Friday, April 16, 2010


It has been rumoured that finally the Chief of Army will soon be discarding his uniform and be designated a retiree with a capital B in brackets after his name. Talks of an extension has simmered somewhat. We the retirees welcome him to the ‘Retirees Club’, void of fanfare and glamour of having ADC’s, door openers and bag carriers to serve him. He is now left to fend on his own, and even at the Golf Course there will no longer be the usual entourage of ‘businessmen’ to accompany him. I suppose the betting will also be lessened substantially.

I have witnessed such a scene before, but one thing, I am fortunate that all the bosses that I have served before, none has been unkind to me or has mistreated me to such an extent that I harbor hatred towards them. For whatever the reason, my relationship with my superiors has been one of mutual respect, cordial, gentlemanly and loyal. Even if I do not particularly like someone, I would normally avoid them.

The last superior officer that I served prior to my retirement in 1998 was Lt Gen Datuk Aziz Hassan, a likable fellow who later became the Deputy Chief of Army prior to his retirement. I clearly remembered that on his first day of office, he summoned me and upon meeting him, he said, “Arshad, you are still my friend”. I quickly replied, “Certainly Sir, I shall forever remain your friend”. I was a bit unfortunate though for not having served him long enough because I was then on the verge of retirement. But rest assured, I did enjoy the freedom of doing my job in the few months that I served him, without much supervision and harassment from him.

All along, since my days as a cadet officer, I have been a friend of Aziz who happens to be my senior in Cadet Wing. We are of the same company and despite him being a Cadet Sergeant he wasn’t the type who was sadistic and a bully towards his charge and juniors. Bullying in those days was trendy and we had some wild characters who just loved to see others panic. Aziz and I were later to attend the Young Officers Weapons Course at Port Dickson together and he performed exceedingly well. Aziz that I know is a pretty smart officer, of likable character but a poor loser at the game of golf. I use to be his usual sacrificial lamb.

Now back to the change of Army leadership. I am yet to know who is set to assume the new Chief of Army, but my hope is to see the Deputy Chief of Army takes over the post. This is to respect the norm in the change of leadership, where it is the deputy that will be charged to take over. If at all he wasn’t suitable, he should have been taken out well before the change. However, there have been cases in the past where the norm was cast aside, and personally my view is that this should not have happened.
Now, the million dollar question that is in the minds of most is who would be elevated to take over the post of Deputy Chief of Army. There are now four three star army generals (excluding DMI and DMS) to choose from, and should I be asked as to who would be my choice, I would say that he is someone who is God fearing, incorruptible, friendly, humble, composed, void of self interest, of sound professional knowledge and finally, one with absolute guts.

And let me be frank and honest, that the Army’s reputation in recent times has not been good which I have reflected it in my various postings. And my only hope is that with this leadership change, there will also be a change in public perception of the Army for the better, and not the contrary.



Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,talking about golf and apple polisher, i had a game with one former air force chief and another airforce General that was teeing the ball for his big chief !. Both were my former sqn. mates and it was a big laugh for me and i told both of them to piss off from my flight unless they stop that bloody nonsense !. No disrespect intended BUT it sure pissed me off from playing the game with both of them. It took both of them awhile to appreciate my message but they became human again after that incident!. Strange how individuals can go that low or so big headed!.
,,,in fact, since retiring in 1982 i have only once been back to MINDEF to help out in a special briefing on how best to operate the Nuri S61A-4 helicopters for offshore operations but unfortuntely even after showing them how we safely operate all weather, on the older Sikorsky S61N, the RMAF has not fully complied to the basic requirements both in hardware and training to-date. What a bloody shame !. I stopped giving anymore free advise ever since. Instead they are talking about changing to new helicopters !. Maybe there is more money in doing so ?. eeerrmm.

FMZam said...

Don't be overwhelmed by your feeling over that bloody man Dato' Arshad, he will leave as "the most moneyful general" of them all, he couldn't even feel the pinch of living in the civvy street without all the glory he had in the Army, he can build a new glory even more glorious with his monies and with his cronies, for his legacy will remain to be nested by his heirs in the Army, breeding and grooming the network of burrowers as ususal in this "Rasuah Tegar" military.

He is a month away from the exit door and a few months away from the entrance of a new opportunity that will still keep his link and influence to his "military mules" pulsating. He may have no more of those powers he used to misuse, but where he lacks the power he makes it up with money. Trust me he will just be in an organization akin to our military next door.

He will never stop, never repent, even when death is next to him, for this man's greed knows no bounds, when he prays, he prays next to the devil. He likes winning but not winning wars other than wars that make money.

