Thursday, December 1, 2011


The NFC controversy has now taken a new turn despite denials by Shahrizat and lambasting the opposition for spreading insinuations that she was also involved in the project, and calling for her resignation. I have never seen Shahrizat more angry, and her gestures and facial expressions during her speech in disclaiming her involvement in the NFC affairs makes good caricatures’ by cartoonist Zanur and Lat. Actually, she does not need to do what she did during the speech if she isn’t involved, but to await the findings by the police in their investigation on the project. I do not know how long the investigation will take.

Now, soon after the speech, more revelations concerning the financial irregularities and mismanagement of the NFC were exposed by the opposition. This time it is the purchase of a Mercedes Benz CLS350 costing RM534,622, a plot of land in Putrajaya (no value mentioned) and a cash disbursement of RM588,585 to a company in Singapore that is said to belong to the Shahrizat’s family. If such revelations and allegations are true, the spending pattern of Shahrizat’s family equals that of those personalities found in the Forbes rich list. Out of sheer curiosity, I goggled Frobes for names of Shahrizat family members, but found none. Had I found a name, then I would believe that all the spending incurred by the Shahrizat family were their own, and not taken from the NFC soft loan.

I now believe that the opposition has many more revelations to make, and I think it is for this very reason that UMNO, especially the youth wing, is hell bent in defending Shahrizat, and what better time than during the UMNO General Assembly. The delegates has to be convinced now that Shahrizat is innocent and that it is all lies by the opposition, and not after the delegates have all returned and to be influenced by others into believing the allegations. Actually, it is not difficult to convince the delegates because there are all feted with gifts, free hotel accommodation, food and most probably some cash to go shopping. As the Malays would say, “Kalau orang berbudi, kita harus berterima kasih”. And I think, this is the very reason why everything that is being said during the assembly will get a resounding response “KAMI BERSETUJU” from the delegates.

While browsing the net, I read a statement made by UMNO Youth Information Chief Rezal Merican when he said “UMNO has reached a critical level in light of the upcoming polls and that its members had a duty to defend ‘family’”. Rezal had used the words ‘critical level’ and this words conjures a state of heightened fear and uncertainties that something may go wrong during the election. He also used the word ‘family’ and I suppose he is referring it to UMNO, and probably, this includes the Shahrizat family.

UMNO has gone through many challenges and survived. But I think this time around and with a strong and determined opposition, UMNO has been made to go on the defensive. The state within UMNO today isn’t what it was 20 years ago and as Tun Mahathir has lamented recently, UMNO is now void of good and able leaders. I suppose what UMNO has today are left over’s, meek, lacking in intellectualism, arrogant and can be silence the moment their masters waves its wand. Wasn’t this a comment made by UMNO veteran Tengku Razaleigh himself when he said that UMNO members today cannot make their voices heard and in requires approval from the leadership first?

For Shahrizat, please remain in your defensive mode, until your defence is breached and that you can no longer defend the indefensible. It will only be then, that you may decide to quit or otherwise. Or do you now think, after all that has been revealed by the opposition that you deserve to go?



bruno said...

Dato,a few weeks ago the NFC scandal was limited to condos, restaurants and vacations.Now it includes a mercedes car and land.What next is in line.Some of Shahrizat's close allies who wanted her post as wanita head and minister must be leaking all these information to the opposition.

bruno said...

Dato,the police will take their sweet time to finish their investigation in the NFC corruption case.The investigation will drag on until after the elections.It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the lady minister is as guilty as the family.

Umno can waste all the time and manpower to try and defend the minister.Maybe the diehards of Umno will want to believe that she is innocent,although deep inside they know that the lady is guilty as hell.But can Umno convince the regular members and the ordinary Malaysians that Shahrizat is innocent.After all it is the majority who is going to decide whether Umno stays or go.

Today Umno is standing on the edge of a cliff.A wrong step and they are going to drop to the bottom of the mountain.And these Umnoputras are still as ignorant as ever.These ignorant people will only learnt when they are kicked out.There might be more scandals about other Umnoputras coming out.
This leaking of information by insiders doesn't stop at one.

Even Dr Mahathir is wary of these problems facing Umno,and has asked Shahrizat to take responsibility.But Shahrizat thinks and act like she has the party and all the members behind her.After the Umno general assembly is over she will wake up one morning and realised that she will be left standing alone.

SSrahman said...

Raja nong chik wants the pantai seat. 2+2=5 ye now with the mercs n land ,in future ,the butt tuck she had etc will slowly spill out. Am sure.
Corrupted umno, always scratching each others back.

TAG said...

Sunggoh ta' masuk akal lojik yang di pakai oleh Shahrizat. NFC tidak ada kena mengena dengan saya katanya! Kalau ya pun sebagai saorang isteri, ibu dan menteri mempunyai platform untuk bersuara, beri lah hujah2 balasan terhadap tudohan tudohan pembangkang kalau betul tudohan tudohan tu karut. Tapi tidak, merah padam muka nak alihkan kesalahan kepada pembangkang dengan alasan saya tidak patut di salahkan.

