Sunday, April 11, 2010


Home Minister, Hishamuddin speaks with a fork tongue. Having first denied that there was a security breach in the RMP by supposedly Israeli agents working for a communications company contracted by Bukit Aman, he then went on to announced that a thorough investigation of the alleged security breach will be carried out by four agencies of the government. Why four investigating agencies is mind boggling. To most, this only proves that there is some truth in the allegation that was brought about by Anwar Ibrahim in Parliament. What I thought is even more ridiculous is that the whistle-blower Anwar Ibrahim will now be investigated for having brought the issue out to public notice. And I am sure he will be made to look the valiant and a compulsive liar by the mainstream media.

I have read and known about this security breach in a posting by blogger Johari Ismail back in January 2009, but nothing much appeared in the mainstream media. I presume then that what was posted by Johari is irrelevant and baseless till now, when the story is forced out in Parliament, coupled with a stunning revelation by RPK who even had a copy of the minutes of discussion held between RMP officers and the Home Minister relating to the reported security breach posted in Malaysia Today. What caught my eyes is in the few last lines of the minutes which sought that the discussion be kept out from public notice. It is strange that a matter of such importance affecting national security be kept from public notice. I do not know whether Military Intelligence was aware of this when it was first made known to the police.

Now, who is the bigger liar………. Is it the whistle blower Anwar, Johari or the Home Minister? Sadly, even the IGP does not seem to agree that there was a security breach and his statement seemed to suggest that this whole affair is being concocted and politicized by Anwar for his political gain and a diversion from his on-going sodomy trial. If this is how our nation’s security agency views breaches of national security, and where the public is expected to remain silent, then I would say that we might as well not have a security agency at all.

In my 34 years of military service, I have had numerous opportunities working with the Police Special Branch officers on military operations. I have my highest respect and regards for their professionalism, and never was there a time where I was confronted with selfish police officers who placed their own service interest first over collective military/police interest. The many military success throughout the insurgency period is undeniably attributed to the support we got from the Police Special Branch. And having to hear about this security breach by purportedly Israeli agents within our police organization makes me to wonder what has become off our once renowned Police Special Branch. And the denial by the Home Minister and echoed by the IGP, is indeed frightening.

The question now is to what extend has the police organization and national security being breached? The public need to know, simply because national security is not only the concern of the police, the military or any other government security agencies, but it is also the concern of the ordinary public. How then could the government, and in particular the Home Minister expects the public to partake in ensuring national security when they (public) are oblivious to breaches of national security that could affect their daily lives? Or is it in the opinion of the Home Minister that it is him alone who has a complete say in matters of national security?



FMZam said...

This is nothing to do with National Security, this is a treason to the country and to the people. This is a scandal, and it has a name - APCOGATE!

muhammad arshad raji said...

Dear FMZam,

You are right, and what is the punishment for treason? DEATH. I would like to see this happen to all those responsible.

SysOp said...

This APCO scandals has taken down the good image of our national security agency (in which has a history more than 60 years).

It's ashamed to the good serviceman who has been trained by SAS, MI6 and ASIRO in the past.


FMZam said...

Dear Dato' Arshad,

Lot of things have started to become like in the movies where the bad guys are the government people, the bad cops, the bad lawyers, the scandalous politicians, the scheming leaders, and they misused their powers and everything within their powers to serve their own purposes, their own interests, without regard to all those pleads they made to serve for the nation.

All of the reasons they could cite but there's a question they have no definite answer - why the need to employ Israelis in a security forces establishment? That is a question of national security interest, not WHERE, HOW and WHY Anwar exposed it, for all he did was exposing a scandal.

Like always, when you expose a case that has everything adverse to the government, this government goes for the whistle blower, not the murderer.

We are back into the past, to the time when the crooked and scheming palace officials concocting their way out of a treachery move by influencing the weak sultan into believing them more than the righteous honest rakyat.

Will our history repeat itself?

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,indeed, the first thing that crossed my mind was "TREASON" !!and this is beyond even corruption.
,,,Those responsible should be punished accordingly and we should never allow them guilty parties to get away !.

abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Dato' Arshad,
To answer the question as who is accountable for national security, it is plain and simple it is the Government and the people. Internal security is the portfolio of the Home Minister and if there is any breach of internal security then he should resign, just as what the Profumo Scandal did to the British Conservative Government in the 60's.

