Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Selangor MB Special Officer, Yahya Sahri who was suspended from duty for alleged abuse of power, has himself decided to quit his post and supposedly, including his political position as senior Selangor PKR official. To most, his decision to quit is righteous and appropriate.

YAB Tan Sri Khalid Nordin's decision to suspend a close political associate instantly, after been informed of the case, reflects his grit and determination to rid his administration of all forms of abuses and corruption, which he has vowed to do upon being appointed the MB of Selangor. The action of Tan Sri Khalid to act without fear or favour, serves as an sterling example of what leadership, honour and responsibility is all about.

Politicians are well known to have used their status for their own self pecuniary interest.And Malaysian politicians are no exception. YAB Tan Sri Khalid's action to suspend a close associate, may incur the wrath of some of his party members.

Being a person of great wisdom, YAB Tan Sri Khalid is well aware that it is better for him to rid one 'bad apple' early, then to save that one 'bad apple', who would later emerge a bigger culprit and an incurable parasite to the party. We have seen many instances of this happening in the Malaysian political scene...from rags to riches scenario.

I wish YAB Tan Sri Khalid is not shaken nor threatened by the actions of a few bad apples, as shown by Yahya Sahri and his supporters. His demand for you to step down as the MB, I believe has little influence on the top party leadership, who all hold similar aspiration as yours.

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