Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What a sensation! Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Mokhtar and actress Zizie Izette both plead guilty to charges of committing polygamy and entering a marriage without the consent of a marriage registrar at the Gombak Timur Lower Syariah Court yesterday (April 20)

I just cannot imagine how this two love birds (educated ones) could do such a thing where ordinary kampung folks (uneducated ones) would never dare breach a religious ruling relating to Muslim marriages in this country. So we can now guess the mental state of this two love birds compared to the ordinary kampung folks..

If they were married without the consent of the court and a Muslim marriage registrar, what will such a marriage be called then? Can such a marriage be declared 'haram', and as such the two were living in a state of 'haram' all this while. I think, as a Muslim couple they are a bad example of what Muslims should be, and if they say they are ignorant of the religious rulings with regards to Muslim marriages in this country, then I would say that both do not have sound religious groundings.

They both appeared in a merry mood from photos shown in the media. And I can only say this to them, that they both have no shame, and their acts have shamed the Malay race and belittled the Muslim rulings relating to Muslim marriages in this country.

And to Bung Mokhtar, you have added another name to yourself i.e. Bung the Polygamist. And you will surely be made a laughing stock during the next parliamentary session. You may shout in parliament, but I don't think parliamentarians would want to believe you anymore.



FMZam said...

Dear Dato' Arshad,

Sorry to say lah but no any Samson can "tahan" man, when standing right infront of that broad Zizie Ezette? Too bad Bung found Zizie first, should it be Ibrahim Ali, I am sure there won't be any more energy left for Perkasa to even lift a finger.

But if you think this will change Bung from his normal self in the parliament, wait till you see he gets even more arrogant and boastful than ever and worst still he gets so very vengeful to loathe at his critics.

With that Syariah Court's ruling over the unconsented marriage of the two "love birds", we have no wrong to call Zizie is Bung's bitch. Even without that Islamic ruling, the international world use to call this kind of woman a bitch. Now we know why Bung is so bitchy in the parliament.

Arunzab said...

You can only feel a sense of shame if you have some morality left in you. These are shame less immoral people who have the audacity to laugh on an occasion like this. This repulsive man who shouts in parliament like a mad man is a disgrace to all parliamentarians and should be booted at the next elections

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,we don't have politicians but clowns making a joke out of this nation to the world.
...its starts from the very top and down to the mata-mata of poor thinking or judgement, that i need not have to elaborate here over and over again !. a reminder guys "take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, lets vote them out" i.e. get the message across to everyone that GE 13 is just around the corner.

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

Suffice to say its one rule for the elite a different one for the rakyat

mike9195 said...
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michael said...

the marriage is in accordance with the syarak, yet u gladly assassinated his/her character. It is not even a Rukun kahwin, and God willing, their marriage is 'Sah' according to Islamic teaching.

at the same time, not an ounce of words coming from you, on how a leader, who recently declared (under no obligations to do so) that he owns several horses that are used in gambling - surely it is not in accordance with sharak, NO? And this is the kind of leader, that we should follow?

that shows how, or what, characters you are made of Sir. You are NO better than what you've said (or claim to be).and why I have stop believing your true intentions Sir, for it is certainly not 'Crusade Against Corruption'. It is just UNJUST. Period.

FMZam said...


Likewise michael, likewise, the person you scorned at has admitted and repented, and you still keep him blasted. You sound unmuslim to reject a repent, and if you're a christian you don't sound like one.

michael said...

likewise FMZam, Zaid himself admitted he still has horses (and still bought it last year) that are still used in the race. Repented?

FMZam said...


I guess we both shall sing "Michael row the boat ashore, Hallellujah!" till we reach the port of last resort of the refugees of our own land.

Chey said...

You are not telling the whole truth about Bung Mokhtar and Zizie case. Like what Michael and FMzam said, it tells what kind of person you are now...

The marriage is 'Sah' as long as the rukun nikah is complied with.