Thursday, April 22, 2010


The Hulu Selangor by-elections is slightly more than 48 hours away; a one against one contest between BN candidate Kamalanathan aks Kamal and PKR's candidate Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.

I took the opportunity to call two of my friends who are presently holed up in Hulu Selangor i.e. one a staunch UMNO supporter, and another a PKR strongman from Pahang. Both knows me as a non party person, and I asked both of them as to their party's chances of winning the by-election. As of yesterday (April 21) both claims that their party have a 50-50 chances of winning. Since I have not been monitoring the activities in Hulu Selangor (unlike previous by-elections), I cannot therefore place my bet on anyone candidate.

A blogger friend called me up last night to seek my views regarding the on-going Hulu Selangor by-election, and my personal assessment as to who is most likely to win. I replied that I don't really care who wins as the results has no significant impact on the Federal government's position as the ruling government. But on second thought, a lost for PKR would give the impression that the people's support in Selangor is waning. In the case of BN, losing the seat does not really impact their position in parliament. On the contrary, a BN win will give credence to their winning chances in the next GE. In other words, it is the PKR that is under pressure to win in this by-election.

The reason why I have not cared much about the Hulu Selangor by-election is simply because I do not see any solid and meaningful campaigning by the contestants. Character assassination takes center stage. Old stories are being replayed over and over again. Even doctored pictures to discredit the contestants are flashed in the open and posted in cyberspace. All this child-like activities does not appeal to me, and if I were to side anyone party, I will be accused of being in connivance with all that is terribly wrong during this by-election.

So it is best that I take the middle road, and who ever wins or lose, it doesn't really matter to me. And to whoever wins the by-election, my only advise to him is for him to act with decorum and a responsible elected MP in parliament.



FMZam said...

Untuk berpeluang menang, BN cuma perlu letak calon MIC tapi bukan Palanivel. Untuk menang, BN sepatutnya letak calon UMNO tapi bukan Mike Tyson. Itulah dilemma BN, dilemma BN ialah MENANG. Tapi dilemma PR hanya satu - untuk menumpaskan BN dan ianya bermula di Hulu Selangor.

komando said...

ZI - my one vote majority counted more than 2,000 times.. they say results by 2300hrs.

another wishful thinking

...if all the ballot boxes are not hijacked, changed and replaced!

how long does it take to count, how many million voters, how many counting officers, how many boxes?
how far are the polling stations?

more questions than answers

THAT is if, they don't play dirty ?


Dear Dato,

I wish to send you by post some very interesting documents relating to PSE. I dont dare to see you personally as I am still in service. Bulky documents.. otherwise I can just send by email. Gimme your residential address, (not office) as I want you to see first before others. Drop me your residential address here and I will send it immeditely. Thanks Dato.Wish you all the best.

PANJI HITAM 61 said...

Tahniah, setinggi tahniah, Saudara.

Sekular Malaysia memerlukan lebih ramai lagi pejuang pejuang tanpa melandaskan politik, tapi berjuang melandaskan kebenaran, kebaikan dan kebajikan...amal makruf, nahi mungkar.
Berani kerana benar, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.

Masanya telah tiba untuk Panji-Panji Hitam muncul dari ufuk timur.

Anonymous said...

Saudara Pemabaca,
Aku keturunan pendatang haram kata kawan aku Mejor MP yang dah pencen disebabkan atuk aku dulu migrate dari Indonesia.Kalaulah atuk aku migrate ke India rasanya ade tak orang India akan mencalunkan aku jadi wakil raayat dia di India.What do you think?

taming said...

Dato' Arshad,

I salute Evilisnotme and I hope this guy is genuinely on our side.

PSE Group is powerful. Stories have been going round that many very high ranking military are in "their pockets" and we do not want to see molotov cocktails end up at your house address!

BEWARE, be smart!

FMZam said...

Pak Taming,

Sampai cam tu sekali, sanggup jadi mafia dah diaorang? Ni dah lebih ni.


Dear Dato’,

Don't bother to drop your residential address here, because I have got it myself. Don't worry; it is not going to be a bomb. It is just a court's application for injunction and defamation suit against you that I need to serve.

