Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The announcement by the DPM to hike the price money for medal winners in the up-coming Beijing olympics is preposterous and mind boggling, at a time when we the citizens are struggling to upkeep ourselves due to the price hikes in food, fuel and many other necessities.
RM 1 million for a gold medal winner is a lot of money, and the reason given for the hike does not really make sense.
Please do not get me wrong. I am not totally against price money for medal winners, for I too believe that those who excel in sport and have brought fame to the country, must be appropriately rewarded.
I am just wondering, with all this talk about austerity in government spending, here will suddenly hear of an announcement to spend more money on something that does not benefit the general public at all. Where is the conscience of the Minister who made such an announcement.
I do not care if the money is coming out from the Minister's pocket, or from some political funds somewhere. But if is from public funds, it is definitely a big NO. I am further advising the Minister to stop acting like Santa Claus.

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