Kalau lah Shahrizat hanya saorang suri rumah tangga, memang lah betul ianya ta boleh dilibatkan. Ini Menteri dan Ketua Wanita Umno pulak. Saya tidak kena mengena makna nya saya tidak tahu menahu langsung tentang apa yang berlaku di NFC. Ini mustahil!.
Shahrizat slept with the devil and she is therefore equally accountable if all the allegations on NFC are true. Hence she must resign! Did Lim Guan Eng said that he has nothing to do with the antics of his son in the face of UMNO's allegations. No he defended his son and came out with all the evidence. Shahrizat, buat lah sama, defend your family kalau betul tudohan tudohan tu karut.
Kalau Wanita UMNO ta faham lojik yang tertera di atas, memang pertubohan ini pertubohan jahanam.

timor said...

........but the Police, Khalid, said there's no CBT found,....

as expected !

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Let us backtrack a bit. The origin of this is the AG's report.Why???? Then , more info on condos etc. Why??? Then MACC passing the buck. Why??? Then the press conference and TV3 appearance and denials, and threats to sue. Why??? Then PDRM gets into the act.Why??? Then the UMNO assembly denial. Why??? Then the timely second wave of info on Mercs,Land etc. Why??? Then the timely PDRM (preliminary??) findings of no CBT!!! Why??? Pause- first time I know of public revealations of PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION REPORTS. Question- WAS THE AG's Office visited by PDRM for more information??? Now you guys sleep on this and figure out the masterplan (if there is one). Meanwhile, have a great weekend.

monty said...

When I saw Sharizat rolling up her sleeves when delivering her speech in the UMNO Assembly to defend the NFC fiasco brought to mind an ugly incident I witnessed at the Selayang Wholesale market not too long ago. There was this female vegetable vendor at her stall in a heated argument with a male Chinese pork seller which nearly led to blows.She also did the same action as Sharizat in rolling up her sleeve to challenge the pork seller to a fist-fight. The anger shown on her face is very similar to Sharizat, ugly and evil looking. In fact, Sharizat as a politician and Chief of Wanita UMNO need not go to such an extend in defending herself. If she has nothing to hide why all the fuss and anger. Take it calmly and tell oneself that at the end of the day the truth will prevail. Don't divert the issue to Wan Azizah and Anwar's sodomy case. The analogy is a vast difference and any layman can tell the difference. One is criminal and the other is moral aspect. Come Sharizat don't try to 'cover your tracks' you are not good at it. My past communist trackers who were with me hunting down their comrades were master at covering tracks. Definitely not! Undur diri and take an early retirement, pl.

komando said...

They say The Cock & Bull Story never fails to amaze US ALL !

How true!

Wonder when the Cock will talk to the BULL now?

komando said...

I guess after this there will be even bigger and more juicer stories coming forth!

When all hell breaks lose!

Guess what will be the MOTHER of ALL Stories!

komando said...

No party remains forever!
No Empire lasted forever!
No leader led forever!
Surely this country is no DIFFERENT!

Malaysian said...


You're right about Raja nong chik wants the pantai seat. So, why are we prosecuting Shahrizat only? What about other UMNO leaders that is worse than her?


pronto said...

Deputy IGP statement that preliminary investigation reveal no CBT. This was to smoothen the on going Umno Assembly that this NFC is not true. All the perwakilan will now believe that she is not guilty. Those involved has successfully diverted the NFC problem to opposition. From my information many still believe it was the opposition who blew out the issue.
The AG who made the report has now been swept under the carpet. So you see how they manipulated the whole issue. No many people are able to do this and you must be cow skin, able to use the dirty mean to the extend of playing with 3R issues. To them destroying the country is nothing. Holding to power is more important. These special group not the normal raayat have been doing it since 1957 and it become worst the last 20 years since the 80s. You cannot learn this in any international instituition of higher learning like Harvard or Oxford except BTN Instituition in Malaysia. You can expect IGP, AG and MACC to give a final Nothing For Action.

bruno said...

Dato, Umno youth assistant secretary Megat Firdaus Megat Junid has come out and say that Umno youth will not support any candidate who is tainted by money politics and under handed tactics.
By his statement we have to take it with a grain of salt that it includes corruption too.

That means the list includes Khairy,Isa Samad and the rest of the cabinet members.And most if not all of BN's MP's.

Well,Umno youth,it is time you honest young guys put your money where your mouth is.

komando said...

Cakap cakap cakap
Sudah 60 tahun masih bercakap!

Telinga dah rosak
Sebab sudah dengar cakap/cakap/cakap yang tidak berfaedah langsung !


SABM said...

Lets crusade against corruption;

mitchell said...

Dato, viewing the UMNO assembly and the comments passed, I cannot help but wonder are there no delegates that see the writing on the wall or are they just plain dumb or even worse know but tak nak bersuara.There are so many questions that the Malays are asking: NFC, PKFZ and other acts of corruption but none of the delegates stand up to ask..Pak Turut or just being polite or tak nak rock the boat for fear of being dropped and all the leaders in UMNO can do is bash the opposition: konon nak melemahkan UMNO...
I was with a young Malay executive watching the procedings and all he did was shake his head and said 'tiada telor"...kenapa tiada nak bertanya tentang isu-isu semasa...
The Star keeps harping that YB Lembu is taking the bull by the horns, sad to say all she and UMNO have been doing so far is avoiding and sweeping the subject under the carpet and hope all will be fine...It looks like UMNO will be finally swept under the carpet..