Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I wish to draw your attention to the numerous appeals by Mej Nor Ibrahim bin Sulaiman RMAF (Retired) concerning the granting of some form of monetary award to the recipients of the gallantry award of JPP, PTU and KPK. (please view I think Mej Nor Ibrahim has written letters to various authorities to consider his appeal, and including one to the wife of the Prime Minister. I have been following Mej Nor Ibrahim's consistent writings in his blog concerning this matter, and I personally view his appeal as a “crusade in the name of justice for the sacrifices rendered by our soldiers, airmen and seamen in defence of the nation”. We know that some of the recipients have lost their lives; some maim for life, and others lucky enough to live to tell their story to their children and grandchildren.

I sense that no one really care about what Mej Nor Ibrahim is trying to do, and I think all of you fall into that category of military leaders who do not care as well. I am really disgusted that none of you could do anything to convince the authorities that what Mej Nor Ibrahim is trying to do is noble, unselfish and that can affect the morale of not only the recipients of the aforesaid gallantry awards, but to the entire members of the Armed Forces; retired or otherwise. Please remember that these are gallantry awards for exploits in the face of the enemy, and presented by the King; not awards that one buys.

You have an official forum to deliberate on this matter i.e. the Jawatankuasa Panglima Panglima, but does anyone of you ever thought of raising and deliberating this all important matter in the Jawatankuasa? I may be wrong, but I suppose non have ever thought of taking this matter up collectively to the authorities. Just in case that you do not know or have forgotten, the Jawatankuasa Panglima Panglima is a powerful forum, and if ever the Armed Forces wants to stage a coup d'etat, it is through this all powerful forum. I am not suggesting one, but merely to impress upon all of you the importance of the Jawatankuasa.

I think, what has really annoyed Mej Nor Ibrahim and including me, is the recent announcement by the Youth and Sports Minister that athletes who qualify for the Olympics will receive a monthly allowance of RM2,000, from a previous sum of RM1,000. He also said that the government would increase the SEA Games reward to RM10,000 for the first gold, and another RM5,000 for subsequent gold. For the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games, a reward of RM80,000 for gold, RM40,000 for silver and RM20,000 for bronze. For the Olympics, a gold medalist is set to receive RM1 million, RM300,000 for silver and RM100,000 for bronze. What absurdity are these and I think the Youth and Sports Minister must be dreaming when he made the announcement. I am not at all surprise that these 'gallant sportsmen and sportswomen' will one day be eligible to receive the gallantry awards of SP, PGB, JPP, PTU and the KPK.

I would now like to make a personal request on behalf of my retired colleague Mej Nor Ibrahim, that all of you sit and ponder for a moment whether Mej Nor Ibrahim is right in doing what he did i.e. to fight for the rights of the recipients of the JPP, PTU and KPK. If you all think that Mej Nor Ibrahim is right, then for God sake, take it collectively to the government for its approval and nothing less, and not leave it to Mej Nor Ibrahim to fight it alone. But if you all think that Mej Nor Ibrahim appeal has no standing, and that the sportsmen and sportswomen deserve better, than I suggest that all of you resign collectively, and the many stars on your shoulder be thrown into Sungai Klang. I think you will gain respect by doing this.



FMZam said...

One Kapt(R) Tuan Zainal Tuan Yusuf pitted a battle against the government over a case of anomally for a group of some 400 odd Army officers known as The Mohicans and it is never resolved till now. Most of the officers have retired and some have long died since the case was initiated some 30 years ago.

Maj Nor Ibrahim would probably live to see many of those receipients of valour die first before an angel comes down to shed light on their hopes.


Dtk,i remembered in the 70s when a group of JKR workers were ambushed by cts along the EW Highway near Grik,one of the dead was awarded SP or some sort of gallantry award by the govt not surprised that one day sports men n women will be given gallantry awards,MALAYSIA BOLIH!

Arunzab said...

I agree.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

I totally agree with your open letter to those Punk-5.

Those soldiers, airmen and seamen are fighting with their life at stake compare with those sportsmen and women.

Don't treat them as a slave and worst case as a rubbish.

Habis madu sepah dibuang. They are taking care of 1Malaysia but whose taking care of them namely after retired, Persatuan Bekas Tentera Malaysa? Get real laaa... PBTM is just another gold mine for some people especially their office bearers in which it is as good as another political party.

As a result, many of them start a small business, direct sales etc.. including selling drugs.

Pak Oncu said...

Dato,,, Ayah gua dapat PGB ,,, habukkk pun tak dak,,,,, mungkin sebab Ayah gua mat sabun tu lah pasal kerajaan tak pandang !!!!