Of course he is a soldier, a real Soldier of Fortune!

Arunzab said...

You must surely jest when you mentioned the traits that you would want to see in the next chosen Deputy Chief of the Army as someone who is God fearing, incorruptible, friendly, humble, composed, void of self interest, of sound professional knowledge and finally, one with absolute guts. Do such officers exist in the army to day? Lets all pray and hope they do.

FMZam said...


Dato' is not joking, there are men of such qualities, they are not impossible in the military for all militarymen were trained with that qualities by their military trainings and by their religions. Except that they were never trained to resist the seduction of power until the time they were tested and started to transfom their own selves into someone they never were.

You are right we can't have a perfect man with all those perfect leadership qualities, but we just need a leader who has only one quality, a leader who says "great power comes with great responsibility", will "make his bones" built with all those qualities you have said it perfectly.

EAGLE said...

Not only the Army's reputation not very good but it is the Armed Forces.
Let's see in the next few months who has guts for requesting an extension and see will the minister succumb to it again!!!

Arunzab said...

You have a point and it makes sense. I will go along with you on that.

komando said...

Some say great men were born, some say they were made, some say they were nurture and I would say he who is a brave heart but fears only the ALMIGHTY & NOT MERE MORTALS, IS A GREAT MAN & THE BEST LEADER !







Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,For the Army Leadership to change for the better, my guess is that we have to overhaul the whole Malaysian Government and malaySIAN mentality ! May i repeat this again here ?;

ref; Reforming the Malaysian Government ?. eeermm…read this;
,,,Taking over the government of Malaysia is just the first step to reforming the country. What many Malaysians do not perhaps realise is how difficult and long the process of reconstruction will take. For instance, the task of re-writing the country’s official history, that has so long borne the bias and slant of UMNO’s ideologues, will be a herculean task in itself. Malaysia’s communally fragmented society will demand representation on all levels in the new curriculum of the national educational system.
,,,The Muslims, for instance, may insist on a re-writing of Malaysian history primarily from their Islamist perspective. Other ethnic and cultural minorities may likewise call for an equally sectarian interpretation of history as well.
,,,And even if such a comprehensive history could be written, would a new government have the will to see to it that it is taught in schools? Decades of UMNO hegemony has also ensured that a pro-UMNO bias remains in many institutions of the state and to some extent the official ideology of UMNO has been internalised by many members of the bureaucracy.
,,,One can anticipate many rounds of furious polemics, protests and counter-protests, and not to mention countless efforts to sabotage the reform process in Malaysia before it even gets off the ground.
,,,Compared to the long road ahead and the obstacles that are bound to be put up in the face of reform, winning power and taking over the government will seem a relatively easy task. Much more difficult will be having to dismantle the structures of power and knowledge that have grown sedimented for so long, and overturning the dominant culture of racialised politics that has divided Malaysian society thus far.
,,,What is required therefore is a spirit of universal citizenship and a commitment to a non-racialised and non-communitarian Malaysia: a task that the present opposition alliance itself is not perhaps ready to take on considering its own communalist make-up, divided as it is between communitarian Islamists and left-leaning democrats.
,,,The first and enduring task therefore has to be the inculcation of the value of universal citizenship and civic commitment to Malaysia.
,,,Until today Malaysians see themselves as members of the Malay, Chinese or Indian races first, or place their religious identity before citizenship. Yet the creation of a democratic and equal Malaysia relies on that intangible quality known as Malaysian citizenship, a quality that is hard to quantify or define but crucial nonetheless for nation-building.
,,,Are there enough of such Malaysian-minded Malaysians who can build a new non-racialised non-sectarian Malaysia?
,,,Time alone will tell, but for now the prospect of an unprecedented change of government is the first of many long and difficult steps that has to be taken in the slow birth of a reformed Malaysia.
,,, Am just sorry on the way it is !. But it can be done yaa if we all put our mind to it for the better future of our country.

komando said...

Dear Capt...the longhouse man has wise words indeed..

Appreciate your beautiful thoughts and vision for this lovely land call MALAYA..

Had it remain MALAYA, maybe we would not have had this problem of such magnitude today!

The Brits could still keep all of us in place, the minute we had self rule we became BIG HEADED AND THICK HEADED. so much so that we became citizens who are being colonized by our own leaders..


The whole machinery is in a big turmoil now, all the so called Coalition or Alliance which stood for one single aim and purpose in the beginning has now all disintegrated RIGHT NOW!

All the UMNO,MCA & MIC whose original leaders were truly gentlemen all left us too soon...what we have today is "HALF PAST SIX" leaders, who could not care two hoots what happens to this country, as long as they make their "DIRTY MONIES", the country can rot and self destruct for all they care!

