Monday, November 28, 2011


I was referred to during a conversation with a friend of an article titled PANGLIMA BERSARA SERTAI PKR KERANA BERMASALAH posted in a blog

I have no interest in knowing who the blogger is, but I certainly have interest in correcting the facts posted in the blog and to counter some issues that he has written.

First, the writer says that the senior military officer whom he named as Brig Jen Dato Abdullah bin Mohamed (Retired) 67 years of age, was the Commander of an Army unit, had on 24 November 2011 joined the PKR and paid RM200 for a life membership at the PKR’s office, Port Dickson. Dato Abdullah, together with 50 other retired military officers and ranks of the Armed Forces acceptance into PKR will be announced by Anuar Ibrahim when the latter makes a scheduled visit to Port Dickson on 25 December 2011.

The writer alleged that the reason Dato Abdullah and the others joined PKR is to expose the audit on the recent purchase of the 8x8 Armoured Vehicles for the Army that were purchased at 7 times the original price. The writer accused the PKR of wanting to solicit the knowledge of Dato Abdullah and the others in party’s investigation (should the investigation be carried out) relating to the purchase of the armoured vehicles for the party’s personal gain. Whatever is revealed during the investigation will be used by PKR during its campaign; purportedly aimed at discrediting (politik kebencian) the government.

First, let me correct a vital error in fact i.e. that I am certain Brig Jen Dato Abdullah bin Mohamed (Retired) is not an army officer as alleged. I am of his age, and I being from the army am fully aware of names of senior military officers of my era. I do not know if there is an officer by that name in the other two services of the Armed Forces.

Second, what is so wrong if Dato Abdullah and the 50 others want to join PKR? Is it an offence for retired military men/women to join a political party of their choice? Is the writer suggesting that they should only join UMNO or any other party within the BN coalition? What is so dreadful and unacceptable in them joining an opposition party? Is the writer suggesting that it is only the BN that has the right to govern the country for another 100 years?

Third, if Dato Abdullah and the others are privy to the dealings in the purchase of the armoured vehicles, what is so wrong for them to expose the dealings if the dealings are deemed to be dubious and are mired in corruption, impropriety, falsification by those involved in making the deal? Are they not doing what is desired by civil society? They being Muslims, I think are committed to reveal and to expose any wrong doing, for if they are to remain quite, is to condone such impropriety. Any other religion for that matter does not condone the obvious wrong doing of others.

To blogger bigdog, I have this to say – I and many others that had served the Armed Forces faithfully has this obvious hatred for corruption. I have known how corrupt some Armed Forces personal were, and how lucky they were not to be caught and jailed. I believe you know too the corruption that goes on among politicians and government officials till this very day, but you chose to ignore that such act do exist and instead turn a blind eye. By doing this, I say that you are in connivance with the devil.

Finally, let me tell blogger bigdog that I am also of the opinion that the RM7 billion purchases of 200 odd armoured vehicles are highly inflated. And for saying this, are you now going to say that I too am a voice of the opposition? So stop being paranoid at seeing retired military officers and ranks joining the opposition party, for this is part of a burgeoning process of creating the best democracy for the country. And isn’t this also the aspiration of PM Najib?



tahaneverest02 said...

Dear All,
Whether we are retired Government servants,army officers,police officers or from the diplomatic services or whatnot,there is nothing binding to say which political party we can or cannot join.This is regardless of whether joining the ruling party or opposition.Perhaps blogger bigdog is suggesting that all Government retirees must have total blind-loyalty towards the UMNO/BN and must continue to vote for them even if they are corrupt and mismanage the country. How shallow-minded and idiotic he is to insinuate such thoughts.Bigdog must not forget that in our civil decent society all of us shun corruption whether in Government or private sectors. To me it is a very noble cause to fight corruption and wrongdoings especially in the Government services as it involves the rakyats money.I would salute those senior officers and other ranks as mentioned by bigdog for their worthy cause and hope they will pursue their objective to the end.As human-beings we have our convictions and conscience to do what is right. Perhaps bigdog does not possess such virtues.

bruno said...

Dato,this fatso Bigdog is a puppy reared and well fed by
Umnoputras.You should have seen the way he jumped when Dr Mahathir snapped his fingers.

EAGLE said...

If we can change the government then the population will definitely get the answers to all the mysteries.
The missing jet engine will also be answered and no need to chase the just retired PAT that pretend "service before self"- give him two fingers! maybe he willingly will come forward- who knows!

bruno said...

Dato,to the running dogs of Umno,Malaysia is a free country to themselves only.For other Malaysians,we need to get their permission to do anything else.These are people with the mentality and IQ of the likes of lembus.

No wonder Umno and its members are directioness,with no where to go.Flipflopping all the way,with no leaders to lead them.To these people corruption is a way of life,and embeded in their heads they think that they deserved to have a bite at the corruption pie.Any body who tries to exposed them must be dealt with at any cost.

What these stupid lembus couldn't get it is that droves of Malays are deserting Umno every day.The people are fed up of the rampant looting of the people's bank.All the country's wealth going to a small group of Umnoputras and their cronies.Bigdog being one of them.At least he was paid for his blogging.

bruno said...

Dato,Happy Sixty Eighth Birthday or Happy Belated Birthday,whichever may come first.Cheers and many more to come.

johnnie lim said...


What our country needs now are people who can stand up to fight against corruption. It matters not which party they are from. But as it is , I don't think there are any from the BN side as they have to follow the flow to survice or stays in power. I am hoping we can reduce the corruption if not wipe out completly(this is going to take some time) .Continue doing what you are doing Dato .

Frankie said...


This is what is wrong with our country when pro-UMNO bloggers openly support and condone corruption by their UMNO paymasters. These pro-UMNO bloggers have no conscience as they attempt to convince the readers that there is nothing wrong to be corrupt but it is totally wrong to expose acts of corruption.

You are indeed correct in your description that this bigdog is in connivance with the devil. And yet this bigdog blogger claims to be a muslim. Shameful.

pronto said...

It look like retired military officer owed their lives to only BN. It look like we will have our pension taken away if we joined the opposition. This is blackmail.

Malaysian said...


Maybe the old veteran should form a NGO. The veteran should voice their concern about things that are happening to the country in one voice. I do hope the veteran can play a role on this coming election. They do not need to be align to any political party. In USA, the retired generals and veteran are involved in US Presidential election too.


komando said...

God do have mercy on all of them thieves and liars please!

exrmafazhar said...

bigdog...woof woof....who do you sing to? Haji Najib? Che Det? or err Rosmah Mansor?

matsingkong said...

Why is that we have retired professional Generals retiring but not even one 'dares'enough to come out and say, "there are corruption in MINDEF? Are we military people not brave enough or just showing out an act of 'blind loyalty'.