Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I received a number of interesting comments over an article that I wrote recently titled, 'Rifled or Smooth Bore Mortar'. Although some of the commentors may have deviated from the topic; but all the same, I am thoroughly pleased with the depth of information that I get from the comments.

I must say that commentors such as Askarsusu, Tamingsari, Capt's Longhouse, Maurice and the ever critical Kommando, have made some interesting revelation that I think requires a thorough investigation by the authorities, to confirm the veracity of what has been commented. Now the question is..........whose job it is to investigate? Since the comments raised pertains to issues of alleged improprieties affecting the workings within the armed service, I would have thought that the investigation should be done by the Military Police (MP). But I doubt very much the results of any investigation carried out by the MP will be meaningful; in particular if it affects some of the bosses. To investigate without fear or favour by the MPs may not be truly applicable in this instant. I maybe wrong here, and I stand to be corrected.

I would like to raise two issues brought out by Askarsusu; firstly, a comment he made that the Weststar vehicles purchased by army recently will only use a special brand of lubricant (I suppose, Askarsusu is referring to the engine oil) that I am told is only supplied by suppliers of the vehicles. If this statement is true, I would say that only fools would want to agree to such a purchase. Pardon me for saying this. And what is so special of the engine that it requires a special brand of lubricant? Is the engine of the Weststar vehicle something of an F/A 18 jet engine?

Another commentor did write to say that the manufacturer of the Weststar vehicle (a UK company) has ceased manufacturing the vehicles, and questioned the future supplies of spare parts. Will this be another fiasco, whereupon the failure to obtain a regular supply of spare parts in the next few years, will see the vehicles go into oblivion, and a strong justification for a new set of vehicles to be purchased?

Secondly, Askarsusu also commented on the removal of some officers at the Equipment Branch, Department of Army who are seen to be in deference of the bosses views (or is it demands) over some technical evaluation reports. Some officers are said to have even left the service, out of pride that they do not wish to be working in cohorts with the selfish and personal wishes of the bosses. This is a serious allegation, that demands an investigation, if the army is desirous in wanting to rid such improprieties by some unscrupulous bosses.

There was also a comment which says that many senior servicing officers do not favour my writings. To them, I have only this to say i.e. if my writing hurts, then there must be something in them that is awfully wrong. If is does not hurt, then my advice is for them to realised that what I do is to correct what is seriously wrong, in the hope that the armed services will remain truly a professional and incorruptible service.



Mustang said...

Dear Dato,

Very inspiring on your "DESIRE OF AN INCORRUPTIBLE ARMED SERVICE". Your efforts are "Par Excellence" Your very last para is Commendable.

Wishing You, Your Family & All those align to the Truth "A HAPPY & SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR 2010"

To All Retired & Serving Members of the Malaysian Armed Forces of All Ranks, I Wish You All Good Health & Happinness.

PM said...

""many senior servicing officers do not favour my writings.""

Looks like your messages are getting through to them..the guilty ones.

Keep up your good effort Dato'

komando said...

Dear Dato Pak Chad, firstly A Very Happy New Year to you and Family.

Secondly, also A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all fellow bloggers here!

Our New Year's Wish - A Better Malaysia in 2010!

Not only in the ATM but the whole works!

We have 10 more years to reach Vision 2020!

Looks like the way things are running we may need an extension!

So, lets continue to harp on all matters which is destroying our country, we shall soldier on!

If I may suggest:

1. Do a dig up, all those so called suppliers and contractors of MINDEF ( the big boys )
After that we dig up all other Ministeries also!

2. We can see a pattern, who they are actually, what their links are!

3. With that we can see why the situation is such today.

4. As for those who hate us and want us all dead and buried, we will tell all of them: "siapa sahaja yang makan cili API dia lah rasa pedas"! Only god can decide when we die and how we die!

5. The system has fooled all of us citizens and tax payers for too long, it is high time they answer all our questions!

6. Many times I have said we owe it to all our fellow citizens and all our future generations, yours, mine and the rest of this country!

7. Otherwise when this country becomes a pariah state, we would become the first & oldest pariahs (for not doing anything about it, when we could)!

8. It is not a "dare you" to the power of the day, it is our moral right to see that we have good governance!

I trust and believe that all of us here is doing it 'In good faith" !


Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,only nothing that is morally wrong can be politically right and what is morally right cannot be politically wrong.

I rest my case.

john said...

those who were posted from sel alat is history... more important who are remain at Sel Alat ??? from kapt to lt kol - more than 6 yrs still there...why? tamam lah org nya... why? he must be very good term of ????

kudin said...

Dear Dato’,

Let those corrupt hurt and their tranquillity disturbed. Carry on with your quest to save our Defence.