EAGLE said...

Just tell the CDF and the RMAF Chief that Sungai Klang is not very far from MINDEF and they know what to do.
When they are suck and plenty of baggage, do you really think they have balls!!!
Disgusting... Mej Nor Ibrahim has been blogging on the issue many months and the people with stars are not bothered!!!
Probably a RCI need to be conducted as to how how these people can reach to that position.
Probably CDF and PTU are still searching for the missing F5E engines in Uruguay or Dubai!!!
Or may be looking for some bright ideas how to proceed with EC 725 or the replacement for MIG 29 or may be buying more aircraft just buying the body without the engine like the MB 339- so Dato' they are pretty busy right now and they don't have time for Mej Nor Ibrahim. JPP is not relevant but meeting with Airod and ATSC is important or Minister visit to Gong Kedak and allowing the minister to take a short Sukhoi free ride just to cover up their inefficiency and wayang kulit is the priority!!!
So who is this Maj Nor Ibrahim to CDF and PTU!!! and anyway what was CDF doing in 1976? and PTU?...semua orang tahu...
Wither the Armed Forces......

Arunzab said...

I agree with you that our authorities are known to go berserk trying to out do outdo each other when it comes to rewarding our sportsmen with money, land, and Datoships thrown in .But when it comes to a cry for recognition from those who have sacrificed much for the country they remain quite aloof.
There are not that many who have received these awards like the JPP, PTU, and the KPK as these awards are not just churned but won with sweat, blood , and courage .Giving them some allowance will not cost the authorities much.It will leave a lasting impression on the younger generation who will know that we are a society that cares , a society that remembers it's hero's .
Major Nor Ibrahim has done a sterling job in high lighting this grave injustice to all these men who have given their all for the country and I salute him.
All said and done I still have faith in our Generals and also our minister of defence Datuk Zaid Hamidi to do the right thing and I have a hunch they will do it.

syafiq_flyhalf27 said...

Salam Dato'

Amat setuju Dato' on ,never mind depa nak tindak atau tidak,sekurang2nya kita dapat menilai kemampuan dan kepekaan mereka...!

Doa dan harapan satu hari akan termakhbul juga ,Insyaallah

Basri bin Hj Omar

taming said...

Dato' Arshad and Gentlemen,

The JPP? I have the opportunity of discussing this very same subject
with some former chairmen and members of JPP or earlier known as CAFSC.

"JPP dulu merupakan Jawatankuasa Panglima Panglima untuk ATM tetapi JPP sekarang adalah Jawatankuasa untuk Panglima-Panglima"!

The above statement by some former senior ex-servicemen has some truth
and I share blogger EAGLE's views when I see what is happening in the Armed Forces to-day. The CDF and the Chiefs are too busy projecting and looking after themselves, leaving the Armed Forces to fate and destiny!

I know Mej Nor Ibrahim and I also talked to an ex-senior RMAF officer
who wrote his citation for PTU. What Mej Nor Ibrahim sacrificed during his flying days to his Squadron, the RMAF, MAF and The Country Malaysia is more than what Lee Chong Wei or Nicol David contributed to our country by their glamourous winnings. However, see how Lee Chong Wei and Nicol David were honoured whereas Mej Nor Ibrahim who almost lost his life in the conduct of his duties to defend the country received a mere PTU which nobody cares, including the RMAF four stars! What a mockery!

I am very sad when reading Mej Nor Ibrahim's plea which had been turned deaf ears at all levels. I do not expect the Mindef KSU and KSN to lift a finger in Mej Nor Ibrahim's case, but Jen Azizan and Jen Rodzali must have balls to fight for this case or they should surrender their jobs to some lady officers who would do better!

May I suggest Deputy Chief of Air Force, Lt Jen Shahron, fight for this case until the government respects JPP, PTU and KPK.


ArshadRaji said...

Dear All,

I am encouraged by your support for Mej Nor Ibrahim's cause. Let's keep the pressure on the AF bosses until they realise that it is our warriors that have made them be where they are today. Still, if nothing happens, lets all call them gutless Generals.

WIRA said...

