Saturday, December 19, 2009


Why are we such busy bodies? And the mainstream media (MSM) over the last few days, finds it highly sensational and news worthy to report on the rumour concerning the marriage of Kinabatangan parliamentarian Bung Moktar Radin with actress Zizie Ezette. As a muslim, Bung Moktar is permitted to take on a second wife, or even a third and fourth wife, provided he meets the 'terms and conditions' required by Islam for a muslim to have more than one wife. I suppose, Bung Moktar has the necessary 'credentials' to take Zizie as his second wife, and to the MSM, this news will be a hit.

And in the case of Bung Moktar and Zizie, both of them need not go around denying that the rumour is untrue. Getting a second wife is no big deal. Many law makers in the past have had more than one wife, and some even goes around fondling the bottom of waitresses; the latter to me is more immoral and downright idiotic than officially taking a second wife.

And have we not forgotten of a case some years ago, where a Menteri Besar took a second wife, and had his marriage solemnized in a neighbouring country. This act by a Menteri Besar is worse than what Bung Moktar and Zizie has least the wedding rituals (if at all they so decide to marry) will be done in Malaysia.

I am reminded that even former PM Tun Abdullah Badawi went through the ordeal of having his hidden affair with Jean Danker reported in the MSM, and the former's denial soon after. But the realty is that he did have an affair, and is now happily married. There nothing sinister about this, and the marriage was solemnized in the most respectable manner.

Come on MSM, there are many other happenings in the country today that has better news value and more serious, than bothering the two love birds.

Why don't the MSM probe into the report of the 'money laundering' activities of the Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar, only to find that the money changer's license was withdrawn by Bank Negara, and the Menteri Besar is still where he is. I am told that it was more than RM10 million that was transacted through the money changer, and I wonder if MACC, PDRM and the Income Tax department has acted against the Menteri Besar.

Now PM Najib's wife, Rosmah Mansor is also reported to have received RM 600,000 while she was in Dubai in August this year, purportedly through a money changer. Is this another act to demonised Najib and Rosmah? And even if she did receive the money from someone in Malaysia, that amount is no big deal. It is only the stupidity of the person to have send the money through a money changer, and not through the legal means i.e. through the banking system. Rosmah will certainly say that the money is hers legally, and she did not ask the person to send it via the money changer. Once again, Rosmah get a pass.

Internal Security Minister Hishamuddin Hussein has recently come out in defence of the MSM for truthful and sincere reporting, and accused the alternative media (bloggers) for false and inaccurate reporting. That is what Hishamuddin seems to think, but bloggers too have the right to think, and they think that the MSM is untruthful in their reporting. There will be no end to such an argument, and personally, I am of the view that both i.e. MSM and bloggers have the right to write and report what they think.



komando said...

How can one ever listen to somebody who has ZERO CREDIBILITY!

komando said...

The day all the bloggers lay down their pens and pants will be:

Scenario I - all tied up and bundled into the black MARIA and sent to Kamunting!

Scenario II - all singing , rejoicing and merry making becos we have our country back,we have some decency to good governence!

Scenario III - all silent on all fronts....nobody speaks is dooms day !

komando said...

Facts are facts..hard facts and truths always hurts MOST!

We cannot hide them forever.
Just like the "little hand of god guy"

Maradona - a cheat and a liar!
Look what has become of him?
Look at Tiger Woods?

One fine day all these scum bags will be revealed sooner or later!


It is the same here, all those who chose to do wrong and lied and cheated will be brought to justice if not here, in the afterlife, they all know about it but just because there is no video tape available that shows how the punishments are like and how it is meeted out we always take for granted, "tak pe lah nanti kita dan bertaubat!"

HOW long more can you cover-up?
How long more can you bribe?
How long more you want to cheat/lie and con!?


Apek sesal sekali - cuma dalam cerita..P.Ramlee

But in reality it happens also mind you! We have lots of living examples!

Malaysian said...

We can't blindly believe MSM and blogger. We must use our common sense to determine the truth. For myself, I trust fellow blogger more than MSM.

maurice said...

Our women folk salute the Army.

No officers and soldiers are allowed to have more than wife.

Other government departments show follow the Army's example.

Malaysian said...

I realized that a lot of Dato readers want to curb corruption. Thus, I would encourage all of you to get your friends and relatives to register as voter. This is the easiest way for us to fight corruption. Please start the registering new voters. They can register through POS office. It's very easy to register.

We can't help our beloved country if we share our thoughts online only.

askarsusu said...

siapa lah cakap amry tak boleh kahwin lebih dari satu... ex panglima?????? yang lama tu pun kawin dua tau....... tak kan lah tak tau apa lah slow sgt intel info hampa... hehehe

maurice said...

Sdr Askarsusu,

Kahwin senyap-senyap kot? Macam mana ramai yang tak tahu? BAKAT tak heboh pun? Terer dia bro.

askarsusu said...

sir... panglima tu kawin dlm service lagi... tapi tak pe puan sri pun ambik dia dulu masa dia laki org.. kira ok ah tu... BAKAT memang tau, tapi buat2 tak tau, bcoz nak mampus ke.... kalo bising nanti kena cantas lak laki yang bising tu... tapi masuk kategori jeneral pencen mesti kawin lain lah macam wak borhan, wak zaini.... at least yang ini terror dalam service dah pasang dua.. hebat... tak percaya, tanya jamil khir... hehehehe

maurice said...

Bro Askarsusu,

Tak pe lah hak dia...tapi tak elok buat masih dalam servis...sebagai ketua kena tunjuk teladan yang bak...kalau tak mampu janganlah jadi pemimpin.

Tapi ok lah dia seorang aje... harap Jeneral Jeneral yang maseh berkhidmat tu jangan ikut jejak dia.Tapi saya mintak awak pasang telinga ye...mana tau ada yang dah teringin..He..he..

Hang Jebat said...


All MSM are housed under one roof - the ruling parties i.e the govt. And of course, they reported only good things about the govt. It is all about business too. The news on those two love birds will certainly increase their sales. Malaysian loves gossip especially one that involves politicians and artists.

We can keep on dreaming for MSM to publish those truthful news...mimpi aje lah..


Those generals...hehehe. I would love to have more than one too. But I can't. I probably can manage the bathin but found it rather difficult for the zahir...