Just want to add to the list for us to ponder; during LIMA ’09, more than RM3.5 billion worth of contracts were signed. Probably we would like to find out whether were there transparency and proper tendering process took place in awarding all those. Bukan apa.... teringat kata2 Capt Longhouse in one of his comment: “whenever/whatever ada Frenchy, corruption is 100% involved” . Take the deal on Mine Disposal Vehicles for the RMN (RM45 million) as an example, wonder what so special about this Frenchy things that again qualify them for Direct Nego.

askarsusu said...

and Bro John you are my testimony, jgn terkejut lepas ni wak tamam pergi overseas defence collage lak..... hehehe Wsalam....... BELAJAR BERKHIDMAT

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam & grace for peace

Wishing Yang Berbahagia Dato' and family, happy new year. Semoga tambah amal dan tambah iman.

Mej Hj Ramli Ab Rahim (rtd)TUDM
Principal Consultant
Magenta Communication

Malaysian said...

Happy New Year Dato and other fellow bloggers!

Anonymous said...

Selamat Tahun Baru kepada U and your family.Askar askar ni sambut tahun baru macam zaman jahiliah lagi ke berparty di mes mes pegawai?

feitosa said...

Pernah deal sekali dengan Alat...file dihilangkan hahahaha...rupanya ada tauke yg lebih besar dok jaga depa...

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam WaliMuar,

Zaman metekedarah arak dah berlalu. Labuan Special tinggal kenangan apabila seorang juruterbang TUDM mati di mes TUDM Kuching kena ragging 1970an. Ketua Turus Angakatan Tentera bagi arahan NO MORE RAGGING.

Teringat semasa saya di Florida 1974. Seorang Kolonel USAF membawa saya ke rumahnya. Dia tanya saya what's your drink. Saya jawab lemon. Dia tanya saya, you don't drink beer? Saya jawab I'm a Muslim. Those Arabs drink beers. Saya jawab 'they are Arabs, I'm a Muslim. A Muslim doesn't drink beer." Saya berdakwah pada Kolonel bahawa Islam lain Arab lain.

Saya masih ingat masa dalam svc ada dinner sampai jam 4.00 pagi. Payah ada dinner ada sultan dan jeneral.

Saya agak zaman ni dah tak ada lagi kot. ATM semakin Islamik sejak ada KAGAT. Tapi KAGAT tak boleh jaga iman. Itu yang enjin F-5E hilang. aduhai.

Magenta Comm said...

Salam Dato'

Truth hurts.

Ramli Abdul Rahim

askarsusu said...
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askarsusu said...
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askarsusu said...

YBhg Dato, Sir n gentlemen,
my concern is only, if all the chief talk the same language.. at present even among the three stars are SABOing each other to attract the minister n BODEKing the minister to convince I AM THE BEST to be the chief.. but when mission accomplished they been rotten n stinks by their family as well dinasty business... if we are together like what TS Sany tried to do, i believed that our orgaization will be respects by the politicians.. why the police can do it? they UGUT the menteri becoz they are united.. for us? ermmm.. masing-masing fikir nak kempen jadi PAT n service chief... Even a minister when they enter the office, they have to be professional as MINISTER and not as POLITICIAN...but look at the present minister... he is taking the opportunities to KUDA the all services in order to achieve his political wills.. am i wrong? if all the chief are united this things will not happens.. itu yang terjadi kat tentera darat masa perubahan rombakan besar pakai pangkat.. PTD nak org lain menteri bagi org lain.. Tak malu ke PTD?? malu kan hehehe... BELAJAR BERKHIDMAT....

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear all,

,,,the biggest problem with our country is that the bloody dirty politicians have taken all of us for a long long ride. The "othering" type of politics just for their hidden agenda. We all malaysian must UNITE against such corrupted individuals and parties. Tak kira bangsa, ugama and fikiran. What is morally wrong cannot be politically right and indeed this is where as Muslim we must be truthful on the subject matter. Malay or Non-Malay should not blind us malaysian apart by these politicians from all political parties. Its an old divide and rule strategy utilized by the British which presently being used for certain selfish hidden agenda and hiding their bloody corrupted dealings from the public/rakyat. In the end, who lose out ??..its the nation and the future generation to suffer bcos we close our eyes to these nonsense-lah. These bitterness within the malays, the chinese, the indian and our brother/sister across in east m'sia must be brought to the open/discussed objectively/changes done/sacrifices/recognition etc...integrate together and move forward to face the challenges together as a one-nation.
,,,at the rate we are free falling, the solid ground is just a few secs away !!..terkechai nanti Yeop Oii !! pull the rip cord NOW !! or else we are dead.
,,,O.K.-lah Selamat Tahun Baru 2010 and lets be honest to ourselves b4 we can change others yaa. Salam.

Anonymous said...

Saudara Ramli,
Aku tak menyesal kerana cabut cepat dari service sebab aku dah mula lawan tokey masa tahun akhir dalam service.General general yang jadi bos aku dulu banyak dah tak ade uuuumph.Dah le tak de kelulusan eksyen pulak tu.Kalau dengan sesama askar bukan main strict lagi, tapi bila dengan KSU ke Menteri mereka jadi lembik.Aku pernah bertekak dengan Jeneral Navy and told him off depan orang ramai,aku pencen dia pun jadi CN.
Sebenornya General kita ni semua tak tau bidang kuasa mereka.Kalau depa semua tau Zahid Hamidi panas punggung.