Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I had on three occasions ( August 30, 2008, March 30, 2009 and May 23, 2009) posted articles relating to Tourism Malaysia's Director General Dato Mirza Muhammad Taiyab corruption charges, in which he was alleged to have accepted settlement for his dental treatment costing RM13,000, and of which the court's acquitted him of all charges.

I was somewhat surprised to hear that the Kuala Lumpur High Court had recently allowed MACC to appeal against Dato Mirza's acquittal, and is thereby likely to drag the latter once again through a prolong and treacherous trial.

I think Dato Mirza has suffered enough through his previous trial, that saw the admittance of the owner of the dental clinic that Dato Mirza had no knowledge as to who actually paid for his dental treatment.

I do not understand the basis of MACC's appeal, but I believe there is a 'hidden hand' behind this case that wants Dato Mirza silence, and that he be found guilty as charged. I also cannot understand MACC's persistence over a case involving a mere RM13,000, whereas there are other bigger cases that requires serious attention that costs millions. I am just curious to know if the MACC have started serious investigations into the Khir Toyo's palatial RM24 million home (or thereabout). And what about the RM12 million former PM's home that is currently being constructed, and the money laundering acts of a state Menteri Besar and some 'big shots'. Are these not serious cases that requires urgent treatment, rather than going after a small fry like Dato Mirza?

I have every reason to believe that Dato Mirza is a victim rather than an accuse. I do not believe that he had done something wrong as accused. I sense that someone his superior is not too please with him for not towing the line. I believe some senor politicians are involved, and this is where the MACC should start doing some serious investigation. I am not implying that a former Minister is involved, but the least the MACC could do is to investigate, and to give Dato Mirza a fair trial.

There is nothing worse than to see Dato Mirza be found guilty through a miscarriage of justice. And as a Muslim, 'fitnah' is a grievous crime in the eyes of Allah, and the wrath of Allah is severe and extreme for those who are guilty of 'fitnah' against a fellow human being. MACC had better watch this.



komando said...

MACC is just a dysfuntional organization to serve the powers that be!

So many a times it have proven itself to be that becos they chose that path to take.

The Already retired MACC chief has to answer many many questions, the one including the DIRECT AWARD to a company concerning procurement of its' uniform & accessories! A 7 Million RM question!

How can we trust a MACC boss who has such a blatant track records?

He says his is going to sue those who accused him of such dealings!

Lets see what the courts say when he is put on trial?

Or he has immunity for life! Just like MACC officers cannot be brought to the courts!

As for expensive homes and houses we let them stay there lah PAK CHAD..they deserve it mah..wait till it crumbles on them when they are asleep......!

maurice said...


Is good of you to highlight Dato Mirza's perceived victimization by the MACC.

I don't think public support and sympathy can do much to help him.

He has to rely on his innocence to prove that he has not done anything wrong for someone to pick up the RM13,000 dental bill.

As a former civil servant I cannot comprehend why allow another party to pay the bill knowing fully well that it is not the right thing to do.He has to explain his act to prove his innocence.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam Dato'

I find your blog is very entertaining and enlightening.

Mejar Haji Ramli Ab Rahim (Bersara) TUDM
Ex-RMAF Press Liasion Officer
Penulis Tamu PERAJURIT

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam Dato'

All of us from top to bottom have to do deep soul searching and question ourselves what is our real mission on this planet earth. This temporal world can be deceiving and the answer to all tribulations is to go back to the CREATOR. ALLAHU AKBAR.

Mejar Ramli

ArshadRaji said...

Saudara Ramli,

Welcome to the blog. You said it right and clear. But unfortunately, the things being said by people doing business with the service is not too pleasing to the ear. We have to correct the wrong, and it is through blogging that I think I can get the message through. It is my desire that the ATM must be cleanse.

zul linggi said...

weldone dato, please continue writting.....


komando said...

Maybe we should become a bit more radical and round up all those retired but not retarded officers and men to "DOAKAN" that all the evil doers and leaders will all leave the Armed Forces soonest and hence cleanse it once and for all.!

Otherwise we go one step further and doakan they will all "pecah perut" for EATING DUIT HARAM & TERLIBAT DENGAN RASUAH..

Just like what TGNA did to the PM, if he does not pay the OIL ROYALTY TO KELANTAN....