Monday, June 30, 2008


A repeat of the 1998 tumultuous events that led to the sacking of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim from his position as the Deputy Prime Minister, as well as from UMNO, is set to emerge again. The script is identical, and the actors involved with the plot are about the same person. One wonder….is this sheer coincidence? Or is it a well crafted plot to demonized Anwar and to stamp his fast growing popularity that is set to crush the Badawi government?

Pak Lah was quick to dispel his government’s involvement with the allegation that Anwar had sodomized his young assistant, who is not a PKR party member. PKR Party President, Datin Seri Dr. Azizah is reported to have said that there is a systematic and determined plot by members within the government to silenced Anwar, and also revealed that an aide to Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak was seen with the supposedly sodomized victim. Anwar had claimed that the allegation is “a complete fabrication”.

Now, where do we go from here? Will there be another reformasi movement that will cause social unrest throughout the country? Please remember that Anwar’s popularity has grown enormously since the elections. And unlike the 1998 reformasi movement which was confined to the Federal Capital, this time around the protest could be more widespread, especially in the opposition controlled states. Just ask the IGP whether he is capable of controlling a simultaneous public protest in the 5+1 opposition controlled states? My answer is NO. And if the Army is called in, than Malaysia is in trend with Pakistan or Zimbabwe.

With the judiciary in a ‘mess’ and a loss of public confidence, coupled with a police force that is continuously seen to be bias and selective in its investigations, a fair trial for Anwar seemed highly remote. Hence, Anwar’s decision to take refuge at the Turkish Embassy compound is out of fear for his personal safety, and a recurrence of his humiliating arrest by the police in 1998.

The position of the government in handling the above state of affair is indeed precarious. A miscalculation is sure to lead to disastrous consequences for the country, and this has to be avoided at all costs. Malaysians are already stressed by the escalating high cost of living, and I therefore plea to the government to act sensibly in addressing this explosive issue.

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Lynne said...

Dear Sir;
I couldnt agree more to your views...... sometimes I wonder why all this is happening here, in this used to be heaven-like country.
Mungkin semua ini ajaran dari Yang Maha Esa pada manusia yang semakin tegar mengejar duniawi.....