Saturday, December 12, 2009


I wish to share with my readers an email that I received rebutting a letter titled, 'Retirees can't keep on turning to the govt' written by Marisa Demori of Ipoh that was published in The Star, on Friday 11 December 2009. The reason I decided to post the content of the email in its entirety, is to see how other pensioners like me will response to Marisa's letter. Contents of email is appended below:

I refer to Marisa Demori from Ipoh article on 'Retirees can't keep on turning to the govt'. I believe Marisa is talking out of point on what the subject is all about pensioners. Please speak for yourself Marisa, and understand the subject before you write on subjects which you do not have any idea about. You are just making a fool of yourself. And just keep your opinion to yourself..........PERIOD!

You might have come from a rich family, and is lucky you can afford to send your parents to any hospital if need be. But not so with the many poor govt pensioners.

We are not asking the govt for free alms. We are asking for the dues which our parents so deserve through their contributions and sacrifices, to have us served in the govt for so many years. For those parents who were in the govt service, they are well taken of. Get it Marisa!

What you are enjoying today does not fall out from the sky. They are there through the blood and sweat of the older generation. Even today, we still do help to build the country one way or other. Don't you ever say we or our parents' contribution to society is zero. Maybe you are, and I think you are plain stupid.

The govt still holds back more than 50% of our money. That is why we are pensioners and not EPF contributors. OK!

The pension paid to pensioners 10 or 15 years ago is small, and thereby the pension they are receiving now is barely enough in today's cost of living. Today, the earning power has increased by three or more folds. Some have still to look after their children needs, as well as their aged parents.

Medical fees are not cheap nowadays. I do not think any pensioner can afford to go to a private hospital, let alone to pay for their parents medical fees. That is totally out of the question.

This is bad PR for those hoping to join the govt service. I hope as a caring govt, the govt should return to status quo and continue to provide free medical service to pensioners' parents, as when they were in the govt service.



Gengis Khan said...

I believe Marisa Demori is talking through her you know what.......!!
You will remember when the British menfolk were called up to serve in WW.II The then Prime Minister Sir. Winson Churchill
said of the families that they left behind. "They also served those who stayed back at home.This applies to parents of all govt servents too.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,selfishness is the greatest curse of the human race and in contrast, selflessness brings self-denial and altruism. Let us now give in a way that would continue to benefit others long after we are gone.
,,,being dutiful to others is a part of true success, riches and greatness. A person's true wealth is the good he or she does in the world. And to share often and as know even one life has breathe easier because you have lived. Indeed, this is to have succeeded...I hope this person, known as Marisa Demori just be human again and appreciate that to contribute to life is to contribute to immortality.
,,,that all the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action !.

komando said...

She was born with a golden spoon..we blokes came from the ulu and the kampongs...

We became solyar and we drag our arse all over the place, day and night, rain or shine, any day sunday or holidays, raya or deepavali or xong xi fat choy or xmas even gawai!

We missed home, loved ones and parents and siblings.

These morons all stayed at home and dared to comment!

Hang Jebat said...


Firstly, I'd like to ask whether this Marisa Demori (her name sounds Japanese to me) read this blog? I hope so. Otherwise, whatever we say here serve no purpose.

Anyway, this lady (I don't care who or what she is) is a dumb fool to write such an article (I didn't read it). She doesn't know anything about being a government servant, especially those who sacrifice almost everything including their lives (like us).

I don't have either of my parents anymore, but I strongly say that free medical service for aged parents of govt pensioners must be given to us. Period!

EAGLE said...

Sakmongkol AK 47 has a very interesting article who is minding the store.
What is 6 billion compared to free medical service?. USD 170k spent in New York and a birthday party at the posh hotel.
What's cooking Dato'?!!!
Tipping point for major disaster.

reganmchale said...

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PM said...

She is a clowning cunt

pendita said...


This is s--t!, U better behave like one and try to respect other. Do not think we don't understand the s--t you wrote. It a shame!!!

Dato, i advice to you to delete this.

Col Roseli said...

I think this Marisa Demori is a retarded person; otherwise she would have known what is meant by "deferred payment" when one is referring to the salary of government servants.

But to me, the editor or the paper as a whole is more retarded and idiotic for allowing such a stupid comment to be published.

aznida said...

hi Dato,
I totally agree with you. i have read a few of Marisa's articles and the latest one : "Ridiculously generous benefits will bankrupt many firms" and I find it disrespectful and ignorant.

I am getting worried of the having this kind of selfish people in our society. I don't even think that any of her statements are based on any solid grounds. she is one very daring lady.

check out this blogger's post: