Thursday, December 31, 2009


In the next few hours, we shall all bid farewell to 2009, and usher in 2010. Each and everyone of us will have some tales to tell of 2009; some pleasant and some not so pleasant. And with the coming of the new year, surely everyone and including me, would only wished that our lives, and that of our families, will be filled with goodness, and more importantly that of good health.

I know that through my writings, I may have offended some people and including friends as well. Let me assure them that I write without harbouring any malice whatsoever towards anyone. My intention is only to right what is wrong, that is so often been spoken about by people, both within and outside the corridors of Mindef.

I hope that through my writings, I have develop an awareness among everyone the importance of being truthful, honest and incorruptible; personal qualities that are highly desirable of members of the Armed Forces. What I hear today is far from desirable; hence my crusade against corruption will not cease.

Lastly, I wish to thank those who have send me their new year greetings, and to all others, my family and I wish you and your families a Happy and Prosperous New Year.



Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam Dato' and dear bloggers,

Time to reminice the past. It is a history.

The future is just the remnant we have left a little to strive for mardhatillah.

May Allah bless all of us.

Ramli abdul Rahim

komando said...

Dear Dato' Pak Chad, the journey ahead is still uncertain, it may be short or long, winding or straight even bumpy.

We only wish that when we shut down the place we left behind was far much better than when we started!
Just like we would wish every time to everyone every last day of the year!

So, we shall all continue with our journey tomorrow morning to fight more uphill battles in the new year.

May we all continue to have the strength and good health to soldier on.

Thanks to one and all for the remarks and comments made towards me, I too may have hurt a lot of hearts & feelings, especially to those whom I know and those that I don't, for that I wish to seek forgiveness.

Whatever I have said comes from my heart, the very sincere writings to right the wrongs and make the ATM a better organization for our current & future generations!

We were soldiers once, we may have left, but the Armed Forces did not leave us, we lived with it till we are six feet under!


happy new year to one and all!

bukitbayor said...

Sir Happy New Year to you and your family.

Keep on blogging Sir: you're doing a fine job

Maj.A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

You can have me out of the service, but, you can't take the service out of me. HAPPY 2010 ONE AND ALL. CAN WE BE TRULY MALAYSIA THEN!!!!

Tangkas Perkasa said...

Assalamualaikum / Salam Muhibah

Selamat menyambut tahun baru kepada semua. Kalau ada hasrat dan harapan yang belum kesampaian, sama-samalah kita hayati yang berikut:

You pray to Allah SWT, Allah answered you pray promptly, that means Allah would like to strengthen your faith,

You pray to Allah SWT and Allah delay in answering your pray, Allah would like to enhance your patient,

You pray to Allah SWT and Allah doesn't answer your pray at all, Allah has better plan for you.

Teruskan perjuangan dan teruskan berdoa. Di samping itu, hayati juga pesanan DYMM Raja Dr Nazrin Shah seperti berikut:

“We should be able to voice a different opinion without being insulted or threatened with humiliation, We should attempt to bring others to our point of view, not through coercion but by the force of our arguements and the justness of our cause.

Have the courage to change your views if you come into conflicts with the facts, instead of trying to tailor the facts to suit your beliefs. Always keep an ounce of humility with you.”

Semoga tahun 2010 membawa limpahan kerahmatan dan keberkatan kepada kita semua.

Salam 1Malaysia

Capt's Longhouse said...

Dato and the rest,

,,,"My Wishes in 2010 - God gives you… 12 Month of Happiness,
52 Weeks of Fun, 365 Days Success, 8760 Hours Good Health, 52600 Minutes Good Luck, 3153600 Seconds of Joy…and that’s all! ”


FMZam said...

Selamat tahun baru kepada YBhg Dato dan semua rakyat Malaysia.

Najib kata tahun 2010 ialah tahun menggerak dasar, jadi sama2lah kita tengok Najib punya cakap untuk menggerak dasar2 yang dia dah banyak buat tu apakah akan hanya tinggal cakap saja. Maka bersusunlah senarai dasar2 yang Najib telah keluarkan dalam senarai yang agak panjang juga dihebahkan dalam media massa.

Yang nyata kalau mula2 dulu Najib kata Melawan Rasuah tapi sekarang senarai itu bertukar menjadi Mengurangkan Rasuah. Maka saya tak mahu ulas lanjut tentang cakap2 manusia yang suka berubah2, cukup atas satu dasar ini saja bila Najib mengubah dari Melawan jadi Mengurang itu sudah jadi satu petanda tentang sikap sebenar seorang PM bernama Najib.

FMZam said...

Another new year, another year for more and more corruptions to take place and to keep on going in our ATM, with no end in sight, and we will be talking on it with all vigourous, with all spirits and make it our fight. But out there in our military, the corruptors and corrupted are living with all ease, surviving like hell, like a persistent virus, throughout our vocal attack, because they have become immune with the war of words, when that words are confined to within the walls of the cyberspace. The war against corruption in the cyberworld does not overspill into the real world though it gives some degree of awareness, but awareness alone is not good enough to fight corruption, when the nation is so deep in corruption, and awareness can do very little to prevent, to suppress and to cure corruption in an organization so deep rooted in corruption.

We will see in one whole year, whether the result of war against corruption will make our country stand at its 47th position to higher or lower.

The genre of this blog is not just fighting corruption but fighting corruption in the military. This blog is used by both the crusaders of corruption and the corruptors too, leaving readers with the fog of wars to believe what was heard on this battlefront.

So they say "old soldier never die they just fade away" I hope that is meant not for the corrupt old soldier like Mael Polin who will join the ex-soldier this year. To Mael Polin and his cohorts of corrupt generals and cronies, I am not yet dying to continue in another new year to idolise them as the icon of corruption in our army.

Happy New Year.

maurice said...

Blogs like Mind No Evil cannot end corruption in Mindef and the MAF.It can only create awareness to a certain degree on the existence of corruption in the two national institutions.

The citizens of this country will have to makeup their mind what they want for their country.To rid corruption in the military, the citizens through their MPs must be active in pressuring the government to overhaul the defence procurement system.

The procurement system in question includes doing away with the practice of buying direct from the OEMs but instead adopt government-to-government purchase, limiting the amount commission to the local agents, overhauling the current evaluation and tendering systems, to make them more transparent and open.

The adoption of the above objective though limited in scope, will at least provide a benchmark of our progress/success on annual basis of the crusade against corruption in the Mindef and MAF.

Now,if I may suggest Dato Arshad will have to take the lead to propagate the agenda among BN and Opposition MPs alike.The ultimate objective is to convince them to introduce and debate the issue in the coming parliamentary sessions.I believe there are many BN and Opposition MPs who are still clean and eager to sort the defence procurement system which had seen billions of RM taken out of the country by businessmen who had successfully corrupted the system.

Dato, I sincerely feel we need to pass the baton to our MPs now, in order to maintain the momentum.

ismeth said...

salam dato'

selamat tahun baru masihi...kita masih juga di dalam tahun baru hijrah....semoga kita semua lebih baik dari tahun lepas dan dari masa lalu...TAAT SETIA...

maurice said...

Dear Dato Arshad,

To continue with my above proposal for you to lead the battle to win both Barisan and Opposition MPs' agreement to put the proposed Defence Procurement Act in their 2010 parliamentary agenda, may I suggest you make contact with the Columnist R.Nadeswaran of Sun2Surf.

Today R.Nadeswaran wrote an interesting article entitled, "The Fight Against Corruption has Begun." It is a must reading article for you and fellow readers.

I think it would be worthwhile for you to explore how R.Nadeswaran could help us to bring our agenda to the MPs and public at large.He can be reached

We need to get support from journalists like R.Nadeswaran who has the skills to engage the MPs and public through the mass media of our cause.

Hope to hear from you soon.

askarsusu said...

Kol Fauzi Sir,
Jgn lah marah sgt dgn PTD tu, bulan 21 Sept ni berenti lah dia.. tapi kroni dia ramai lagi dari 3 bintang sampai Lt Kol... hehehe.. selamat tahun baru...