Tell me which moron is caring for this country!

They harp on RACIAL Lines, yes all of them to stay and remain in power,they play up the sentiments of the race and religion, they created hatred instead of harmony!

The more talk about The STUPID "ONE MALAYSIA" the more troubles are brewing with left and right wing monkies out to bring down this country!

The heads of PIGS, COWS and god knows what after this will be thrown...maybe somebody's head I guess, just to stir up the SHIT !

Do we need Bangkok Type Riots?
Do we want Bombs & Molotov Cocktails exploding every day and every hour?
Or are we hoping that car bombs will make it into the streets?
Or human bombs exploding in Berjaya Times Square?


There is only one Malaysia in this world and all of us are the REAL STAKE HOLDERS, the rightful OWNERS, ALL OF US, NOT ONE PARTY OR JUST ONE RACE!


Malaysian said...


I couldn't agree more with you the challenges we've ahead towards reforming the government and ourselves. I'm certain the future is not going to be easy; thus, it's important for us to elect wise leaders that represent majority of the Malaysian. Also, we need to form a group and continue to voice our concern. Hopefully, with our influence we can ensure that leaders will act wisely that best fit the interest of all Malaysian.


Mustang said...

Dear Komando,

Very Well Said!! Kudos to You,


taming said...

I happened to talk to some members of the AFC. From their words and expressions it is almost certain that Jen Ismail Jamluddin will have to pack up and GO!
Welcome aboard Jen Ismail.

Though there are rumours about the government's possible extension of civil servants' retirement age to 60, I strongly feel that it is enough for Jen Ismail. The Malaysian Army deserves to have a new leadership, highly professional
and corruption-free PTD. Jen Ismail must give a fair chance to the Army and his successor and enough is enough!

The multi-million dollar question is, "who is corruption-free Army Lt Jen among those waiting to succeed Jen Ismail"? Is TPTD, Lt Jen Zulkifli Zain meeting the specifications? It is fair that the TPTD should be given the chance if he meets the specs, otherwise the AFC MUST make a bold decision to select another Army Senior officer, even if he has to be a two-star jeneral!

I feel that this is the golden opportunity for the country to have a new beginning for a clean Army leadership. The AFC's choice of the new PTD would be an excellent testimony of the country's seriousness in combatting the perception of corrupted Army.

My advice to the new PTD: We ex-servicemen always wish that CDF and service chiefs continue to be highly professional after taking up the jobs and never become victims to unscrupulous and ugly politicians and greedy defence contractors. It is a shame if you fall prey to these culprits who have been known to have ruined the professionalism and credibility of many current, past military seniors and the MAF.


taming said...

Capt's Longhouse,

The world is very small Capt. I know you, the former air force chief and the air force general playing golf with you. We could be sharing the same aircrew room or even the same aircraft cock-pit many years ago!

What is happening in this country
is hard to comprehend sometimes. A
loyal, dedicated and professional air force pilot like you left the RMAF as a captain, whereas the other two squadron mates of yours ( ours?) whose committed many nonsenses, at the end of the day made the air force chief and General!

We learn a lot from your story. This is my main biggest worry to observe cuurent happenings in our country. Some leaders are selected not by their credibility, ability and performance but because they are from the right species and the one favoured by the "boss"!

We are heading for disasters.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,hihihi ! i still can't figure who am talking to but we were all trained in basic training as a soldier then an officer plus a gentlemen b4 becoming an aircrew, for which am ever greatful to the services. But i left, to help nationalize the offshore industry from the British cos. i strongly don't believe in malaysian being second to none and that we should be the masters in our own country, regardless of our color, religion or creep. Unfortunately our dirty corrupted politicians and bloody stupid individuals are all out to drag this beautiful country to ruins, all the hard work that we have done seems sinking down the drain from the looks of it !. Not unless we all again collectively do something positive about it ?. Vote wisely in the next GE 13 lah.
,,,am still apolitical and have nothing against any political parties or the Government BUT just looking at plain simple justice plus respect of the law. Is that asking too much ?.
,,,however, i think it's very much a "can-do" attitude that we malaysian must have within. I mean, i always feel strongly there is a's not always obvious how to get it, but if you keep searching you can figure it out !. Indeed, faith is the very force of life and living.
,,,to all the young men and women whom happens to read this, remember that courage and a pioneering spirit that dares to be different plus toughness provide the fighting spirit for life's battles. A unique, independent, assertive, go-getting, spearheading style can break new grounds, conquer fresh frontiers and reach magnificent victories !. If i can do it, so can the rest of you yaa...have faith in oneself, that's it !...but don't forget that every man is the architect of his own fortune, just go out there and find i have found mine. no worries matey !!

wingman said...

hi mates,

let me give you live input from airforce perspective ( i am still in the service) not easy to get this input. It is ok to start new life or try in business world when you are young but not when you retired as 4 star general.

