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Yesterday, April 17th 2010, I was invited to attend a medal presentation to 50 recipients of former officers of the Royal Malay Regiment, held at the Royal Malay Regiment Club House. The presentation was made by Defence Minister, YB Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi representing the King and government of Malaysia.

The Pingat Jasa Malaysia (Malaysia Service Medal) as it is called was created in 2004, and is to award British and Commonwealth forces (including the Gurkhas) who served in this country during the Malayan Emergency and the Malaysian-Indonesian Confrontation period. The award is in recognition of their “distinguished chivalry, gallantry, sacrifice or loyalty” in contributing to the freedom of independence of Malaya and subsequently Malaysia. This medal is also awarded to officers of the Malaysian Armed Forces who had served during the aforesaid period.

The highest British officer to have received the medal is Field Marshall Lord Bramall who was the British Chief of Defence Forces prior to his retirement in 1985. FM Lord Bramall served in Malaysia in 1965 i.e. during the Malaysia-Indonesia Confrontation as the Commanding Officer 2nd Royal Green Jacket.

At the medal presentation ceremony, the highest and oldest former Royal Malay Regiment officer to receive the medal is Gen Tun Ibrahim Ismail who is presently in his 80’s; failing in health but never in spirit. Another recipient and veteran is Major Abdul Manan who was among the first army officer to be schooled at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst and later, at the British Staff College.

Other notable recipient includes Gen Tan Sri Yacob (Jack) Mat Zain, Gen Tan Sri Borhan (Commando) Ahmad, Gen Tan Sri Ghazali (Joe) and Gen Tan Sri Ghazali Mat Seth. My presence at the ceremony was made more memorable at having to meet many of my former bosses, and of particular interest to me are Col Dato Abdul Rahman (Rimau) Lassim, Lt Col Dato Zarazilah Ali, Lt Col Adnan Tajuddin and Maj Gen Dato Abd Kadir Nordin (a PGB recipient) and Maj Gen Dato Dahalan Sulaiman. These are the officers who were my source of inspiration that have guided me in my career, and have shown me examples of what an army officer ought to be.

During a speech by the Defence Minister, I was pleasantly surprised when he said that he is reviewing the granting of some form of monetary payment to recipients of gallantry awards other than recipients of the SP and PGB. I believe the minister was referring to recipients of the JPP, PTU and KPK, and if this is so, blogger Mej Nor Ibrahim RMAF (B) persistence has finally paid off. I personally wish to thank the Defence Minister for having being considerate and passionate to the appeals of Mej Nor Ibrahim, and when the official announcement is made, I know it will be a feather in the cap for the Defence Minister.



Iskandar said...

Salam tuan,

I am so glad to read this.Would it be possible to get the list of the 50 recipients of PJM medals from the organiser (MOD)?

My friend did a video on Maj Gen Dato Abd Kadir Nordin (PGB) not so long ago. You can watch it here.

We have also done some video on Tugu and also the RMR history's writer, Lt.Kol Syed Othman Syed Omar there.

Insya Allah, sometime next month we will do video docu visit to Bukit Chandu/Kranji War Cemetery to trace the Malay Regiment war graves.

Itu agaknya cara saya dan kawan-kawan menghayati pengorbanan pahlawan nasional dan berkongsi melalui video.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Iskandar,

Welcome back. I will try and get the list of the 50 recipients. This is the first batch of recipients and there will be hundreds more.

Now, why don't you think of doing one video of Mej Nor Ibrahim's stories. Please view his blog. Regards.

F said...


Could you please keep us informed on the progress of your documentary on the RMR wargraves at Kranji. Thank you. Fariz.

komando said...

Dato' Pak Chad

I do hope after all the endless shouting and name calling, that they finally acknowledge that we are not here all talking crap stories, but talking about the realities of life as a soldier of this country call MALAYSIA, previously MALAYA.

There is a very old saying : "Soldiers are only appreciated when there is a disaster, a civil war or strife, a turmoil, a conflict & the lastly WAR !"

Otherwise we are just a Name & a Number !

Expandable Items in the Inventory!
Write off Items in the QM store!

I am happy for the first batch of big guns who got their Medals - PJM..



Hopefully, one day I will be remembered and will have a PJM medal PIN on my chest besides my PPA which I treasure so dearly!

If not for fighting the CT's and serving the King & Country, but at least as the soul that sold the idea...and its the ATM.

Never more happier AM I, that at least some brains and ears have heard of our ramblings thus far, it is a start but lets not stop, there are so many more issues in ATM/MINDEF & all the 3 ( Three ) services that needs cleaning up, maybe even an overhaul, BIG TIME !

