih tidak ketara ini berlaku, mungkin terlalu awal untuk di buat penilaian.

Tapi kalau nepotism bermaksuk memberi peluang kepada mereka yang berkebolihan untuk memerintah walaupun mereka dari saudara mara sendiri saya rasa ini tidak menjadi masaalah. Asalkan mereka dapat menjalankan tugas dengan adil dan saksama sudah tentunya mereka perlu di sanjung. Kita ambil saje contoh saperti Lim Guan Eng, adakah beliau seorang pemakan rasuah, tidak adil kepada rakyat yang di perintah dan lain lain yang negatif? Pada saya beliau telah menjalankan tugas sebagai Ketua Menteri dengan baiknya dan juga ahli politik yang berwibawa. Bukankah beliau yang berkata "ingin mencontohi saperti Saidina Umar Abdul Aziz"....

So nepotism is not so bad after all if done correctly lah...

Anonymous said...

Umno is reaching the end of the road with this cattle episode, and UMNO has to be sacrificed come GE 13.Enough is enough....we Malaysian must unite to get rid of this parasite.

alee khanna said...


Sharizzat should quit now?. She keep numb as she knows she is on the wrong side.

AlphaGuy said...

Greetings dear General. Thank God that there is such a thing as the electronic media. Now Malaysians can see and judge these cretins under the microscope.
Simply put, UMNO and BN have been in power for far too long. Within their ranks they need serious and committed overhauling (not that Najib and his cohorts are ignorant and needed to be told by citizens!). Then put their act together and kick those undesirable deadbeat, corrupt low-life racist politicians who claim to champion the people but are like ravenous wolves devouring the wealth of this once beautiful and serene land and turning it into their exclusive haven to pillage and plunder with impunity.
Malaysians are sick to the stomach with the goings-on and want to put an end to it in GE13 !!

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

NFC is a very,very,very successful FAILURE.

pak man said...

to me everyone is same. every leader is same, when they have power they will do whatever they want. like this situation it can be done by leader from pkr, pas, dap or others parties leader, so to me we can't simply put the blame on sharizat. tendency of abusing power is part of culture in any develop country. so went we talk about honesty we have to dig and find mistake, power abuse that been done by others leader....

Mawar_Rimba said...

Pak Man, you are one corrupted old man, don't simply put words and say "everyone is same. every leader is same, when they have power they will do whatever they want. like this situation it can be done by leader from pkr, pas, dap or others parties leader". I really pity your parents. Pak Man, do you know that there so many genuine individuals out there who who really want the change for Malaysia's future. People with mentality like you should be sent to Timbuktu without a drop of water.

Mawar Rimba


Gengis Khan said...

Well said Mawa Rimba, only a man with corrupt virtues will think and talk like that.


joe choy said...

Pak Man,
You have given a loose and unfair comment although it is still a comment. I believe there are still many non corrupt and decent leaders among us but not given a chance to prove themselves. You should be more positive in your thinking and to have more hope for our country to recover after 52 yrs or more of wastage and mismanagement.

sazali said...

Agreed with all opinions. This should not have happened.i.e. the disbursement of funds to sharizat's family, the purchase of the condo, the poor monitoring of the fund and blah blah blah. Excessive funding has been awarded to the NFC, they can buy condos, go holidays and they really take care of the LEMBU in them!!!!

timor said...

But, whatever happened to our Dato' Gen,?

Its been quite sometimes now !