Wednesday, April 28, 2010


About month or so, I have been receiving comments aimed at discrediting me for my writings, which hitherto has not been too obvious. Personally, I do not mind their criticism of me, as I am a strong adherent and advocate of the freedom of speech and expression. I too do not take offence of anything they say against me, because I strongly believe that being human, each and everyone is born different; hence I don’t expect others to have the same patience that Allah swt has bestowed upon me.

I will be acting foolish, if I were to retaliate with anger in responding to the comments made by those who are adverse to my writings. Anger is one that I do not possess, and it is quite difficult for anyone to make me angry, and those who have served me knows this too well. If there is the slightest anger, I will just turn around and walk out, rather than to be confrontational and make a fool of myself. This is exactly what my late father had taught me.

Actually, I am what I am, because I hate to lose friends…the good ones I mean. And I can assure every one of my readers that all the friends that I have are good.

With regards to the sudden surge in some ‘nasty’ comments from some readers, I know this will happen about a month ago. I was informed about it by someone who cares for what I do, and shares a similar desire as mine i.e. to rid the Armed Forces of corrupt officers, regardless of the rank and stature. In fact, I have a slight indication as to who these person(s) are, and I also know that they have done it not on their own accord.

To those who persist that they should go on discrediting me, my only answer to them is to please go on doing what they are suppose to do. Honestly, I am neither hurt nor offended, and I will continue to pray to Allah to give me guidance, and if I do wrong, I seek forgiveness from them and from Allah, but if they are wrong, please seek forgiveness from Allah.



Adam Harith said...

I hope this will not deter neither your spirit nor your will to keep on writing and posting, as I personally admire your views and opinion on such matters.

Fathol said...

It's just a minor irritant which will not deter a person of your resolve and determination.

If these misguided few are hell-bent on ridding off someone they felt "threatened", for reasons best known to them, rest assured your legion of supporters and friends, those who subscribe to your ideals and principles, are behind you lending you their support.

Fear not for the wrath of God will be on those who cheat, steal and lie, all for some miserable crumbs thrown at them by their "handlers".


FMZam said...

Dear Dato' Arshad,

Stick to your course sir, have faith in what you believe. Surely when you are doing good against evil, evil will never let you off, and they will do every damn thing with a single purpose, that is to make this blog closed. Ask yourself Dato' what will be the damnest thing that can make this blog closed? Surely not by readers' comments no matter how brutal the comments can be. Surely not by threats and intimidation. And not even by physical oppression. Why? Because it's freedom of expression that you are dealing with and we are living in democracy.

The only damn thing that can make this blog closed, is when your blog is abandoned by readers. That's why the evil is trying hard to discredit you.

Iskandar said...


Saya teringat kata-kata Booker T Washington ini:

"I let no man drag me down so low as to make me hate him."

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,indeed whosoever deserves to be called wise ?. He who finds something to learn from each person.
,,,its the direction you are leading which is great !. Carry on Dato yaa !!. Nothing in this world can replace perseverance and am learning a lot from you too.

thanks dato, hope to one day meet you face to face.

Tok Uban

Mustang said...

Dear Dato,

Tremendous people look up at your blog. Am sure it was also unimaginable for you Dato, on the hits you are getting in your blog. Your consistency in your main objective strikes all. You have taken it on you towards ensuring a Clean, Accountable, Transparent and Motivating Organization that we wish to have in our MAF.

Dato, I have known you well in our good old days of playing hockey, coupled with your days in Training Institutions. You have all that is as a true Professional Leader, the True Sense of Leadership that is greatly required in the AF.

Least to say, your blog with all the comments from readers is also inspiring and at times serves as reminders of what needs to be done in any Organization.

We never stop learning and neither do we stop getting guidelines & comments. In the Corporate World, the DS solution is we ourselves now.

Keep on moving DATO for the Good of All Loving Malaysians,


komando said...

Phew...what a day !

Hot news all over the place and just do not no where to start!

After all the shouting, now all silent on all fronts...guess the fakes and rascals won't last and won't be able to sustain, "sudah pewai"!

From the recently concluded corrupted elections & to the change of guards in the beloved ARMY!

So if this country is to proceed on a right path, this blog must extend its tentacles to good governance to the top most echelon as well! THE GOVERNMENT !

We can't allow this scenario to prolong, less we just Bertutup Mata and allow all that is wrong to carry on!

It seems that whatever the abuses is committed the SPRM/MACC/EC has no CONVICTION/GUTS/TOOTH OR WILL POWER to do the necessary, outright violation of election rules and yet NO ACTION, HOW MANY MORE YEARS ARE WE TOLERATE THIS NONSENSE.

sdean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
F said...


If those who critise you genuinely feel that what you have written or advocate in wrong, they should at least have the moral courage to state their real indentities.

FMZam said...

There had never been a personal attack on Dato' Arshad so close as Evilisnotme but his exposure on the "Flaming Vita" (Vita Berapi) with intention to cast doubt on Dato' Arshad's integrity had inflamed only him and all those associated to his attempt were made the fodder of his own fire.

The simple mathematics is that Dato' Arshad is not in the legion of the corrupt people to risk running a blog crusading against corruption, not a normal blog mind you, without the slightest thought of his own reputation as an ex Malaysian Army's general would be crucified for being dishonour. Where would he hide his face if this blog is used to serve his ill intention?

And what more could we doubt an honest to goodness person when he let a critical comment passed through into his own blog that made him look like an ageing soprano having difficulty in hitting a critical note?

Akuromeo said...


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Malaysian said...


We love this country a lot. This is our only home. Seeing current corruption level, it's difficult for us to sit by and do nothing. I do not know you but based on many veterans that willing to vouch for you; I believe you're a great general and a patriot. Please do continue sharing your view or information about corrupt practices in the military. Lastly, it's not easy to fight corruption and I'm sure you know this all along.


komando said...