Dear Dato',
I have not actually followed Mej Nor Ibrahim's blog regsrding this allowance issue, but judging from the tone of your write up, you seem to be fully supportive of his case.
Personally, I have my reservations.
To begin with, I am sure the appropriate authorities (CPS, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam and Treasury) have studied and weighed all relevant factors before reccommending which awards merit payment. The fact that they have left out those awards under question, making a big hue and cry over it in the blog won't solve the problem. Neither will calls for the MAF top brass to take action. To them, the issue is settled.
Another aspect I am at odds with is over the comparison of soldiers with athletes.
You see Dato' it is like comparing apples with oranges.
The way I have been taught, motivated and loyal military personnel(those that we classify as good soldiers)do not expect rewards for their deeds. They do it because it is their job and will willingly sacrifice their lives for it. They won't even complain if their sacrifices are not acknowledged let alone demand for payment. Their lot is not to ask why but to do and die. Archaic as it may sound, it is still as applicable today as it was during the 1st World War.
Athletes on the other hand are quite the opposite; they do it largely for the money. The majority of them will even demand monetary guarantees before committing themselves. Ask any one of them which they prefer to do during the prime of their youth, train for national sports or concentrate on their studies? I am sure most would choose the latter because they know, at the end of the day they have to feed their families, and they cannot do it with medals. Wither national sports without the money?
So where do we go from here?
Mej Nor, to be honest about it, this issue leaves a bad taste in many people's mouth, mine included. No point discussing it in public lest such senitized areas as eligibility and credibility rear their ugly heads. To my mind, udah le! let sleeping dogs lay. Deme nak bagi, deme akan bagi nanti. Sabor aje le, Tapi mungkin kena tunggu 4-5 tahun.
Tahu aje le. JPA tu sibuk. Baru aje naik elaun Polis. Sekarang kena kaji tangga gaji ATM pulak.
Mana ada masa nak tengok elaun PTU dan KPK?
As a parting shot, only mercenaries fight for monetary gains.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Wira,

I have my highest respect for your comments and views.

But the issue at hand is one of morale,motivation, recognition and acknowledgement that the awards are gallantry for valor in the face of enemy in defence of the nation. Here, one's live is a stake and live has no monetary value.

Here also, members of the AF are human and being human they have needs, be it spiritual, physical or other needs. More so if they have stake their life in their line of duty, their 'needs' becomes even much more, especially those who are maim and have lost every opportunity to do a 'second career' upon their retirement. Honestly,would you want to see a recipient of a PTU or JPP or KPK being a taxi driver or a guard?

If you say that such gallantry awards for valor does not deserve any monetary rewards, then we might as well say the same for recipients of the SP and PGB. Alternatively, do not categorise the PTU, JPP and KPK as gallantry awards.

As a soldier, seeing sports being given all the monetary benefits is disgusting to me. Thousands here, thousands there and now even a million here and there.

abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Wira,
Even if you compare apple for apple and orange for orange, do you sincerely think that what our government did for the ex-serviceman is fair and square.
There is a lot more room for improvement, and the ex-soldiers, ex-airmen, ex-seamen certainly deserve better than what is given to others who just gloat on winning in sports. In this world of material needs, the gallantry awards are only good if they come with allowances and other perks and if some have been given why not the rest? I had seen how the former Russian soldiers who served in the Afghan Campaign were peddling their medals in the streets of Moscow for a pittance and no one ever gave it a glance.
The people must realise that without the sacrifices of those ex-servicemen who put their lives on the line, they would not even dream of enjoying the benefits of our modern living. Only the ingrate forget the contributions of our ex-servicemen, especially those who gallantly fought our enemies and enable us to be where we are today. Those people in JPA and Treasury are waiting for more convincing arguments from the Ministry of Defence and it should be supported with facts and figures. It does not take a genius to figure out these things, if only the members of Armed Forces Council are determined to fight for justice and not just warm their seats of power.

G.Jeyaganesh said...

This is a country which does not treasure heroes....who spilled their guts but as you said Brigadier treasures apple polishers....
Thomas Jefferson understood the sacrifices of these heroes when he quipped " the bloods of patriots will nourish the tree of our liberty".

I am not sure when these lesser mortals will ever learn. However for me I always held soldiers, sailors and airmen who have sacrificed their lives in high esteem. We will remember them....


Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

I agree with your respond to Wira.

For me it is not the question how much allowance given to them but rather the recognition on their effort to ensure those sportsmen and women enjoy what they are getting now. Tell those people not forget that.

If KERAjaan can spend nearly billions of RM just to re-position Malaysia or getting our PM to meet Obama, what is few hundred RM for those recipients of PTU, JPP or KPK.

Anonymous said...

