Thursday, December 10, 2009


Minister in Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz has called Tun Dr. Mahathir the 'father of all racism'. Now, if Tun Dr. Mahathir is the father of all racism, then Nazri must be the 'spoil son of all racism'.

This spoil son of all racism can also be described as a 'loose cannon' who speaks without much substance, and assumes that all others are as dumb and stupid like he is. Remember the challenge he offered to Karpal Singh to act to prosecute Datuk V. K. Lingam of the 'korek korek korek' fame, since the government has found no substantial reason to prosecute Lingam. I am still waiting for a follow-up of the offer made by Nazri, for I know there will be none. It was just hollow talk for which this spoil son of all racism is famous for.

I also remembered during one of the parliamentary sittings prior to the 2008 General Elections where he proudly said that the opposition would be trounced during the elections, but the elections results proved otherwise. The BN lost four states to the opposition, and they now have a much stronger representation in parliament. He is fortunate to remain minister.

I do not know what was in the mind of Nazri when he decided to lash out at Tun Dr. Mahathir over the BTN issue. Both had opposing views which I suppose is rather personal. Nazri, despite him being a government minister had made a statement concerning the BTN issue that is quite contrary to that of DPM Muhyiddin. But why had Nazri decided not to label Muhyiddin, the way that he had labeled Tun Dr. Mahathir? If Nazri is lost for a label, I do not mind suggesting one for him.

The spat between Nazri and Tun Dr. Mahathir is not new, but Nazri being a Malay and to have once served under Tun Dr. Mahathir, I can only describe Nazri's act as being uncouth and 'kurang ajar'. I personally do not know how Nazri was raised by his parents, but certainly photos of what is reportedly to be his son in the most compromising pose with women that is widely posted in the Internet, poorly reflects the sort of father Nazri is to his son.

The only advice that I can offer to Nazri is for him to take a good look at himself, and to quickly realise that what he did is awfully wrong and is a poor example of a Malay.



armouris said...

Rahsia awet muda Tun Dr. Mahathir? - Rahsia Muda Dr. Mahathir

Nochan said...

Dear Pak Chat

About this idiotic menteri, I am enclosing what i wrote to a Malay daily that did not see the light of day and please also read a note from a blogger about the same subject (jebatmusrdie)that I wish to share with the rest of your estemed readers
Thank you

Seorang Menteri Kanan dalam Jabatan Perdana Menteri melabelkan Tun Dr Mahathir sebagai RASIS adalah suatu sebutan yang biadap oleh seorang bekas anak buahnya, yang terlebih muda (jika bandingan umur boleh dianggap seperti anak) serta sebangsa dan seagama.

Jasa Tun Dr Mahathir terlampau tinggi nilainya untuk diketepikan sebagitu rupa oleh seorang yang boleh dikatakan kacang lupakan kulit.

Tindakan beliau mencerca seorang negarawan dengan tersendiri mencerminkan betapa rendahnya mertabat seseorang yang bergelar Menteri. Ini secara tersendiri mengesahkan sebab sebab 3 Perdana Menteri yang beliau pernah bertugas tidak memberi peluang kepadanya mengepelai sebuah kementerian.

Ada satu ketika dahulu beliau menjadi Menteri tanpa ada apa apa tugas diberi kepadanya bila diumumkan senarai ahli kabinet. Inilah manusia yang mudah lupa

Ahmad said...

YBhg Dato,
Saya amat bersetuju benor kata-kata Dato yang Nazri memang kuran ajor orangnya....mungkin disebabkan beliau ni tidak popular dan cuba pula jadi popular untung-untung dapat jadi menteri ke.....memang beliau akan kalah undi yang akan datang kalau BN calon kan dia sekali lagi...insyallah saya akan menentang dan bekerja untuk pembangkang kalau BN calon beliau lagi pada piliharaya ke-13 nanti....orang politik macam nazri patut dah lama dibuang jauh oleh UMNO....tapi Tun sentiasa baik hati budi pada beliau....sebab nazri pandai wayang kulit....Tun pernah berkata bahawa kelemahan beliau adalah dalam memilih orang...jawapannya bukan Tun yang lemah dalam memilih tetapi Melayu ni pandai berlakun...wayang kulit depan bos...itu lah kelebihan bangsa melayu macam nazri ini...katanya beliau berhak memberi pandangan beliau pada media dengan bangganya...sama seperti zaid...saya harap PM kita sedar akan manusia sebegini adalah manusia yang akan menjatuhkan UMNO kalau tiada tindakan yang diambil nanti....sekarang dia sedang berlakun pula dengan PM dan DPM itu tak berani buat komen....

Hang Jebat said...


This guy nazri is a nuisance! I would love to see him out of Malaysian politics ASAP! He is not suitable for any other political parties, not even for the PR. He should be in the jungle and become the president (or even a king) to a party of monkeys!

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,its about time we kick some bloody ass here again ! This terrible fellow Nazri is a shame to all Malaysian in the right mind.
,,,Not only 'kurang ajar' but also "bodoh sombong" for the right word if you don't mind me saying it.
,,,This the kind of 'melayu lupa-kan kulit' that is destroying UMNO and the Malays particularly, in this beautiful country of ours.
,,,Memalu-kan air muka kita semua dengan perangai tak senonoh dan keji !. Orang macam ini-lah yang patut di-buang negeri selama lama nya. Tak kenang budi dan tiada maruah.
,,,am ashame to associate myself as a Malay with characters like this fool. Not until such time we get rid of such idiots from Malaysian politics, we will not progress forward. There is indeed, a few more of such characters that need some hard bloody kicking on their asses too.
,,,well done Dato, you have started the ball rolling too here and lets all join in the game !!.
,,,Its bloody 'pay-back' time ?? yaa.

askarsusu said...

semua betul... mmg menteri yang paling kurang ajar, perasan bagus, tak bertamadun dan lupa diri under the sun... siapa2 yg boleh sedar kan dia sila lah buat kan dia sedar... and buat malu melayu n umno aje mamat ni.. tapi masalahnye... kenapa PM masih ada kepercayaan pada dia... tak ke memalukan dirinye sendiri... Untuk Dato Arshad tahniah blog ini semakin BOLD... well done YBhg Dato...

Capt's Longhouse said...

hey armouris ! pls stop this bloody nonsense of yours, this blog is not for any porn yaa. just be extra careful, we might get you nailed to the wall, if you are not careful again. stop fooling around. red card ! o.k.? nanti penalty kick Yeop Oii !!.

komando said...

Dear Folks

I would beg to defer this time about the former PM...I think Nazri has made a point...BTN and its ideals are outdated and had lots of flaws.

In the military we never had such modules drummed into all of us.
We work, played and fought hand in hand, we hunted after a common enemy...we remained apolitical at all times till recently when the greed and the love for this life have overcame their good heads!

If anyone who is old enough and read what was written in The ever famous book of him The Malay Dilemma, I think his words are very clear!

His actions and his words do not jive sometimes( maybe more than sometimes) , that is why he is such a good politician!

I will call a spade a spade anytime!