Mr.Minister of Defense, you do not stop short of the objective, you capture it, dominate it and secure it, that is when your Mission is accomplished, not otherwise!

We are not asking all those dead and gone HEROES be given a million dollars in cash and in kind, but a simple recognition and some form of "peace" after years of total neglect and irrelevance !

As I have said in the earlier writings, do we really care for our soldiers?

Are we lost now and forever?

Are we not taught as a Leader from day one as a Cadet Officer our responsibilities, our dignity, our honor, our accountability, most of all our attitude As and Officer and A Gentleman!

"We do not flinch in the face of the enemies,no matter how many or who they are, or what they have, we do not retreat, we do not back off, we will stand our ground and we fight till our last dying drop of blood and breath"



taming said...

It is better late than never!

I know the Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM) medals have been awarded to some ex-servicemen through various events organised by Persatuan Bekas Tentera (PBTM) all over the country. This is in addition to a special event organised about a year ago to award to some recepients from Commonwealth Forces.

It takes the Royal Malay Regiment Club to organise a modest tea party at an old abandoned bungalow ( KPRAMD Club House ) for the Minister of Defence to award PJM medal to the most senior military retiree ( ex-4 stars,PAT and Tun ).
I must congratulate KPRAMD for organising the function, otherwise Gen Tun Ibrahim and 49 others would not smell those medals before they go to the next world!

The 17th April 2010 afternoon tea and simple ceremony at KPRAMD Club House must be remebered as a big slap and shame to PAT and Armed Forces for having neglected thousands of ex-servicemen recepients of PJM including former PATs, a TUN and dozens of Tan Sris.

To the remaining eligible PJM recepients, ranging from ex-privates, ex-seamen, ex-airmen and ex-generals, who are nearing their next world must wait for this cheap but maningful medals which are nowhere to be seen. Perhaps the KSU or PAT will deliver the medals to the graveyard!

I was informed by AKSPA of Markas ATM that there is insufficient funds for the Armed Forces to make and award the medals to all the eligable recepients. Perhaps true, but what a mockery! The country can spend billions for something else and millions to sportsmen, sportwomen, ministers' visits and entertainments but the government does not sufficient funds to make and award medals to those who have sacrificed their lives for the country! Malulah negara kite!

I am asking PM Najib, Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi, Mindef KSU Abu Bakar and PAT Azizan Ariffin, Where is our priority?"

I am glad Minister Zahid Hamidi has indicated the possible review of monetary rewards to the recepients of bravery medals. At least we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and I hope Mej Nor Ibrahim's continuous pressure bears some fruits, insyaAllah.


komando said...

The huge amount of money wasted by giving to the others must also be highlighted...not that we do not appreciate their contribution and sacrifices...the Commonwealth Forces and Troops that once served this country called MALAYA!

ASK the AKSPA how many medals have been awarded and how much money used,locally as well as abroad!

As compared to having our own local parade at each Div or Bde or even state to award these medals to all those that deserved it, those that have retired and maybe wheel chaired bound and some even bed ridden!
Waiting to die!

Will they be proud ?
Mind you they will weep !
The gesture will move any heart for be honored and recognized, it is better late then NEVER !

Billions have been wasted else where, for heavens sake do the right thing once and for all!

Arunzab said...

Sudara Komando,
Very well done indeed for your efffort. I was one of the fortunate recipients, and the medal was indeed very well designed and well presented. The medal came together with a miniature( In the past we always had to buy one ) and a ribbon with the words DARURAT inscribed on a metal plate glued to it . Opening the box and under the flap is a chrome plate with the following inscribed in Bahasa.



I am sure you will remembered and soon bestowed with this medal.

basri bin omar said...

Salam Dato'

Syukur atas penganugerahan tu tapi lebih signifikan YB Menteri maklum tentang hasrat Kerajaan nak beri elaun pada penerima2 JPP,PTU dan juga KPK....Alhamdulillah ...moga realiti tu cepat JADI...Insyaallah....Tahniah pada yang berusaha Mej Md Nor Ibrahim Sulaiman!

Basri bin Hj Omar

Idaman Dot Com said...

Salam Tuan
Perhaps, if it is not too much trouble, Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia can further organise a gathering of all PJM recipients to further accord and honour their forever unselfish dedication to uphold Malaysia's sovereignty. My father, Major(B)Haji Abdullah bin Mohd Hashim was among the recipients of the PJM given by YB Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on 17 April 2010 recently. Although his health has been deteriorating the past few years after the open heart surgery he had undergone some 5 years ago, I can see the glitter in his eyes and his wonderful smile that come along during the PJM award recently. I don't mind telling you that I shed tears of joy to see my father that happy especially meeting up with all his long lost friends in RAMD. My deep and sincere THANK YOU to Datuk Seri Zahid, to you Sir and to all that had made the award possible and for making my father relive his memory of his friends in uniform. At least, I can say "Masih Ada Yang Sayang". Alhamdullilah.
~ Nazran Hj Abdullah
Kuala Lumpur.