Anonymous said...

Kes Treason ni sama aje macam kes kat Sauk tu, tapi yang ni lagi besau, habis negara dibuatnya.Persoalannya nak ke mereka yang terlibat ni letak jawatan dan berambus.

Saya ingat dalam satu filem Seniman Ahmad Nesfu berkata " kecik kecik tak nak mampus ,sudah besar dan tua menyusahkan orang". Jadi nya mereka yang menyusahkan orang ni kan elok mampus aje.

FMZam said...

Dear Dato',

In any event of breach of security, in any country, in any security organization, even in any business entity, a single breach of security can mean anything from information and intelligence leakages by spying, espionage, etc, onto proprietary or state secrets, the impact is no less than total dumping or dismantling the effected system and the extent of damage is ascertained to the fullest. This will cost the loss of millions RM but nothing to compare with the embarrassment caused by it and the loss of the nation's secret into the hand of outsider who could hand the secrets to the enemy.

komando said...

It is called BUSINESS as USUAL...
Nobody will be hanged
Nobody will be charged
No one is GUILTY
No one did anything WRONG

There is nothing...just rumors!
If you keep harping on it, We will charged you for RUMOR MONGERING !
We will use the ISA !

So stop talking and stop speculating!

If there is any solid proof, come report it to us PRDM or MACC !
We will take the necessary actions!

"SO kind of same rhetorical statements will come out after this from Mr.HISAB s/o Hussein.


komando said...

Folks TYPO it should read :


komando said...

One more very salient fact. The most incredible thing is that the KDN goons and all its Ministers have very little gray matter.

I suppose a retarded person has much more brains them HIM...

Morons probably would outscore him also in any given test anytime !

But say whatever you like he is a god given & god sent savior of the RACE ! He loves kissing...the KERIS I mean. That is his FORTE !

josephng said...

Our govt of today won't be responsible for anything let alone getting the Hisap puting guy to resign. didn't you read the part he doesn't want the public to know anything about the matter?

And where is our dear "aah" when it concerns national security?

So much of fighting from darfur to Iraq but not very much concern about own country's national security.....

WIRA said...

Dear Dato',
Recent revealation by Annuar Ibrahim regarding the purported presence of an Israeli posing as a contractor in Bukit Aman is not something that is unexpected. Knowing the Mossad, anything is possible. Just look at the way they disposed off the Hamas official in Dubai. Penetrating the HQ of the PDRM would be nothing more than child's play. Of course I cannot say the same for our SB who allowed this guy slip through their scrutiny. This brings to mind the following questions.
Is our SB as good as they have been made out to be or was there actually a security lapse? Only the IGP can answer this question. Having said that, the presence of the Israeli contractor in Bukit Aman, if it is true do deserve intense public scrutiny because we have had no dealings with them whatsoever. But does the incident deserve such public outcry? I don't believe so.
Simply ask ourselves what on earth does Israel want to know about Malaysia, a corrupt middle income Muslim dominsted country located 6000 miles from their border and for what? I simply do not see how can we be a security threat to them?
Conversely, what can they do with information gleaned from the PDRM comms net and what impact will such a breach have on our national security?
I think some of us must have been seeing too many James Bond movies.
Simply because we have all been brainwashed since young that Jews are bad people, unthrusworthy and that we are to avoid contact with them doesn't mean that we cannot do business with them. Syarikat Lever yang buat colgate tu siapa yg control. Begitu juga rumah siapa di kampung yg tidak ada mesin jahit Singer? Sekarang ni kita membeli-belah di Tesco pula...
Sure, 17 times a day we recite in the Al-Fathihah for Allah Subhanawataala to not place us in the same light as Jews, but to totally avoid utilising/acquiring technology and knowledge and products in this borderless world is something else.
I think all this ado is about nothing actually.

F said...


