Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor’s alleged involvement in the horrific murder of Altuntuya , the Monoglian beauty, has brought new light to the probable source of the C4; an explosive that was used to blast to smithereens, the dead body of the Mongolian beauty.

Rosmah’s loyal cohort, Lt Col Aziz Buyong being from the Malaysian Army Corps of Engineer, now seems the most probable link to the source of the deadly explosive. Being a senior army officer, he could have used his authority and position, to have excess to the explosive.

Whether he was the person to have placed the explosive and to detonate it as alleged, this has to be thoroughly examined, in light of a similar charge being brought against the two UTK police officers accused in the ongoing murder trial at Shah Alam High Court.

C4 is a controlled item. Hence, there are strict standing operating procedures (SOP) that governs its release. Although Lt Col Aziz is an officer, this does not exempt him from complying to the SOP. The final authority for approval usually lies in the Officer Commanding of the unit, or an officer designated by him. This designation of authority is usually spelt out in the unit standing orders.

If Lt Col Aziz had merely used his officer status as the authority to obtain the explosive, he then would have committed a serious offence, and is therefore liable to be Court Marshal.

We also need to determine whether the Officer Commanding of the unit was the person who gave the approval, or was it someone else, who without the knowledge of the Officer Commanding, released the explosive. These are questions that have to be investigated thoroughly by the Army, if Army is serious enough in wanting to rectify flaws to the existing standing operating procedures.

And if Lt Col Aziz is actually the person who has committed the offence, he now has to face the consequences of his stupidity alone in the Court of Law.

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