FMZam said...

Painted on the wall of a barrack in LATEDA some time ago "In war, there's no runner-up". To us soldiers, it means in war there's no second place, no silver medal other than victor, winner and gold medal, the vanquished is that silver medallist. When politics makes gold, silver and bronze medals for valour then do we have to be contented by its whim and fancy at grading valour with SP, PGB and the lesser medals?

Valour is the karma for soldiers for it is not soldiers who decide valour, it is god that gives any soldier the spirit of gallantry at the time he never expected. Then how come we let the politicians decide who is more heroes than all heroes? Why did we let ourselves be compromised by the politicians and let them turn heroism as a sport?

Are we heroes or gladiators?

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Dear Dato',

As I said earlier in my e-mail, thank you for updating me. I pray to the Almighty Allah that the Minister would fulfill his promises. By the way, I'm told that I'll be getting my PJM next year, InsyaAllah.

曾嘉慧 said...


pendita said...

Dear Dato,

I am so delightful to read the comments. I have a cousin who also been given such medal and he always tell us a good things in the army.

MinDef also have extented to widows, father and mother whose husbands, son and children who have served in the front line during those period.

May ALLAH blessed the soldiers.

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear dato and Mej. Nor Ibrahim,

,,,well done, i guess both your blogs have been very effective in passing the right message across to those concerned plus act as a focal point to the rest of us for our views on subject issues for further deliberations. Indeed, i do find it most interesting plus at times very challenging too, just to relate certain key reasoning or justification !.
,,,Lets try to remind the rest that life's challenges is that everything can be done better !. Lets keep improving. Well done again guys plus to the rest too.

komando said...

Saudara Arunzab,

Even if the ATM refuses to give me or award me the PJM medal, it is no big deal, the prototype is with me, the first print as they say or the first MINTED edition...

Recognition after 10 years of retirement I am lucky, imagine the former PAT's, luckily they are not buried yet.

Current crop of leaders are self centered and self enriching animals!

Arunzab said...

Saudara Komando,
I can understand your sentiments and life is not always fair but we all are all retired now lets all move on.

FMZam said...

Komando, Arunzab,

PJM is a medal for all who served in the emergency which means hundred of thousand of soldiers dead and alive will get one. But what good is that medal when the government instead of giving it with good will and honesty but made it so much a hassle and a fuss. When it is so much a burden for the government to give, then the government better not give it at all because by giving to only selected soldiers, it hurts us even more, it adds up to many other hurtings this government had caused upon us soldiers.

We don't need that medal, tell the government they better save the money for the blind and the handicapped soldiers.

FMZam said...


I read somewhere on this PJM the eligibility is only for first emergency from 31st August 1957 to 12th August 1966?

komando said... need for me to take it considered taken.....I am the originator...the mint condition is with me....the first edition...

apo nak lagi sudah jadi basi beb

as you said, maybe simpan duit itu dan buat kebajikan kepada semua anggota dan keluarga keluarga mereka yang lebih memerlukannya

no need for a PR exercise to give away medals and expect all the veterans to cast their precious votes for the corrupted PARTY !

komando said...



It is for those who served before 1989, meaning 1969 to 1989

As confirmed by the rightful authorities in MINDEF - JRP.

JRP has the medals, we can go collect it if the Menteri and the ever "Sibuk Generals" cannot organize a simple parade each month to appreciate all of us "ex-serviceman"!

We can organize our own parade, just like what the RMR officers club did in PD!

One day ALL these Generals will retire and we welcome them to our CLUB...KELAB ORANG PENCEN ASKAR!

battler said...

I would like to thank the Government and the people of Malaysia for there Kind consideration in presenting me with the PJM, I recieved mine at a presentation in Doncaster UK yesterday 26/4/2010. Michael Britton Royal Navy 1960-1970

komando said...


Folks there you go an Ex RN soldier or rather seaman receiving his PJM RECENTLY and am I glad he is still alive.

He served us from 1960-1970....guess he must be at least 70 years old, taking that he was 18 when he served this country!

Enjoy it, we are proud to say we appreciate your services to this country...we are retire or rather most of us in this blog are veterans !

Happy Retirement !

azmi said...

Salaam Dato',
Syukur I received my PJM through Veteran.
No parade, no fanfare