Monday, December 21, 2009


With four failed construction projects up the sleeves of the Trengganu government, now a fifth failed construction project only confirms the utter failure of the state government to closely monitor all projects carried out by the state government's assigned contractors and monitoring agencies.

If one has forgotten what these failed construction projects were, let me list them out in no order of significance:

1.The collapse of the roof of Sultan Mizan stadium.
2.The collapse of the roof of Sekolah Menengah Ajil.
3.The collapse of the roof of Kampung Puteh mosque.
4.The leakage of the Batu Buruk swimming pool that was constructed for SUKMA.

The latest (as reported on TV 3 news last night) is the collapse of the roof of the ongoing construction of a bus stop at Kuala Berang.

What does all these construction failures indicate? If one were to say that corruption is the root cause of all the failures, many I believe would echo the same. And if others were to say that the award of contracts were given to cronies of politicians, then I believe that many others too would echo the same.

Obviously, the failure I believe is also attributed to inexperienced contractors who are only out to make as much profits as possible. And in order to achieve this, they begin to 'cut corners' and in all probability, had used sub-standard construction materials. I am quite sure too that the monitoring agencies were not to be seen at the work sites.

The Trengganu state government obviously has not learned their lessons, and I personally view these failures as a curse that befalls on states whose government and leaders are irresponsible and corrupt. I do not think the leaders of the state have ever felt any shame or guilt for having seen failures upon failures while under their charge.

My only hope is that the crystal mosque that the Trengganu government has built as a mere showpiece for tourist, does not sink into the sea.



Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,in actual fact, the new K.T. Airport runway and main building are both sinking/cracking !.
,,,Apparently its safety is now an issue that needs addressing professionally too b4 some disaster !!. Indeed another human-made hazard which poses a level of threat to life, health, property, or environment that negatively affects the general public as well for the aircrew utilizing the runway.
,,,I refused to fly but took a bus recently from K.T. to K.L. when I saw the shrinkage/cracks first hand myself at the K.T. Airport building structures on site. Geeez !!..just can't imagine its runway surface ?. Poor drainage was very obvious and that can cause other issues too. Scary man.
,,,Apparently sea sand were utilized rather than fresh river sand for majority of the construction at the K.T. Airfield !!.
,,,So what do you expect from such abuse ?.
,,,Perhaps the other project failures were caused by similar wrong usage of building materials too plus lousy workmanship??.

komando said...

Folks the whole country of ours is collapsing!

Dave said...

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