Friday, December 18, 2009


A house is reportedly being built by the government as a 'gift' for former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Badawi at the cost of RM12 million, at a time when Prime Minister Najib had announced that his government will undertake measures to cut excessive spending, and in the knowledge that petroleum revenue that is the nation's lifeline is fast depleting, and where issues relating to the eradication of the nation's hardcore poor still persist.

The issue was raised by an opposition member in parliament recently, and was it not a surprise that even the Deputy Finance Minister was not fully aware as to where the budget for the construction of the house is derived from. RM12 million for a 'gift house' is not cheap, and many would wonder (and certainly I do), what is so deserving that Tun Abdullah should be presented with such a costly house. Is he so poor that he cannot even built a house that is reasonably suitable for him? Does being a former Prime Minister entitles him to such a house at tax payers expenses? And what about the previous Prime Ministers? Were they given such a palatial house upon their retirement? Or will this be a precedence for future retired Prime Ministers? I am puzzled too that the MSM has been eerily silence over this issue, as if RM12 million is only a pittance, and is therefore of no news value.

I do not know if the RM12 million 'gift house is a reflection of the slogan, 'Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan', or the 'One Malaysia' that is being so widely spoken off these days. I would believe in the slogan if the RM12 million is spent to built homes for the poor, or anything to alleviate the plight of the hardcore poor that is a common sight, even in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

If one were to ask me which of our Prime Ministers deserve a princely gift like a RM12 million home, I would say it is only our first Prime Minister Tengku Abdul Rahman. I do not wish to argue my reasons out here, but to me it is pretty obvious.

Spending huge sums of tax payers money to benefit an individual is to my opinion immoral, and ought to be criticized. I simply cannot understand the moral behind the gift, and why has the decision by the government (or was it the decision of an individual) made in the quite. A decision made in such a manner will only arouse public perception that is bad and hurtful for the government.

Over the last few months, there has been too many negative issues affecting the government, created by individuals/officials linked with the government, that has made the government to be seen in bad light. The 'PKFZ mother of all scandals', 'money laundering' acts by senior state politicians and spouses of reputable personalities, corrupt officers linked to senior politicians, and with one acting like 'little napoleon'.

I think, I am old enough to criticized many in government today, and this also includes politicians. Let me be blunt with all unscrupulous and corrupt individuals/officials of the Malay race who claim themselves to be leaders, that you are answerable for your acts (bad or otherwise) to the people that you lead on earth, and to the Almighty upon death. It will be easy to lie and deny your wrong doing on earth, but there is no escape in the hereafter. Have you all not been told about this, or are you all just plain dumb and ignorant? To you all, the wrath of the Almighty is severe and extreme, and worse still, the Attorney General will not be there to help you. God bless you all.



wini said...

Superb Dato', never ever thought Imam Hadhari could accept such dubious gift - Wang Ihsan. Mayne he has forgotten halal and haram.

samsaimon said...

Apa yang dia buat untuk negara kechuali mengkayakan anak dan menantunya dan penubuhan MACC yang tempang!
Rakyat mesti bersuara!

Ahmad said...

Apa yang pak Lah ini beri pada rakyat.....???? saya tak akan halal bahagian duit cukai saya untuk Pak lah.....walaupun sesen...
Semut Kecil

Jebat2 said...

YBhg Dato,
The Rakyat cannot allow this to happen...Kita mesti bersuara!!!,dah la semua free semasa jadi PM,dapat hadiah lagi bila ritired....RM12 million pula????? dah la pasang crony sana sini....malah tidor saja through out premiership , tu pun nak rumah free!!!!!Masha Allah.....insaf lah sikit wahai pak lah.....Yes agreed kalau layak terima pun hanya the First Prime Minister Tuanku Abdul Rahman.Rakyat mesti didahulukan bukannya orang yang sudah kaya raya?Pak Lah please declare your assets,then the Govt can decide to give you a free home!!!itu pun setakat yang patut!Now you can go to sleep.....

maurice said...

Pak Lah family inner circle also enjoyed monumental benefits.

I was told DEWANA running the Military Central Kitchen Contract is getting paid at the high rate of RM21 per soldier per day from Mindef.When the Army run their own kitchen before, they were only given a daily allocation of RM4 per soldier!

Another company CMCA is reportedly awarded with a Central Contract for Optical Instruments, meaning to say all optical instruments purchases by all government departments must go through this company.

The government must review these contracts if it is serious about cutting costs.

Mustang said...

Dear Dato,

Indeed felt so motivated at this time of the night for the mentioned of our very first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. He was an asset to this Nation & "Par Excellence", in his Political Principles. I am sure the Seniors knows too well how he had to hand over the Primership.

Least not to say, if we still have th likes of Tunku this Nation would be Great. We hope we still have ............

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,Gift or more like Corruption ?..using Taxspayer money by the way. Trying to follow the Singaporean style in rewarding their politicians I guess. Or trying to do the Right but still Wrong thing. Geee..they never learn !!. I cry for my country.

maurice said...

Just wondering under what National Act such a house could be given to Pak Lah.If there is such an Act, such as Privileges and Rights of Prime Minister and Ministers, it should be disclosed to the Rakyat if the Government is serious about full governance and accountability.

komando said...

This is truly Malaysia Boleh land at its best!

Dato' Pak Chad - there is a word which you and I do not like - BODEK KING OR KING OF BODEK !


They still think we are in the dark ages and they are still playing the old games to fool all of us!

How wrong!

For RM12 million, imagine how many really deserving poor families can have a simple shelter above their heads?

This is what we call: "enrich and entertain the already RICH and let the really poor and really deserving DIE!"

The other issue I have brought out is the mega millions to build a new Istana NEGARA?
Do we need that ?
When are we ever to learn about PRIORITIES!

maurice said...

Pak Lah deceived the rakyat through and through.

Ask him, who made the decision to purchase the 4 units of A400M Airbus military planes when he was the PM?

The total cost of the project is about RM2.4 billion.

The RMAF has enough strategic transport capability with the 16 units of Hercules C130 military plane in their inventory.Not a necessity for the purchase of the A400M Airbus military aircraft.

Pak Lah is not that innocent and incorruptible as he potrays.

WIRA said...

Pak Chad,
Actually pak lah is a very nice person, so is his wife Jeanne.
However, I really do not know whether he deserves the RM 12 Million house or not. Maybe this is Najib's way of saying thank you for vacating the seat early; albeit with considerable reluctance and regret. Still 12 mil is a lot of money.
Okay, maybe he doesnt have a bungalow, give him one, something that cost in the region of 3 to 4 Mil in Putraja. The land is free.. For that ammount of money one can build one heck of a bungalow when the land is free.
Lain lah kalau kasi kronie kontractor untuk membinanya.. memang lah kos bungalo tersebut akan meningkat ke 12 Juta....
When they decided on the gift, was it tabled in parliament? Saja nak tengok...kalaulah 66 BN mp yang hadir pada hari tersebut, sudah tentu cadangan tak lulus....
Kesian Pak Lah.. Isteri mati dapat yang baru... Hilang jawatan PM nak dapat Bungalow RM 12 Jutapun orang merungut......PKFZ hilang Berbillion oleh kroni MCA tak ada apa2 pun lagi..

Hang Jebat said...


For God's sake - STOP THE PROJECT! Pak Lah gave us nothing but misery. I think he already had his princely gift when he became PM of Malaysia. He was very far below qualification standard!