This practice has been on and on in the airforce. i dont have to lookback very far let take an example of Nik ismail. he left the airforce but i lost respect with him because he is the one make a blunder to the reconisance project on F5 jet.

Sulaiman the recon pod suplier/agent is his business partner cost gov 70 million. F5 and the system are not cost effective for this role. he know this and what happend to the project---gajah putih, Airod Happy. Ackbal his blue eye ball do something. We want active test pilot view not cakap tak serba bikin.

nik is a fail business man in MRO offer to airasia. beware of this snake. he also the man responsible in 725 helicopter purchase working with singaporean train agent salih majid known for agent to israel company and system. beware of israel man, dont be stupid like PDRM. good luck to chopper crew

But yet ex chief nik is assosiated with them because of RM. what a shame.

zahid beware of airod plan to bring in 3 star general for atsc chairman on sept. This kaki mabuk and kaki perempuan will distroy sukhoi 30 maintenance and ops capability.

let me further exposed, not all politican are bad. most dammages are done by blind uniform personnel.

take example now in the airforce most of senior officer blindly agreeing with this 2 star general dreaming to be chief of airforce soon. all he say is correct without giving respect to his bosses. his preception say malaysian are stupid except him. look at his action.

the worst thing is he is also gang up with his team to discredit his boss and berkiblatkan retired boss (nik) and 3 star soon retired atsc boss.

He may be 2 star but his thinking is still in the cookpit (2 bar). i know his business ring when he is kuantan. He may look clean but not at all.

my advice

PM, zahid, an all service chief watchout this cobra. even worst compare to israel. because he is duri dalam daging. he say airforce, army and navy all chief are crab.

ok i have to go for parade.

FMZam said...


he..he..he..Hari ni Ahad, kerja ke? Parade kat Subang Parade ke?

komando said...

Dear Capt...

No wonder the ole Apek in Sungei Besi Ironworks always gets good orders from RMAF Sungei Besi Base !

They say if one cannot find a spare part for the NURI, it is not a problem..just take a walk across the fence and show the APEK what parts you want!

In double quick time the part is produced, at a very cheap price too, mind you Malaysia memang BOLEH! How much is charged GOD knows!

Ask the RMAF technical and maintenance boys, they can tell us lots of this stories, some could not take it anymore and left the service, not retire, they became SICK!

They did not want to be part of a MURDER INC Organization, called RMAF!

Not that long ago the Super Puma lost its blade shortly after taking was in Butterworth Airbase.

My close buddy died, he was none other than the late Capt Fitri Abdullah!



The RMAF has a one liner : BOI found out that cause of accident was:PILOT ERROR!
How convenient ?
For Dead Man Tell No Tales
The Living Can Continue To Tell Many Long Tails !

That is why our Helis dropped down from the bright blue skies, not original parts and non compliant spares ( as far as strength & durability is concern )...

WHAT A SHAME....nobody ever said this before, I am saying it today, its a SUNDAY, no PARADE for me anyway!

EAGLE said...

you need to expose more or else these people will destroy the RMAF.
RMAF is right at the bottom of the drain now!!!
Need more live telecast from the RMAF.

FMZam said...

Yeah wingman, be a man, not just at the wing, sometimes you have to fight to be a man and be the leader, you just cannot be a wingman forever, if you must fight in the open you must lead.

taming said...


As you are still a serving airforce man I salute you for being half-brave to expose what some of us have prior knowledge but to others those ugly informations are very exciting news indeed. Thank you.

What you have described in the blog
sounds very familiar and I am sure you have equally interesting stories about ex-RMAF Chiefs Ghani Aziz, Saruji, Abdullah Ahmad and Azizan Ariffin ( now PAT ).

Have you seen their multi-million dollar houses? I was told that they
paid for their houses from their own savings in the airforce. They all must be very thrifty airforce officers! We don't know but you can share with us how they make millions!

You are talking about the 3-stars going to ATSC! I think I know this guy and good luck to ATSC and aerospace industry!

Wingman, The country, MAF and RMAF will be grateful to you for your exposures of the sins and crimes committed by your seniors who forget where they belong. Let us share and be smart!

komando said...

Shoot the damn buggers down once and for all...WINGMAN !