It may sound rude and biadap tetapi semua pingat yang diterima oleh Askar ni is given in the name of Country and Agong.Because all pingat in the Military is given by virtue of Agong royal prerogative.
As such as a token of support to Mej Nor Ibrahim may I suggest that we returned all our medals which we received whilst in service be returned (throw infront of Mindef Gate) to show to all those in Mindef that those Medals are worthless.Give me the date and time I will be there Dato.........after all it is a lump of besi buruk

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Dear Dato',

Thank you for your continuous support. I'm speechless after reading your posting. I sincerely hope those in authority in MINDEF would read and take affirmative actions.

Once again...thank you.

komando said...

To all my fellow brothers in arms except for the NOT SO "WIRA" guy!

WIRA - My take is that you are a "bottle polisher", please be reminded that you not an "APPLE POLISHER", HOPEFULLY!

PROVIDED if ever you did any service to KING or COUNTRY !

As for MY Dear COMRADE WALI from MUAR said...we will ALL THROW all our medals at the faces of the MINISTER AS WELL AS ALL THE GENERALS SINCE IT IS JUST ANOTHER BESI BURUK! not only in the front gates of MINDEF !


What more can we do and expect from a rotten to the core organization with hopeless leaders and headless commanders, all for self esteem, self enrichment and self gratification only...PERIOD
( it is a total complete waste of f a r k i g time! )


Throw away the uniforms, stars and what not that you don each day and be a farmer...!

At least the worms will say least they will appreciate your kindness...

If all of you can't lift a finger to fight for a good,proper & genuine cause for a military man what good are all of you ?

Like some said let the LADY officer take charge, might as WELL..! She might have more BALLS than all of YOU !

MY TWO FINGERS to all of YOU !

Arunzab said...

Saudara Wira,
It's ok if you have an axe to grind against holders of JPP, PTU, and KPK you are entitled to your views. However there is no need to get into overdrive and pour scorn on them.

Anonymous said...

Sdr Komando,
Kenapa bekas bekas pegawai dan anggota tak terima cabaran saya ,kita ramai ramai pergi baling aje medal medal yang tak laku dan tidak dihargai ini kepada mereka semula dan tengok akibatnya yang akan menjadi tamparan kepada mereka yang masih berkhidmat.

Malaysian said...

Dear veterans,

How can we rely on the current government to appreciate your sacrifices? In order for BN to listen to your plight, you need to vote them out. As long as they maintain in power, you can't expect them to appreciate you. They're more greedy on enriching themselves than your sacrifice. As a Malaysian, I wasn't aware that we were still at war with communist during the 80s until captain longhouse informing fellow readers. Have the government ever tell us about our veteran sacrificing their life during the 80s? NO!


Capt's Longhouse said...

dear Wira,

,,,let me tell you this, we chopper pilots flew straight into enemy fire with nothing to protect us, and we were just 'sitting duck' however the troops we deployed in fought bravely against the enemy on all count from my actual frontline experience.
,,,As an example; Then col. Bond of the komando was always leading his men to the frontline together in my chopper without any fear of the bloody CTs. He always gave me 4 to 6 of his brave men to give us the covering fire as we approach for landing. We were shot at almost every sortie during some of the special operations that perhaps not known by everybody until today.
,,,let me tell you this, 21 of our Nuri helicopters were shot at during ops Gubir and one never made it back safely. Lets not talk about other military/police operations that we chopper pilots were involved with, you might just not believe it !. I never agreed to any citations but indeed i flew not less than 400 sorties for medevac/casevac plus bodivac while in actice services and you can have my log book to check on it.
,,,to all my fallen mates and those still alive with the Airforce galleries, they are just asking for the proper recognition not so much about money. After all, they will represent for the rest of us too. We also knew that not everybody could be given a medal cos. there were just too many of us flying in/out the killing field then. It became a normal thing !.
,,,this is Captain Shariff UBAN speaking for the soul of ALL OF my dead buddies. AND am not kidding. PERHAPS YOU BEEN FLOWN BY ME TOO DURING THOSE FRIGHTENING SORTIES bet you think we were just lucky ?...both on the Alouette 111 and Nuri. We all risked our lives for King and Country, yes indeed it was our job but lets not forget many paid dearly with their lives, leaving their poor young families to survive basicly on their own, from the way i see it. Its very very frustrating and indeed very sad that some of us can't see the RIGHT of it !. Its not a question of just do and die cos. we were in the military but its for fair justice from the way i see it.


komando said...

My Comrades.. Capt & One And All,

There are too many stories to tell during the days of the Emergency, all the people & rakyat knew was it officially ceased in Dec 1989...what really happened before that was never released..!

There are too many unseen and unsung heroes amongst us all, some very alive still and some long gone and very dead indeed, in the name of "KING & COUNTRY".