Speak No Evil? Bullshit! What do you think when you heard rumours from your crony friends/companies and based on rumours, YES RUMOURS, NOTHING ELSA, you slandered these people. It is called “fitnah” you MORRON! And being an ex-Brig. General, you feel you have the moral right to justify slandering people based on rumours... what a pathetic man you are! Well, you started the war... we will take the war to you, the MAN WHO SPEAK EVIL ALL THE TIME!

Anyway, what if I say to you that your wife is a whore, simply because I heard rumours in the market that indeed your wife is a whore? You think that is alright? You think that is freedom of speech? I say that is irresponsible... and that is how irresponsible you are!

And for those irresponsible commentators, there are ways and means to identify you. Just wait for your turn.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,INTERESTING indeed and you are looking for us or me too ?.eerrmm
,,,well you can find me at Kapas Island and we can settle whatsoever issue that you would like to talk about anytime/anywhere too. Just fix the time and place, I will make my way across. If you are man enough, do come over and face me man to man !.
,,,am Capt's Longhouse owner and my name is Capt. Md. Shariff Abbas
Address; Lot no.55 Pulau Kapas. Tel no 012-3770214 e-mail ;

...So you are still in the service, good as such you are battle trained to settle it to the very end ?. Since you have declared war with the rest of us, lets battle it out yaa !.I accept your challenge too.

komando said...

Kalau BN tak menang saja lah !

Bagi free sana sini - kan itu rasuah, kenapa pada masa ini?

Kalau semua mak dan bapak mintak apapun nak apo sahaja saya rasa Bn akan bagi !

MACC atau SPERM tidak lihat ini semua?
Kayu ke Tongull?

ASKAR dan POLIS undi semalam....6000 orang?
Kenapa mereka boleh undi di dalam kem?

MAKSUD mereka tidak ke mana, ada sahaja dalam KEM ! APA GUNA UNDI POS JIKA MEREKA ADA DALAM KEM?






komando said...

Phew...we now have a MAFIA!

Lets see if has any BALLS?
Come let us have a showdown!
Name the place and time!

Malaysian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malaysian said...


It's important for Zaid to win. If he loses then folks would think that Malaysian accept corruption, racism, etc. Zaid must win for our country. He represent anti-corruption, anti-racism, judicial reform, etc. This battle is important for our batter against corruption.


Malaysian said...

I've read a lot of brave stories from you guys. You fought the communist in the jungle and now most of you fight against corruption in the internet. Though Dato have been threaten several times but he continue blogging about the truth. Your courage really show me what Malaysian soldier is made of. And other patriot like Capt, Komando, FMZAM ..... It's sad that you sacrifice your life for us but in return we threaten you for blogging!

Where is justice?


FMZam said...

Dear Dato' Arshad, Malaysian,

Not the first time someone comes and casts his spell onto this blog with threat and vengence. Better let him go at us and let him let go his inner self out. The last time when I got involved into a lengthy brawl, you all said stop this childish thing, so now I don't see why you must entertain him and turn this blog into a children playground.

Just let it be for he has said it out and so be it. Nobody's going to kneel and beg clemency from him, nobody's afraid of him and we all icluding him have never been afraid of anybody. Anyone of us is so cowed of his threat to expose our identity? Anyone of us is so feared to be hauled by SB, Police, Risik? And so trembling on the word of Court? Nobody's stopping him and if he has done that so we must face it, that's it.

We are old and experience enough to stop living in fear and let ourselves be intimidated forever by the devil. Most importantly, we know we are still soldiers and we know we are doing what all soldiers are hoping us to do, that is we are the good soldiers fighting against the bad soldiers, GOOD AGAINST EVIL.

Anyone of us soldier in and out of this blog is assured of one thing, that we can go to hell, back and forth and die a thousand deaths in fighting evil, there's always a place for us in heaven. So why should we be afraid of evil?

En Garde evil, Semper Fi crusaders!

Anonymous said...


The court injunction that u mention can be applied exparte and if u cannot serve the summons on him u can do it by substituted service.

I wonder how many million ringgit is your summon worth monetarily as it is a norm in Malaysia a pauper will also sue somebody for millions of ringgit without looking themselve at the mirror and evaluate how much they really worth.

Can u prove your Locus and cause in this another issue for u to consider.Do not simply throw spanner everywhere if u personally does not suffer any injury,damages or loss.It is common amongst Indian in Malaysia to use these words " I sue you,I sue you " but in the end see what happen?

