Thursday, June 19, 2008


The ousted MP for Sg. Siput, Dato Seri Samy Vellu is reported to have said that the problems faced by the Malaysian Indian community today, is blamed on Tun Mahathir Mohamed.

Aiyoo….Mr. Samy, why have you to say that now. Why don’t you say it when Tun Mahathir was the PM, and you his Minister. Were you not the one who used to apple polish and heap praises on Tun Mahathir?

What are you trying to prove now Mr. Samy? Trying to regain your lost popularity and championing for MIC? It is a bit too late Mr. Samy. Please behave and act like a gentleman, and accept the fact that you were the cause of the problems faced by the Indian community today.

For example, look at what happened to Maika Holdings? You want to blame this on Tun Mahathir also? This issue, I believe is still unresolved, and your community is still waiting for an answer.

Finally. I have this to say to you, “Your days in politics is over. And your chances of being elected the next time is zero. Nobody believes in you anymore. So why not take a trip to Gantok around the Himalayas for a long…….long holiday. It is an ideal location for actors like you……. you know”.

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