The many friends, buddies and skot that gave their ultimate to this country can never be repaid, either in "CASH OR IN KIND"


Is that too much to ask?

As for some who never saw a CT, never fired a single Bullet, NEVER SEEN DEAD BODIES, BLOWN UP LEGS, BEING MAIMED FOREVER lest entered the jungles, they know NUTS about what the Fark life is all about in the JUNGLE, what more a JUNGLE BASSHER!

We shall one day make things change and we will change things, it is just a matter of TIME...not too far away...stay cool, remain kool, always calm and collect folks !

I do hope the so called MR."WIRA" can be man enough to say his piece after this, or else we say he is just an "APPLE POLISHER" still serving the Greedy Generals & Ministers!

komando said...

As for the Wali From Muar,

I do not have many medals to throw, they only gave me one - just PPA ! For serving the KING & COUNTRY for 23 YEARS !

That medal is very precious to me and from the very first day as a soldier all Infantry Wallas yearn for an SP or at least a PGB!

So I WAS TOLD THAT the Nurses IN THIS COUNTRY also receive the same PPA which I did, so thanks to the ATM.....!



Malaysian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Saudara Pak Oncu,

Pemberian elaun untuk PGB tidak mengikut pangkat seseorang penerimanya. Sekiranya ayah anda seorang penerima PGB, beliau sudah pasti layak menerimanya. Mungkin terdapat kekeliruan tentang jenis pingat keberanian yang diterima oleh bapa anda. Pastikan dulu sebelum membuat sebarang tuduhan.

Saya cadangkan anda membaca buku oleh Lt Kol Dr Syed Othman (B) bertajuk "Pahlawan Tanahair" yang menyenaraikan penerima SP & PGB. Anda boleh menghubungi beliau di 05-5912067.Untuk makluman anda, beliau seorang OKU tanpa pancaindera penglihatan disebabkan terkena jerangkap samar semasa Ops Selamat Sawadee.

Siti Roffini said...

Wira, there's something for you in my blog, Refer to posting dated 18 April 2010.

Anonymous said...

Sdr Komando,
Ingatkan berani ade juga yang penakut nak simpan besi buruk yang tidak membawa erti tu.Tak pe saya hormati pendirian saudara Saya rasa elok kalau saya hantar balik pingat say kat MAT melalui Pos Laju bior ahli ahli MAT tu tau perasan kita bekas bekas askar yang dah pencen ni.

Aku sumpah keluarga aku dan cucu cicit aku supaya tidak masuk askar Malaysia.Setakat ni alhamdulilah syukor "none of my kerabat yang terdekat" enlisted in the Armed Forces. HOOOOOOOOORAY

Dan selagi Gomen haorak ni memerentah maka kau tak kan cium undi aku ,sampai aku mati.

komando said...

Saudara Wali dari Muar

Saya sedih kalau satu pingat yang saya ada pun kita baling kat Mindef dan muka pak general....nanti mana nak cari...lagi...

Kita ambil tindakan lain....
Banyak cara lagi yeop...

BUKAN TAKUT - Tapi masih sayang dengan sejuta kenangan, ditembak tiga kali dengan peluru, tetapi masih hidup dan bercakap lagi sehingga HARI INI !

ALHAMDULILLAH ...masih ada nyawa ...untuk teruskan perjuangan ini...

WIRA said...

Dear Siti Rofini,
Thank you for the advise. However, I did not manage to lock on to your posting but was led instead to Mej Nor Ibrahim's blogspot.
I have to admit now that it is indeed an interesting site as it contains some of his real life experience piloting the Nuri as well as some never before heard stories/comments by fellow bloggers like Capt Longhouse.
Why don,t these people write books on their experience, I wonder?
So has that expose changed my view on the issue of monthly payments for PTU,JPP and KPK receipients?
I still have my misgivings. Sorry about that.
You see, using the blog or heaping our medals in front of Mindef gate as suggested by some is not, to my mind, the most creative way forward. We have the Persatuan Bekas Perajurit and the Veteran's Dept? You know they are very powerful lobbies.
Incidently, is Mej Nor Ibrahim a member of the PBP?
I allso take my hat off to Mej Nor Ibrahim for his perseverence, but the fact that Mindef have turned him down is clear enough a message for everyone.
I would like to thank Dato' Arshad for his counter comments. It has definitely made me think deeper about it, but not enough for me to change my stance. No hard feelings whatsoever.
But I stand by my views irregardless of what others have to say.
To Mej Nor Ibrahim, good luck.
You and those concerned have my best wishes.