Well put. I think we have to make a distinction between Jews and Israelis. As you know, Malaysia's problem with Israel, like many countries is Israel not implementing UN Resolution 242 which calls for the withdrawal of all land occupied by Israel in the 67 war. Indonesia with the world's largest Muslim population has ties with Israel. Its Kor Mariner PT-76s were upgraded by an Israeli company, it's Skyhawks are ex-Israeli and in the 70's it's an open fact that Mossad instructors trained the Indon intel agency- BIN.

In my opinion just because we disagree with the action of the Israeli government doesn't mean we should apply the same to Jews in general. As for an Israeli contractor in Bukit Aman, I'm sure many Israelis with dual Canadian/French/ British/ U.S., etc citizenships have visited Malaysia. As for what info the ''alleged'' spies where after, who knows maybe it was on behalf of someone else.

FMZam said...

Well, well, this is good, while we are not talking about anti-Israel but treason and national security, you bugger switched the topic into a different perspective just to divert this matter out of focus. Let see if those buggers who have been calling me and some of us as pro-Jews the last time we talked on Perkasa things, have now turned around and became as pro-Jews as he called others, when come to protecting this government on APCO issue. Let you all talk first so we can know what sort of skin you are wearing now to see your true colours.

pendita said...

Dear Dato',

After having read the comments, some of us here seem to be 'finger pointing'. Actually, many articles in your blog too seem to be disclosing materials or contents that can be considered as 'classified information'. Nevertheless, due to the pursuance of corruption, a few displayed comments merely based on egoism, self-indulgence and rotten dissatisfaction emotions.

Let us not be a 'stink-bomb'.

FMZam said...

Dear Dato'

As always we have scums who don't use fingers for pointing but use his butt to point at things. These "buttpointing" scums always turn back to you when you whiplashed their butts with your postings. Well done Dato', keep it up.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,unfortunately some of us Malaysian or rather the Malays in particular is just too forgiving, under the "Malaysia Boleh" or indeed the "TIDAK APA ATTITUDE" which has created so much trouble within the country !.
,,,some can't even different shed between TREASON and REASON from the looks of it !.
,,,even National Security is no secret to some of them, after spending time in the military ?.
,,,Brainless indeed or just plain stupid ?. i leave it to the individuals to seriously think about it or to justify a crime the way it is.
,,,its about time to put a STOP to all these bullshit. Am pretty sick of it.

josephng said...

Let's put it that UMNO will justify however they want.

When DSAI were colleagues with some of the jews (mind you that some of these jews are just ordinary citizens and not even in military. Plus, to be a jew, you are born into and you don't have a choice) in international organisations, the UMNO came all out to say that he is a jew agent and this and that and played up all the emotions between Muslim/islam/jews.

But when UMNO contracted the work to APCO and the ppl behind APCO are all ex-military/intelligence official, they will defend it by saying that they have the tech and bla bla.

Bottomline, UMNO will punish anyone that has connection with jews except for themselves. Since they are so keen to work with the Jews, why not allow Malaysians to visit Israel since christianity/catholicsm is so closely related to Judaism?

*Even though the comment diverted from the original "national security" discussion, this is to show how hypocritical is UMNO. Brood of vipers.

FMZam said...

Josephng, you OK, I never meant you. Go on.

taming said...

This is a very clear case of TREASON to the country and the people and ALL those reponsible must face the firing squad!

I expect PM Najib to act seriously on this, even if the culprit involved in committing treason is his own brother. there is NO second chance for citizens who commit treasons!

josephng said...

Dear all retired servicemen

In fact, i feel honored to be able to share comments and discussion with ex-military men/women.

It's not easy to have such opportunities for a commoner if you do understand what I mean.

Some fathers (retired military including my dad) will never tell even their children what happened during their tenure in the service.

My comments maybe a bit harsh on some ex-military (which i can't stand a bit when they behave like UMNO/MCA/MIC and other slaves party) but not meant to giving a sweeping statement to the entire military force.

komando said...

Aiyah...some say this some say that!

What the farce?

Let them Hang themselves lah...

hantu pun dia
tuhan pun dia
pencuri pun dia
polis pun dia

semua dia lah
siapa lagi?

Mau tahu KAH mai
Kita pi kena teh tarik dulu