There he goes again the ULTIMATE MORON...if you are man enough come have a damn cup with me, you name the place and time!

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,happy hunting buddy ?. you got a face to hunt for too !.
...dear young ciku guy, just be extra careful nowadays and there are hundred of thousands of servicemen out there too yaa looking for you !. I just can't imagine what would happen from now on. Not unless, one change one's attitude and be sorry ?. See life in the right, healthy perspective ?.
,,,eeermm...common symptoms of stress for you specially ; tension, nervousness, irregular breathing and heart beat, indigestion, insomnia, fear, emotions of discord and being tied-in knots, a lack of self-esteem and concentration and perceived loss of control and stability.
,,,oooh yes !..anxiety and depression are common complains too, so are panic attacks, phobias and even feelings of oncoming doom and insanity. CLEARING of one's blog site is the 1st sign of it but leaving one's photo is just plain stupidity.
,,,eerrmm !!! the pic. of naked ladies, very interesting too and were not funny. Don't think you will get away with it too from the ladies. They will be out for a man hunt, with a komando leading !.
,,,am sorry for you matey !. Even the police is after you geeez. ..."make luv ??" to what may i ask you matey, mr. tongkat ali!. You ask for it and now you are going to get it.


Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

It is not easy to make people agree with us nor making ourself to agree with them.

Selling idea is just like selling other product in which some will buy and of course some will not.

When people do not agree with our idea, they tend to harass us hoping we will retaliate and make fool of ourself.

I'm sure being so long in service, you have a dominant and strong character in following your principle.

Keep writing Dato'

FMZam said...

I always like it when Komando says his sermon like a war imam fighting alongside the crusaders on the battlefront. When we may say "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away" and we faded away, Komando always made it a point that "Old soldiers never die, they are immortals" and he came charging like "The charge of the Light Brigade" out of the grave.

bukitbayor said...

Keep ypur spirits up, Sir; the truth also hurts.You are an officer and a gentleman

bukitbayor said...

sorry correction:
Keep your spirits up Sir. The truth always hurts. You are an Officer and a Gentleman. A real Soldier!!!

josephng said...

Dear Sir

Don't give up. Even commoner like me is reading your postings.

I wonder would you be able to write an article somewhat to tell the police and army to rise above politics to protect malaysian? Can we learn from security forces from Thailand in the recent protest?

abdulhalimshah said...

As a veteran, you know the risks when you expose corrupt practices in the Armed Forces. The perpetrators and their cohorts are definitely not going to keep quiet and will do everything to vilify you.
I admire your coolness and courage Dato' and if I could recall the motto in OBS was, " To Serve, to Strive and Not to Yield". Just carry on and justice shall prevail in the penultimate.

komando said...

Ole soldiers don't DIE !

FMZ - we went to the grave and came back already how to DIE !

Sebatang Karah was the Hell Hole !




All those other training in PULADA, SWTC AND you name it !

Even dogs die in PULADA, but hard core like us don't!

We shall see whether that "brave enough young ciku called ROMEO" can come out of his shell and be brave enough to have a late cup of CHINESE tea with me alone somewhere near a DESERTED CHINESE GRAVE YARD !




...its becoming part and path of my day to day activity....I must get on to Mind No Evil, no matter what time of the day or night ....I simply cannot miss this wonderful blog and certainly tends to look more of it in years to come....especially basing on what's going on in our current sort of " bullet riddled beloved country " of ours due to the on going immense *#^+*#>* practices, Dato do saddle on....with sabres drawn....we'll advance for the betterment of mankind and our generations to come...we are with you....all the way

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

I remember how Major Christopher Joseph described you, 'a soldier's general'. That Datuk, not anyone can receive from that fighting Iban. So carry on doing this, we will be there for you.

komando said...

Dey Swami....

You still around....
Always Fighting 7TH eh!
We are ole, YES but we are not OUT yet till we are buried six feet under !

7 Rangers Mech ...

Malaysian said...


You once stated that a great Iban soldier never received the medal for his bravery. Are you allowed to share the story about him with us "commoner"? I really like to know stories of our brave veteran.

FMZam said...

Sdr S2U,

U r a blogger I m glad we have quite a number of you people bloggers coming into Dato' Arshad's while most of us are commoners as Josephng said it, and I believe there are a lot more blogs run by ex-soldiers all over Malaysia, except that we happened to stumble upon a blog run by ex-soldiers only by luck for we don't know which blog is an ex-soldier's blog, we'll be lucky when someone tells us.

Maybe I am so idle and so ignorant not to know there's a blog that links us to all blogs run by ex-soldiers?

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

@FMZam - sheldrake-gunnersclub.blogspot

samsaimon said...

Do you need a disgrace character of 'Akuromeo' in your blog ? Yes, you are for free speech, but a character who has no respect even to you by calling you Latuk, a joke ? We can agree to disagree even with our foul language, but for this soul, just use your delete button, we dont need him !

FMZam said...

Mej Rama,

Thank you very much sir, I really appreciate that.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Dear Dato',

I don't know about others. All I can say...Thank you for your supports in my lone struggle.

komando said... heard me & got me all wrong !

The word is PW I(Malay) or WO I (English) KANANG AK LANGKAU from the Ranger Regiment in Seminggang or Seri Aman, Sarawak wanted to "PAWN" his 2 x PGB and 1 x SP medals as "Besi Buruk" in Kuching and the apek tua in the city did not want it!

IT is worthless to him, the most decorated and living ARMY hero!

Hope it clears the AIR !

WIRA said...

Keep on the good work. The audacity shown by the Budak Suruhan EVILISNOTME clearly indicates his naivety and evil intent.