Anyway good luck with your threat to sue Dato Arshad for his noble job and of course good luck to your legal fees. Who cares........


Dear All,

I agree that there is called freedom of speech, fair comments and justifications but you should not cross the line. When you go overboard and start libelling people with allegations based on rumours that you heard (rather than hard evidence you got) from your pathetic contractor friends (whereby you yourself and those contractors have vested personal interest), don’t tell me that is a noble course too. It doesn’t make you a noble man simply because you pray during the daytime but becomes a prostitute during the nighttime.

For the benefit of all fair-minded, truly noble people in this blog, this man called Dato' Arshad is a ‘proxy’ director at Vita Berapi (M) Sdn Bhd who pushed so hard to sell their products to MINDEF but failed so far, mainly because there is no requirement for that products and/or different specifications required. Then he became so bitter and started to accuse people of corrupt practices. Surely he is a damn happy ball-licking contractor (this is how he sees successful contractors) if his products are accepted by MINDEF... because that is what he badly wanted, and the rest is just his comouflage.

Anyway, rest assured the victims of irresponsible statements in this blog are taking the necessary court’s actions against this not-so-noble- Dato' Arshad and those irresponsible commentators.

Everybody loves to live in harmony with no corruption and ill-practices and by all means we should strive for it. In doing so, we should tolerate fair comments and justifications. But when you started to hurl baseless allegations, when you mixed facts with illusions & emotion, thereby causing injuries to people ahead of you by merit, sure that is no longer a noble course.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Evilisnotme,

I must disagree with you. Vita Berapi is an R&D company, and we are the designers of SAA weapons. It started 6 years ago. We do not sell weapons since there is nothing to sell anyway. We cannot be selling prototypes.
I am willing to brief you on what we do so that you know exactly our business. Never have I been to Mindef to seek business because I am not one. I hope you accept my invitation and pleasae do not be afraid because I have nothing against you.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

The Penal Code in Malaysia clearly states that it is an offence to call somebody a WHORE and its entail a Police Report to be lodge immediately against that particular person.The punishment for this offence is imprisonment for a period of time.

While in prison you will be fed and accomodated FOC.

Defamation is another civil action which an individual can take against a person ,if the words uttered or published by him or her is understood to be defamatory in nature of its ordinary meaning.

I am not instigating but as a gentleman it is fair to pour our brain out literally in a humble way rather than inviting enimosity from the public at large.

The saying is that "Siapa Yang makan cili dia berasa pedas".

FMZam said...


Did I read you well or my Parit Jawa's Guru Silat maybe was only one of your disciples? And now the question is WHO IS DEFAMING WHO?

komando said...

Hello Mister EVIL ...why no balls to make a date with fate?

Come on be brave enough, since you claimed we are evil and spreading lies...

Since you claimed you are still in the service which generals balls are you playing with....polishing, sucking and rubbing...yes I am BLUNT and BRUTAL!

do not call me komando otherwise !

Anonymous said...

Sdr FMZam,
Engkau baca le ape yang ditulis siIBLIS didalam pos diatas.Nak tulis tulis le baik baik,jangan libatkan bini orang.........perkataan yang biadap dan gila selalunya datang dari mens rea yang gila ok.

WIRA said...

As long as it is not Mike Tyson, any other candidate will do.
Congratulations YB Kamalanathan..
I hope you live up to your campaign promises.
When are you going to invite everyone to your house for thosai?

komando said...

The elections was won!

YES a win is still a win to JIBON & CO, just sit down and tabulate all the crimes they did, they abuse the system, they abused the rakyat's money, they bribe ever damn soul, they paid out so damn much monies to FELDA...they throw away all our money just to win an erection, otherwise they are already IMPOTENT...DAH MATI PUCUK...POOR BIG FAT MAMA....!


they change voters polling station, that is nothing new..not surprise...they gave away goodies like nobody's business...

PROMISES - one hundred million for development....

The most hilarious joke..ZI has a lot of horses so he is a KING gambler....

Ask MAHATIR how many horses he has?
Ask the SPB the KING how many horses he owns!

That is what I called MELAYU UMNO akan hilang dari dunia ini, tidak lama lagi!

FOLKS - when is all this going to stop?